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Homeopathy, quackery and fraud | James Randi

Homeopathy, quackery and fraud | James Randi

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  • The Hurricane says:

    The only fraud here us james randi and his peddlers and cronies who buy his "skeptical" nonsense.

  • Artistic Endeavors says:

    He has camel prowse!!!

  • Can Saruhan says:

    This man is a legend.

  • Judy Loader says:

    Worst TED Talk I’ve ever seen.

  • R Nanthak says:

    Homeopathy will only work when it's ratio with solvent is very very low, otherwise it won't work.

  • Yemach Shemo says:

    There is not an overdose in homoeopathy. You can take 1 tablet or 50 bottles of tablets and it is still one dose.

    The stirring is all. The lower the physical concentration, the higher power. It relies on energy.

    Most of this guy's speech is fair enough, but this is another matter.

  • wade x says:

    Sorry james but you have very funny last name RANDI😂😂

  • paddotk says:

    I wonder what the point of this talk is. The dumb and gullible people, who believe those self-proclaimed psychics and the like, don't watch this anyway, and the rest of us already knows it's baloney.

  • Bhaskar Bulusu says:

    So many miracles of God in everyday lives. Maybe he should be transported back in time to stand in place of Jesus and take on the Roman Rulers and the Jewish clergy. Randi cant define the love of a mother for its baby.
    Challenge Randi to disprove allopathy as it only cures 30 percent of the population. Cancer Chemo therapy kills , and you dont need a Randy to show you that , just see the stats. Still many and most of the rich and powerful people are living on and surving cancer in Homeo clinics of Germany.

    These stupid rationslists have changed the whole education system and given us a fake subject of anthropology… the most stupid Darwin theory that we have evolved from apes.

    The field of Radionics and Low EMF have long been studied by Tesla , Marconi, Jagdish Chandra Bose and now a proven subject. These form the basis of Homeopathy and many other disease treatments.

    Schulman freq 7.8 hz is fed to the astrounats to keep them comfortable, otherwise humans drawn away from earth in spaceships fall sick without 7.8 Hz.

    Come out of these shackles and see the ancient medical systems of Ayurveda a system where there is no expiry date for medicines, and work on the organ intelligence and eliminate the root cause. Indian doctors read the pulse using three fingers and exactly tell what a patient has eaten or which organ is sick.

    Destruction of others culture and their ancient science is what these rationalists do all the time.

    Respect the man for exposing fakes however dont cross the line to destroy good allied healing methods and prayer.

    How many great inventions of the Reich medical research , and other light therapy were practised in US and under big pharma threat we lost these people.

    Randy if you have guts save this painstaking research by fellow scientists to save mankind in simple ways thus bringing an end to big pharma lies.

  • Awall says:

    I thought it was a microphone 🙁

  • Tz 6 says:

    Most ted talks are boring drivel that talk a lot but say very little. This is one of the very few that is actually captivating. TED talks started interesting but are now just hundreds of pointless stuff. Randi talks sense.

  • peter larsen says:

    He knows very close to nothing……

  • Noor ul Habib says:

    Randi you are The God's human (if there is a God and if that God values compassion more than anything else).

    However, to me you are a brother.

  • Lisa McCormick says:

    Saurav basu- I was not advising that he wear his pants n belt around his ribcage. I just was trying to get the guys to stop making fun of poor old Randi high top pants thats all.😁

  • Isaac Simmons says:

    The Amazing Randi has been debunking alternative "sciences" for years. Got to watch him tear up a psychic. Old men wear their pants that high to offset their nuts from falling.

  • positivesecret says:

    No concern for the millions of people who die from pharmaceuticals..,,,

  • abbas ali sj says:

    3k homeopaths disliked this video

  • IGOS Success Tech says:

    Jami is a proven liar and fraud. He works for disinformation agents and corporations. He is a High School Drop out! Been arrested and taped involved with prostitutes! A true Skeptic, uneducated and immoral.

  • cBearTv says:

    I'm psychic…. "did they have heart problems when they died?"..
    Yep… It stopped. How's that for amazing psychic powers?! 🙄🙄

  • sandra wilkinson says:

    There has been much scientific progress since the 1920's. Modern medicine has not improved the outcomes of most illnesses or diseases very much at all. Yes, if my leg is hanging off I would see a surgeon and not Naturopath. However, the body heals itself – and has been doing so for thousands upon thousands upon thousands of years. Given that the body is capable of doing so – new medicine seeks to work WITH it and not embrace cutting, burning and poisoning. Millions of people around the world have and are healing themselves of all stages and kinds of cancers without any chemotherapy or radiation. There is a big world out there that is moving toward natural healthy protocols which appear to be working.

  • GrandOwlPublication says:

    Mr. James Randi is an OLD FOOL (!); knows about homeopathy as much as a two-year-old kid. His DILUTED mind is serving the Big Pharma and AMA. Shame on you, you OLD FOOL.

  • Neuronaut Alpha-1 says:

    Never realized TED was a homofest

  • LAZARUSL0NG says:

    Don’t outlaw nonsense. We need nonsense. It is tragic when the innocent and credulous are taken advantage of and suffer great losses as a result, but if nonsense is successfully eradicated from the commons by force, there is every reason to suspect that, as a people, we would become increasingly credulous and ever less capable of critical independent thought.
    (On the other hand, I think that the act of swiftly kicking a huckster in the shin as you pass by them in the street, should definitely be decriminalised.)

  • Michael McNeil says:

    He is not as good a conjourer as the vet in Yorkshire who has a practice treating farm animals with homeopathic panaceas. I should imagine anyone who can con farmers out of their money must be the most artful dodgers ever or not as the case must be.
    How many times has James Randi tried to treat anyone?
    Any sheep amongst them?

  • Samantha Derheim says:

    The energy in water is no different than Homeopathy. What he doesn't disclose who he is working for? They must be owned by big pharma!!! Big spinner! Take a look at Dr Omoto's research

  • se7ensnakes says:

    Most of us are skeptic but a few are Skeptic. Skepticsm is a cult which is probably finance by big pharma. Wait until you get sick and have to rely on drugs that make you drool and they give you a drug to stop the drool. The worst part is that it does not cure it merely maintains. Look a diabetes

  • Brooks Braun says:

    Hey , maybe yall not up to speed yet on your own research so i will forgive you, Homeopathy was verified by one of your own heroes.Luc Montagnier nobel prize winner who discovered the AIDS virus verified Homeopathy and finds the hard way, they don't want him to do any more research. Save your cancer donations, now the verdict is clear. The medical mafia is there to take money, make money and never has an interest in curative measures.

  • Brooks Braun says:

    James Randi, you are a joke!

  • PabloJ Marron says:

    Randi, you got class.

  • Yashi * says:

    There is no fatal dose in Homeopathy.

  • george george says:

    This man is lying. Speaking with the dead and receiving speech back from them is in the Bible.

  • Naughtious Maximus says:

    I learned true skepticism from Randi's work. A fantastic contributor to responsible thought.


    One bottle is not a fatal dose.

  • epikwon says:

    If your believe in the medicine it works if you don't it doesn't

  • J Oakley says:

    Hydrogen peroxide therapy is Homeopathy… and it works. Its the real deal. Only ones who havn't tried it will disagree. do the research and try it yourself.. I have.

  • Eric Bedenbaugh says:

    I wonder what happen to Randi's fraud case? Randi's live-in boyfriend was an "undocumented" immigrant and in order to stay in the US he stole another man's identity. Randi didn't have any problem at all with that type of fraud, in fact he called it a "victim-less crime." Funny, I thought it was a felony.

  • Ryan E says:

    in my life experience ive learned to never trust someone that wears pants that high… just cant be a logical person 🙂

  • Wendy Goerl says:

    This guy's acting just like the Federal Government. He's trying to apply allopathic rules (those "in case of overdose" and such supplied with it are due to Federal ALLOPATHIC regulations, not anything that a homeopathic practitioner voluntarily would say) and makes a big deal out of chowing a whole bottle and saying "nothing's happening." Homeopathy is older, more effective, and safer than allopathy–and he's been drinking the Kool-Aid cooked up by the AMA (which, incidentally was formed in response to the financial they posed to allopathic doctors. The AMA's first rule was to bar admission homeopathic practitioners, and their second was to revoke memberships of any AMA member that consulted a homeopath. They could consult all the snake-oil salesmen and witch doctors they wanted to.)

     And from the other comments I see here, he's succeeding in spreading BigPharma's170+ year-old attack on homeopathy because of homeopathy's threat to their medical monopoly.

  • Lesleigh Hart says:

    He's like the grandad you wished you had.

  • Kristin Boston says:

    Say what you want about him (assholes)….he is brilliant and absolutely right!

  • Raju Thakur says:

    God has given you a name in your surname that is called exactly you are (as we called in Hindi)

  • Ibraheem Al hadede says:

    I want to pet his beard

  • Greg Norris says:

    The dead CAN communicate. Forensic science tells us this.

  • William Mayonnaise III says:

    The problem is obvious! He took too much of it. Everyone knows that homeopathic medicine should be as little as possible. So for full effect, he should've just smelled the lid of the container from ten feet away. In fact, i'm amazed the audience didn't succumb to overdose from the few molecules that surely wafted out of it as he opened it.

  • Kelly Savalas says:

    Deception is a proven thing in many different ways.

  • Kelly Savalas says:

    James Randi is an honest and good man.

  • Elizabeth Shaw says:

    I started showing psychic ability at Age 4. I have not set myself up to make money with it I do not talk to the Dead except once or twice in my life they've talked to me in my head but I don't know who they are. I could never ever give anybody false hope I could not do what these people do for money! I have been tested by major universities mainly in Boston and I am higher than usual on that scale. But I very rarely mention it because people think Sylvia Browne and I just don't do that. Never could never will. I would know it was my mother if it was ranting and screaming about me because she was horribly verbally abusive but she also called me weird and creepy for my abilities. But I'm not out there in the public doing anything except having been a nurse a doctor and a social worker. The word professional in front of psychic is a disgrace and makes my stomach turn! It is cruel and you can damage people emotionally for the rest of their lives! I know all about Homeopathy is well and I hope you go after the chiropractors who tell you they can cure anything and everything they're giving medical advice on YouTube diet advice they're the most horrible charlatans! I challenged one once and I called him a bone cracker and I never heard back. 🙂

  • Elisabeth B. says:

    I ingested a drop of ocean water once. Happy to know that in that instance Iwas instantly cured of absolutely any illnes ever. Because what could be more diluted than anything that ever got, dumped/flushed/dropped/ washed into the ocean? Especially considering all the rivers that end in seas and oceans. Yay!

  • Water Malone says:

    I Received a Message from the Dead! Adolf Hitler's Mom Came Through Once! She Wants to Apologize to Humanity on the Behalf of Her Demonic Vagina!

  • David Martin says:

    For some reason nobody was Adlof Hitler in one of his previous life.

  • azhar shaikh says:

    Watch Rupert Sheldrake's banned Ted talk after this.

  • mike b says:

    I know a woman who believes she is speaking through a medium to a dead family member. This woman is an atheist I tell her that these necromancers (people who speak to the Dead) or just taking her money. She says so many people believe in them. I say more people believe in God. Keep in mind she's an atheist.

  • Brown Sugar says:

    religion is to blame

  • billie winn says:

    U aut to confront the dead files girl

  • billie winn says:

    I remember cost to cost radio show when a guy ask silvia brown what horse was going to when the Kentucky Derby she said she new but was not going to give the awenser she's full of it

  • Andrew Marx says:

    There are certain…medicines…that are taken homeopathically, if only because of their potency. For example, Botox is a particularly horrific neurotoxin that is 100% naturally produced by Clostridium botulinum bacteria, which can be found in canned food that's gone past well its expiration date, and the presence of which can be prevented by the use of preservatives. While it does have legitimate medical use as a treatment for dystonia, its primary usage is in cosmetic surgery to reduce the appearance of ageing; ironically, by the same people who claim vaccines have deadly toxins in them.

  • Dappa says:

    Why is there people who have made millions dousing ?

  • killereagle666 says:

    The guy and and his wife at 7:20 look like they payed alot of money to ear some bs xD that's my assumption

  • CCR says:

    Someone please trim his eyebrows!

  • CCR says:

    He is talking out of his behind when it comes to homeopathy…

  • Dori Weishaar says:

    I am so glad that you wander the planet educating people and exposing the charlatans for what they are ~ soulless , greedy, vultures who prey on vulnerable people who are desperate and will grasp at whisps of " a message from…." whomever. You're very entertaining, brilliant & intelligent with a rapier wit !
    " duh " lol thank you for speaking the truth about so many things 💮

  • Simon Hamburg says:

    7:32 maybe he was electrocuted.. Haha

  • Robert Snorrason says:

    I love James Randi. But he should really stop pulling his pants up when he reaches his nipples….

  • A P says:

    I used to respect this guy for his smartness but when he talked about Homeopathy, he totally disappointed. He should have studied it before making such stupid statements. Homeopathy is a science and it works. One fool "Hans Burch Gram" took the name from Indian medicine and misguided people in the name of homeopathy. Homeopathy does not work like that. You cannot simply give any medicine to anyone. You have to study the medical history of a person and based on that study, you have to decide which medicine would be good for the patient. Also, it does not give you immediate effect just like allopathy. Why take Homeopathy medicines then? The reason is – homeopathy does not have any side effects and it will eradicate the disease completely. It takes months (in some cases years). I am a survivor just because of homeopathy. When I was a kid, I used to have severe heart pain. The pain was so dangerous that I could not breathe for many seconds. I had shown it to many doctors but they gave me tablets or syrup for acidity. It didn't work. finally I had shown it to homeopathy doctor in India and now it's completely gone. It took me 3 months to finish the course. My job is not to convince you but believe in the real source of the information. Don't blame something just because of some fool misguided you in the past.

  • Andy Wasson says:

    Conscienceslessness I never new a word existed until today what a hero.

  • Arin M says:

    My late dad used to say that discussions, arguments, theories, hypothesis etc are all only one side of the spectrum and actual results are the other side of the spectrum. I wonder why the anti-homeopaths always argue about the logic behind homeopathy but never the actual results which lead in real healing and cure without almost no side-effects of their "scientifically" proven allopathy counterparts.

    The truth is, Homeopathy works and a person like me who has experienced it time and again in person can never be persuaded by people like these with any amount of arguments. My personal advise to him, if he claims himself as a myth-buster, go see a Homeopath practitioner, get your dosage calibrated and then try an overdose of that. Hope to see you again. Best of luck!

  • Frank Cobb says:

    I cant see or hear the dead at least I don't think I can but when I was homeless I swear I could hear other homeless people's thoughts but not all of them just some of them maybe I was just tired maybe it was the weed but I'm pretty sure we would have psychic conversations but that's about as far as I would say I'm psychic wouldn't call it a gift tho

  • Dead Parroting says:

    I say we elect Bernie Sanders. He will get rid of the biggest charlatans first. Then, years later, we can get to work on the small ones you're talking about. How do you feel about getting duped out of proper medical care and paying 5 to 10 times what the rest of the world does because your "representatives" in the government are making millions off the insurance and drug corporations? How would you feel if you were put in prison for having some marijuana in your possession and spent YEARS of your life there because the administrators of that prison were inclined to keep you there because they made more money if you were locked up instead of freed? How would you like to know that your raises over the past 50 years were not really raises? They were merely adjustments to deal with inflation. How would you like to hear that your government is going to start using voting equipment that is easily hackable so they can turn the results any way they like? Wouldn't you rather request an absentee ballot so there is a paper record of who you actually voted for?

  • Multigital Coder says:

    What if I told you that there has always been a correct way to use homeopathic medicine and that there is no exception to who can develop psyhic or 'super'natural abilities.. you have been asking the wrong questions your whole life and have wasted your own potential inner completely.. ; …and your entire life…

  • Anonymus 321 says:

    I'm getting TED ads for this TED talk

  • Anonymus 321 says:

    It's as if he's talking about everything on the top of his mind

  • Derrick Bullock says:

    James Randi is awesome! I could listen to him talk for hours & hours…

  • Real Islam says:

    Randi a good talker but utterly IGNORANT idiot about homeopathic principles.

  • myself to myself says:

    High trousers. Less fast talking.

  • Trent McKinney says:

    Do I make you Randi baby?

  • Peter Panino says:

    Real News: Doctors Who Discovered Cancer Enzymes in Vaccines All Found Murdered.

  • jwgmail says:

    Say what you will about Mr. Randi, you have to respect a man who wears pants that high

  • Mark Mulakush says:

    Very cute! now go expose fraud and quackery among the allopathic medicine practitioners. There are many opportunities.

  • William Torres says:

    Puff the magic dragon might be inside my closet right now 😃

  • William Torres says:

    I like this guy 😃


    So much respect for James Randi. People need to listen to this man

  • ze says:

    I wonder how much big pharma pays Randi to shill for them. Also, Randi fucked over Vithoulkas big time, so I don't view him as a man of integrity.

  • Z says:

    People have the right to choose whatever way works for them but mixing psychics and homeopathy is wrong.
    Homeopathy is legit and pharmaceutical laboratories are trying to shut it down because people understand that it works and is better than taking antibiotics that literally kill the immune system…
    I'm not saying all main stream and homeopathic medicines are effective (clearly not as it's been shown on this video) but take the example of Cephyl that was an homeopathic medicine to counter headaches, toothaches, fever, and other.

    This medicine was much greater than most of other none homeopathic products in the field, it was composed mostly of acetylsalicylic acid and caffeine and worked wonders for its consumers but it has been banned few years ago in my country because powerful pharmaceutical firms didn't like the idea of the medicine being more successful than their products…

    So in my understanding, the idea of blaming homeopathic medicines for their usefulness by presenting one product among thousands and proclaiming it doesn't work is as good as demonstrating one bad mainstream medicine and say the same… And god knows how much bad medicine the pharmaceutical companies are selling us…

    James Randi in my opinion seems a bit close minded and have a tendency to associate charlatans of the paranormal with alternative medicine. Not everything is white or black and the science of yesterday is fortunate to don't be the science of today, so as long as new thinking and discovery will be in-stored in our mind then we'll keep expending better ways to heal and understand our reality.

    BTW the self portrait of Van Gogh was pictured in the background of the video so I'd like to add that Van Gogh and his brother have had a great doctor who became a savior, supporter and a close friend to the family, his name was Dr. Gachet, and was an homeopathic doctor.

  • Simon Griffiths says:

    I love this guy, he is like a slightly less cynical George Carlin.

  • zhinka says:

    I know lavender does nothing for my health, I just like the aroma

  • Doc Holliday says:

    Pretty easy to spot the morons in the audience that believe the bullshit Randi was debunking.

  • Jesse Bartlett says:

    Good points by Randi but why stop there?   He should also expose the quackery that happens with big pharma.  Most of the people who have done the mass shootings in America were taking some type of psychotropic medicine which doctors hand out like candy not knowing the full long term effects or the individual effects on each person that to is quackery of the highest order since on t.v. you have advertisements for it trying to convince you that they are needed.

  • Memento Mori says:

    The tools here that laugh when its about pseudoscience but when it comes to their loved homeopathy then suddenly they cry around how hes "misrepresenting" quack.
    Grow up.

  • Rune Thorsen says:


    Homeopathy has merits! Now now, I know what your thinking, but the sentence below will change your mind.

    The placebo effect ALONE makes this a viable method for healing or even curing illnesses/medical conditions that doctors have given up on.

    Discussion is welcome!

    Kind regards

  • Aaron M says:

    Professional spiritually blind man.

  • Sir_Lucian says:

    Oh james… if only you could keep the authorityless state out of your argument, it would be really good.

  • PowerOfThePick says:

    If his pants get any higher he’ll be talking through his zipper

  • John Evans says:

    stupid, this guys a disinfo agent. he is a complete liar.

  • No Name says:

    Closed minds and hearts is what separates science and spirituality. Unless it's manipulated and controlled then it's allowed/advertised/taught/socialized/advocated. If not then it's for entertainment or for mocking at. What an inane form of life we all are.

  • Julia Schmoolia says:

    so badass love this man

  • Asan Seil says:

    …all over the globe. Even that's an assumption.

  • TessellatedGuy says:

    Sponsored by AT&T? 🤮

    Otherwise great ted talk.

  • The Dad Joke Guy says:

    Even as a Christian, I'm totally behind him; education and believing the experts is very important

  • Metalosopher says:

    It's great that he is fighting against these charlatans but the truly dangerous charlatans that are currently destroying America are the Evangelicals, yet no one is speaking out against them.

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