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Horoscope for a Cancer Mom | Parents

Horoscope for a Cancer Mom | Parents

Cancers are the mothers of the zodiac. You’re
natural nurturers, protective, doting, and sensitive. You’re intuitive and have strong
maternal instincts, and you always know when a kid needs a hug or time alone, or a time
out. You let children explore and foster their talents. Sometimes, though, you can be a little
too sensitive. Your moods change faster than, well, the colors on a mood ring. It’s not
your fault entirely. You’re ruled by the ever- changing moon. But you do need to keep your
emotions in check. And while it’s great that you always have your kids backs, sometimes
you extend your protective shell a little too much. If you’re overprotective, you’re
not keeping your kids safe, you’re keeping them sheltered. You also can turn a blind
eye to your children’s poor behavior. Neither of those will help them in the long run. Let
them live, learn, and make mistakes. You’ll be a better mom for it.

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