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How to Break Up with Cancer | Zodiac Love Guide

How to Break Up with Cancer | Zodiac Love Guide

Emotionally Cancer needs comfort, a feeling
of security, a feeling that the relationship is like a downy nest to be in the relationship
so that’s it’s protective. Protective is a good word because Cancerians
are not only protective themselves as nurturers but they also like to feel safe. That’s on
every level, financially, emotionally and otherwise. To begin with, if you want to break up with
a Cancer, you need to be withholding. To withhold affection, withhold attention, withhold praise
and particularly to make the Cancer feel that you’re not there for him or her. It is hard to break up with a Cancer because
Cancer’s hate loss and hate letting go. They will, unlike many, many signs of the Zodiac;
they will hang on through thick and thin hoping that things will improve. Getting rid of a Cancer is really a long drawn
out ordeal because you have to act as if you’re cold and you are rejecting, and you are very
critical. In the end, the Cancer will sadly move on
but it does mean breaking their hearts. I would say that if you’re going to get involved
with a Cancer, truly be as clear as you can that you’re in it for the long run because
to hurt a Cancer really is like stepping on a poor wounded bird.

4 Replies to “How to Break Up with Cancer | Zodiac Love Guide”

  • says:

    I'm a libra – I tried removing myself and the CANCER came back. After I made it clear – he harassed my phones until I had to block and change my numbers.
    It wasn't that DEEP!!!

  • Kunal Roy says:

    The most funny thing is Cancerians are unpredictable AND the observer, feels things deeply than any other zodiac. So, your single mistake can turn them off. Once a Cancer done with you don't expect they will come back to you, they will just disappear.. So, a Cancer may break up with you before you even think about it. There's always secrets deep inside them and you will never know what's cooking inside..

  • Bella Cautu says:

    lol I just broke up with my cancer guy I'm glad I did's driving me crazy

  • Mark Jackson says:

    After a break up cancers star hoeing it

  • RK Suchitra says:

    I just cried. Why would anyone want to do this with us

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