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How to Predict the Future : Magic Fingertip Mind Reading Trick Revealed

How to Predict the Future : Magic Fingertip Mind Reading Trick Revealed

I’m Joe Marshall with
and today we are going to learn how to predict the future. This will explain like why this
will work 99 times out of 100 this will work. When their hand is held up and it is relaxed
and you press on the fingers, if they are thinking about like their index finger for
example and they know what you are going to do ahead of time, this finger will have more
resistance when you push on it than all the other fingers do, consciously they are not
aware of that, it is a subconscious thing, that they cannot control, it is a neural muscle
thing and as long as you tell them beforehand, what you are going to do it will work, if
you do not tell them, what you are going to do you just tell them to just think of a finger
and you start pressing on it, you are going to change their concentration to what is he
doing with my fingertips, they are going to completely forget about their fingers altogether
and it will not workout. So when you tell them ahead of time I am going to be pressing
on the tips of your fingers, I just want you to concentrate on one, do not change, do not
break the concentration as I press on them and just stay relaxed, that is when it will
work because they subconsciously cannot control that even if they consciously try to fool
you out, if it does not work that 1% chance that it does not work, it is a warm up effect
to do a prediction or to foretell the future and you want to pick somebody that is going
to be the best, if it does work out use them because they are naturally going to be interested
and more suggestible, they’re going to have a better time than somebody else skeptical
about the whole thing that you are doing anyway.

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