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How to rise above Astrology Chart and lead a Karma Free Life

So what happens is if you
have set a future goal You will have a fear
of the same as well So what will you create? ‘I will do that if
I fail in this’ Now that’s another goal Recently I was counselling
a client who had cancer The client said: ‘I had the severe,
intense fear of developing cancer’ Such fears are natural when
you see people around you He said: ‘I had so much of
fear of developing cancer… …that I thought I will deal with the
cancer positively if it develops’ He created cancer He created it because having a
constant fear of developing cancer… …makes you strong enough to deal
with it in case if it really develops Today if you have
fears of anything Like business failure or something
happening to your dear one What will you think in your heart?
‘If it happens, I will deal with it’ And you have created it Today you have in your mind
many goals for tomorrow And you also have a lot of
unresolved issues of yesterday The day you rise in your life Your goals of tomorrow and
unresolved issues of yesterday… …will make your Lagna
Chart of astrology Your Lagna Chart in astrology is
collectively those impressions That what is it to be done and
what are the unresolved issues Because you will encounter unresolved
issues too that need to be solved Same with the goals and targets… …that will come your
way and pain you as well You have decided: ‘I will
go to Australia once’ Now your plan to go there
is already an issue You will go to Australia at
some point of time in future You will wait the tables
there and be back home But you will certainly go there
because you have created it This is called as ‘Karma’ Every minute you are
creating a Karma If you think: ‘Chakra Yog is good.
I will tell my aunt about it’ This is anyway a positive
Karma but it is a Karma Or suppose you had something
tasty like Biryani Then you thought of keeping the
same Biryani at your function Today after leaving if you
think of doing something Whatever you think of doing, you will
have to follow it. That is Karma So you have thought of informing
your aunt about Chakra Yog Even if you forget to
inform, she will phone you: ‘Hello dear do you have
something for me?’ You will say: ‘Yes! You
have to go to Chakra Yog’ Your aunt will ask you herself Because a Karma has been created So try to notice you are
creating a Karma every minute When such awareness comes the Chakra Yogis
stop making Karmas We see everything, we
just take it for a moment It is there Don’t make something for tomorrow Stop making If something takes your fancy
‘Oh it is great! I will make it tomorrow’ ‘I will make it like this’ So everything like ‘I will do it’, ‘I will eat it’,
‘I will speak’, ‘I will see’, ‘I will come’… …has to go It has to go That is Lagna Chart And this Lagna Chart having all the
ten senses associated with emotions …is ruled by the Adipati Ravana It was Ravana who used
astrology, not Lord Rama Astrology is used by Ravana And do you know? Everything in astrology is associated
with the activities of Ravana As the person in meditation removes all
of his Vrittis (modification of the mind) He is out of the chart He is not in the astrology chart You know how Ravana used
the astrology chart And I tell you how
to come out of astrology You know when Ravana was going
to have a son, Indrajit So Ravana tried to ensure all the
planets stay in the Eleventh House Because the Eleventh House in astrology is
mild and is well-protected against any harm But Shani (Saturn)… …slightly moved his leg and
placed it in the Twelfth House As soon as the leg reached
the Twelfth House of losses No matter what great
deeds Indrajit performed He even defeated
King of Heaven Indra He only shot an arrow at
Lakshman (Rama’s brother) He performed great feats! It is said he single-handedly
killed Rama’s 670 million monkeys But he had to die at
the hands of Lakshman Because Shani had his leg
in the Twelfth House Do you know what did Ravana do? He had upturned all the planets
and kept them on his stairs And he used to step on them and
walk toward his royal throne All the gods were troubled by his
treating the planets this way Because no planet
could harm him at all No planet can harm him and the army
of Lord Rama is marching towards him Then Narada Muni arrived there
chanting ‘Narayana, Narayana’ He said to Ravana ‘O Ravana! You are such a
virile and brave king!’ ‘And all the planets are
nothing in front of you!’ ‘But you have upturned them. I have an idea’
Ravana: ‘Tell me the idea’ ‘Just reverse their position’ ‘After that, you will step on their chest’ ‘You will enjoy
seeing them tremble’ ‘What’s the point
in upturning them?’ ‘What joy do you derive by
stepping on their back.’ ‘Just reverse them and
enjoy their sufferings’ Ravana was pleased! He then turned all
the planets over As soon as he did so, Shani
cast his gaze at him And his destruction began Thereafter Ravana
could be destroyed Now what does this story mean? Shani represents ‘Now’ Shani denotes the present time (Now) Today if the senses see ‘now’ (present),
their destruction almost begins If you senses start
moving into ‘now’ Their destruction begins They will start
going to the Dharma Today, something like…I
will give you an example You love to eat Halwa, Gulab
Jamun or Chocolate Sundae Now you have this
Ravana inside you You always think like you plan to make
Gulab Jamun tomorrow, eat something It turns out that you eat
whatever is there in your plate But what is happening
to your health? Your weight increases
You catch diabetes Despite diabetes, you tend to finish at
least half of the plate full of Halwa Now this is Ravana
You are in the sensory control Now what happens? If you
start coming in the ‘now’ ‘Now’ means ‘I loved having Halwa’ ‘I used to happily have Halwa’ ‘My mother used to make
Gulab Jamun herself’ It will start dissolving And As soon you look at Gulab Jamun You will see your present, the Now Should I eat Gulab Jamun? See my health I have health issues It is not healthy for me It is just ghee and
maida (refined flour) It is not good for me As you see Gulab Jamun through the
reference of ‘Now’, it will lose its charm The charm will finish Another example A person is in lust
of another woman He is lust of another woman He is crazily in love with
her, ignoring his family Right? Now he has a long past
and future with her He fantasizes about
her the whole day Right?
He’s totally Ravana He’s home now Now he will have
blessings from Shani He suddenly opens his eyes and
sees his wonderful little kids ‘I have a wife who is so
dedicated to serving my mother ‘I have a nice wife and wonderful kids!
What the hell am I doing?’ He has come in the Now. The
Ravana inside him is gone! Today a person is in
addiction of alcohol He is hitting the
bottle every night Because he is in that illusion of becoming
strong, powerful, confident by drinking alcohol But he’s chicken in reality! He suddenly gains some
confidence by drinking Everyday he resides in Ravana Ravana calls him everyday And for him, coming in the Now is not
an easy thing. He needs blessings The day he realizes
what he is doing What are you doing
with your life? Your career, parents,
family and health The day he realizes what he is
doing, he is out of the addiction Watch the interviews of
those who quite drinking They say: ‘We feel like we
got up from a deep slumber’ ‘We were asleep’ It may be an addiction of
women, wealth and wine Three W’s Ramana Maharshi has said a lot
about women, wealth and wine This is the Maya (Illusion) And these three Mayas…and
apart from them Wine includes food and
other material things also When a man suddenly wants to return
to his senses, Shani gazes at him If Shani’s gaze falls on Ravana He completely comes
out of all the things He has to be shown the present But the Maya’s pull is
extremely intoxicating Hence I wrote so
many poems on it Very intoxicating Because she pulls him saying: ‘No no!
Come with me there only’ And you try to pull yourself saying ‘No!
I have to stay here’ But Rama (Dharma) is
simple and straight And Ravana seems quite glamorous Ravana is quite glamorous People want to go to Ravana So you go to Ravana but stay there like
Sita in seclusion, sad and depressed The person who lives in
Ravana does not live happily He assumes he’s happy
but he is not happy So astrology is only a
map of your emotion What your emotions are doing and
what they are leading you to And it creates an
illusion of time As you sweep aside all the
emotions of past and future We then forget
everything but memory But it does not affect you Like you were in Third
Standard (Class 3). So what? You had been to your college?
So what? It’s a memory You need memory but you
don’t need emotion As your memories, instead of being
colorful, start becoming black & white… …you start coming in the Now

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