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How to Use a Pendulum for Divination – Hoodoo How To with Madame Pamita

How to Use a Pendulum for Divination – Hoodoo How To with Madame Pamita

Hi. I’m Madame Pamita, and this is
Madame Pamita’s Fortune Emporium. You can find me online at
madamepamita.com. Today I’m going to be showing you
how to work with a divining pendulum. What is a pendulum
and how do you use it? A pendulum is a device for you
to access your intuition to get very clear yes and no answers regarding questions.
If you’re not quite sure if you should do something or should not do something,
you want to find out a clear yes or no answer about something,
a pendulum is a great device for getting in touch with your intuition.
It doesn’t take a lot of training. You don’t have to have a lot of practice.
In fact, you can do it right away. I’m going to show you how you can do it. What you need is a pendulum. And what is a
pendulum? Well, something with a string or a chain and a weight at the bottom.
It could be as simple as a piece of string and a finger ring or as elaborate as this,
which is a beautiful quartz crystal on a silver chain. But no matter what it is, it
just has to be able to swing freely, and that’s going to be the thing that tells
you yes or no. So when you’re first picking up your pendulum, you want to
decide or find out how is it going to speak to you and tell you yes or no.
And this is how you do that. I’m a right-handed person, so I work with
my right hand and I put my left hand underneath. If you’re left-handed,
of course, you’ll use your dominant hand to hold the pendulum. So looking at that pendulum, I’m going to
hold it as very, very still as possible. Then I’m going to ask the pendulum,
“Show me yes. ” Then I’m going to wait for that pendulum to start making its movement
on its own. I am not moving my hand. But what’s happening is, there are micro
movements that my intuition is guiding. So, “Show me yes. ” We can see the
pendulum is swinging back and forth toward me and away from me, and this is
indicating yes. The next question I’d ask then… I’d stop the pendulum.
You see it’s swinging quite strongly now. So I’d stop the pendulum
and ask it to show me “no. ” Again, keeping my hand
as still as possible. It’s even nice to close your eyes
if you’re thinking that you don’t want to influence it in any way. We see
this pendulum swinging to the left and right, perpendicular to where
it was swinging before, and that is showing no. So for some people, this is yes and no.
No would be to the left and right, and yes would be toward me
and away from me. Other people, they’re going to see
yes and no show up a different way. For some people, yes is clockwise
and no is counterclockwise. So that’s why you have to learn
the language of your pendulum, working with your pendulum and letting it
speak to you and show you what yes and no is. Once you’ve determined what yes and no
is, then you could start asking questions. You can start asking simple questions that
you know the answer to, or questions that are of little consequence, like “Should I
eat dinner at the restaurant on the corner tonight? ” So when you start working with
the pendulum that way, then you can start asking more serious questions or things
that you really want to find a clear answer for. And it’s very useful for
getting those very clear yes and no answers. This is a way for you to
access that intuition very easily, very simply. It doesn’t take a lot of
elaborate equipment or a lot of training, and you can get some very beautiful
and very clear answers. I’m Madame Pamita and you can
find me online at madamepamita.com.

27 Replies to “How to Use a Pendulum for Divination – Hoodoo How To with Madame Pamita”

  • Eurisk0 says:

    is their a certain way to hold the pendulum?

  • Madame Pamita says:

    Yes – hold it in your dominant hand (right hand if you're right handed). You can use your other hand underneath as I do, or you can use your other hand to point to something (a map for example, if you are looking for a location). Keep your dominant hand as still as possible, you can and should rest your elbow on something stable.

  • witchcerridwen says:

    why dont you put your elbow on the table?thats much easier to hold still.my pendulum gave me wrong answers every now and then.but now its really accurate.and also i use it to talk to my guide.

  • Madame Pamita says:

    I don't have a problem keeping my hand steady so have not felt the need to always put my elbow down on the table, but putting your elbow down on the table is certainly an option, especially if your hands move around a lot.

  • Andre Nicola says:

    Hi im new to all this where is your shop

  • TallAndThin123 says:

    i simply just put out my hands and which ever i feel a tingle on right menaing yes and left meaning no

  • Kelly Lugo says:

    Do you ask to show yes and no each time you use the same pendulum, or is once enough for one specific pendulum especially if you always use the same one?

  • LizzieTheWriter says:

    For me and my pendulum….yes means back and forth….no means going in a circle (usually counter clockwise) and I don't know means side to side!!! Just thought I'd share! Haha

  • Zanari Williams says:

    I asked a specific question, and it almost jumped out my hand with excitement!!! It was screaming to me…yes! Yes! Yes! I'm so excited right now..please keep me in your thoughts, as I go on my next soul tour…my life is at change, and moving on to new avenues..I've been poor and stricken, but at last freedom of change is near….

  • Joseph Landrut says:

    My dowsing pendulum gyrates clockwise for YES and anticlockwise for NO. Of you ask within your thoughts for the pendulum to gyrate clockwise for YES and  Anticlockwise for NO.it will do so.

  • Milla Rybak says:

    thanks for sharing dear Madame Pamita ; your voice is so soothing; 
    for the viewers, sure, some people can't hold hand still and there are many factors like health condition or time of the day etc. but if you simply stressed out then you need to start meditating before starting Pendulum Divination and over time you will find the way; even simple theathing exercising will help; sure holding in 2 hands will help ; its really amazing how Pendulum Divination works; Blessed be1

  • Kamylla Almeida says:

    I'm really loving your videos! Here in brazil there is almost no videos about hoodoo, so you're helping me a lot! Than u very much!!!!

  • Jamie Bruce says:

    when I ask, it is the same for yes and no

  • sassy says:

    Hi, i made a pendulum and majority of the time it works well, but there are times when i don't get honest answers. Is that normal, and if not, why does it sometimes, not truthful?

  • Cantetinza17 says:

    I used mine last night and it was right on one question and wrong on the other. lol

  • Andrea Radix says:

    The green one with the dragon on the end just came in the mail. It feels a bit weak but I'll do my research to see how I can get it to work better.

  • Steven Calvert says:

    this is similar to a easy telekinesis exercise where you can move the pendulum in any direction just by visualizing and thinking of a direction. how could we control that so that we ate not influencing the pendulum with our own thoughts ?

  • Daniel P. Villa-Giroux says:

    Hi Madame Pamita,

    Are you planning to provide any video instruction on other forms of divination? I recently purchased The Psychic Circle and am having difficulty communicating. I'd love to get your insight on how to use it!

  • Theface ofawsomeness says:

    My family does something similar with a needle and thread over a pregnant woman's stomach to tell the sex, I've also done it over the forearm of men and women to tell the sex of future children. I've never seen it be wrong.

  • brandi brown says:

    I really enjoyed watching this tutorial ,your awesome

  • Godzillarulz says:

    madam pamita, I have a few questions regarding pendulums, crystals, & spells…do you have an email that I can use to contact you

  • Alessandro Gandini says:

    guys this thing really works wow

  • Sandra Carter says:

    Do you have training for who would like to be taught and how much would cost and how long the classes take, if you do i would like to attend

  • Mystery of the Forest Flowers says:

    So you see my pendulum it actually does both. It will swing kind of clockwise clockwise and the actual yes or no answers. I usually tell when it goes clockwise or counterclockwise it's saying that it is ready to be told or asked a question.

  • Corey Brewington says:

    Thank you Madame this video just showed me that mine swings left to right for yes and up and down for no.

  • Scbba says:

    will a pendulum tell you the truth about someone that you feel is lying?

  • FALSEHOOD!!!!!!!!!!!! Deacon says:

    Could you do a protection candle spell? I’m new to this and Using a lot of candle spells and ‘potions’ and I want to use a protection candle spell on my long distance significant other

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