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How Your Zodiac Sign Would Handle The Zombie Apocalypse [GEN WHY]

-Everybody relax!!! Relax! Every couple of years
NASA comes out with this piece
of barbage info that there’s a new sign. There
is not! You’re still Scorpio. You’re still
a Gemini. I don’t give a shit. It’s not the end of the world
guys! It’s just not… Shit!!!! Am I going to survive the
apocalypse? Absolutely not. I don’t even love life enough
even when there’s not an
apocalypse going on. -Sagittarius, means I’m kind and
curious. I actually talked to
these guys earlier. They’re nice. Robert, what up
buddy? -I’m a Cancer and that’s also my
sign. -I was an Aries, before I
turned. So I thought, I am
resilient I have the horns. I will battle
the zombies. First day, I got
bit. -Gotta go straight for the head
shot. Nameless, painless. But, it’s like no wonder why
they are upset. They are hungry
all the time. Like, I can relate to that. -Pisces don’t really have a lot
of skills other than being
creative So if the apocalypse comes, I
don’t know, unless you can kill
a zombie with a shitty spoken word poem…I think we’re
fucked. …Don’t kill me… -I don’t which zodiac sign is
mostly likely to survive the
end of the world. But, I’ll tell you who
won’t..fucking Scorpios. Y’all
so freaky and y’all like to fuck
every god damn thing. -Oh my god! -Are you okay?!
-No, what? No, I was just bit by
a zombie! -What are you guys?
They don’t know. -I’d probably more concerened
about avoiding confrontation than not being embarrassed in
front of people. No zombies, this is going to be
a good day. ..Nothing to see, nothing to
see. Ha, Bob you look good, do
you believe this weather? -We love eachother so much, it’s
crazy. It’s kind of forever
love, you know? Do you mind if we move over
here? I already lost my whole family.
Like what else, am I right? -Alright, well thanks for the
interview, I’m going to hang out
with my zom-bros. It was good meeting you. I hope
I don’t eat any of you guys. Be
good You zombing out? But I can actually walk so it’s
weird that…I’m just hanging I just want to fit in really.

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