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Hubble image of galaxies | Scale of the universe | Cosmology & Astronomy | Khan Academy

Hubble image of galaxies | Scale of the universe | Cosmology & Astronomy | Khan Academy

The whole point of this video is really just to look at, what in my mind is one of the coolest pictures ever taken by anything, and this was actually taken by the Hubble telescope and what they did is, they pointed the telescope at this area of our night sky and obviously the Hubble telescope, it’s out in orbit, so it doesn’t have to worry about all the interference from our actual atmosphere, so it gets a nice good look at things, but it’s right over here, relative to the moon, and obviously the moon is moving around, but on that day, it was here, relative to the moon and they picked this location. They picked this location right over here because there weren’t that many nearby stars there so it really allowed the telescope, because if there were nearby stars that light would’ve kind of outshone things that are behind it further away maybe perhaps galaxies. So just keep in mind everything you’re going to see is in this little patch of the night sky, and I think the main point for showing the moon here. Obviously the moon is moving around so I’m not going to tell you which exact patch of sky this is. But to really give you an idea of how small of a patch of sky that really is. You really could’ve done this with any patch of sky, but in other patches of sky there wouldve been nearby stars that would’ve blocked things, but the galaxies are there, beyond that. The clusters of galaxies, and the super clusters of galaxies. So with that said out of the way, just remember everything we’re talking about in this video is in this little patch of sky right over here. The whole point of this, once again like all of these videos is really to kind of just blow your mind. So this right here is what the Hubble telescope saw in that patch. Everything, everything that I’m showing you right here. I just want to be clear, some of these things are nearby stars, but most of these things are galaxies. That’s a galaxy. That is a galaxy. That is a galaxy. That’s a galaxy, and that’s a galaxy. The reason I want to draw you this, obviously in the last video I showed you our local group, I showed you the Virgo super cluster, I showed you the kind of clusters of clusters and I even showed you the depiction of the observable universe. But what is amazing about this, is this is an actual picture. This is actually an image of a galaxy. Hey there is another galaxy. Oh look there’s another galaxy up here. That you can keep doing that forever and this is just in that little patch of sky, and this is obviously not all of the galaxies of the universe. These are just the ones that we could see. There ones that might be even further, or there definitely are ones that are further back and their light is just even more. We could probably even focus on a patch of sky like that and see that many galaxies again. You can kind of keep, keep zooming in, but I just this thing, and I encourage you I mean there’s so many unbelievable images you can look up. They’re all on NASA’s website, a lot of these are on Wikipedia. But these images are just unbelievable. You can see a galaxy, another galaxy, another galaxy, another galaxy. I suspect some of this stuff might actually be clusters of galaxies. Galaxy, another galaxy. And remember I’m just circling these galaxies, just left and right, and you kind of lose sight of what each galaxy actually is. These galaxies have hundred of billions of stars. That even from you know one pixel on these galaxies is unimaginable distance. Something that we could never, based with current technology, or even current science, we could ever hope to traverse in the lifetime of humanity. Not, much left in a lifetime of one individual. So these are just enormous things, and they’re just an infinite number of them. So I just wanted to highlight this with you, and really just look at it. Its kind of breathtaking. Another galaxy right over there. I’m not going to keep doing it the whole day. I feel kind of bad for drawing on it, it kind of ruins the picture. But look at that, that’s a nice looking galaxy right there. You got a bunch right over here. It really is just, you know. This video its probably the least dense with actual instruction, but hopefully the most dense with inspiration. Anyway, hopefully you enjoyed that. Let me just finish looking at the entire picture. I mean it just keeps going ,and going we can keep looking at it.

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  • zalida100 says:

    Sal, these vids are great – Thanks very much for making all of them.
    Could you consider using a bigger cursor so it is easier to see where you are pointing on screen. That small cursor you use is difficult to see. i have seen you use an arrow-shaped cursor before that is easier to see.
    Great stuff – Thanks

  • PartVIII says:

    Thank you so much Sal

  • Kevin Willen says:

    and people still think earth is the only planet with life…hahaha

  • maulCS says:

    @zackboomer But then again, without something to observe the universe, could it even "exist"? How would time exist? What would observe time and change? Don't get that confused with the typical "tree falling in the woods" example as it's entirely different. Without a reference point, the entire evolution of the universe, all time, would simply pass in an instant. Perhaps we aren't so insignificant afterall.

  • Gordon Freeman says:

    if one of those things was a nearby star it would bent the light from the galaxies…. they dont seem to be distorted …

  • maulCS says:

    @zackboomer In what context will it exist without something to observe it? What would a billion years be to a universe without consciousness? What would anything be without something to observe the passage of time?

  • Wirelessmess says:

    "The point of this really… is to blow your mind."

    Awesome, I love these videos.

  • maulCS says:

    @zackboomer I'm focusing on a practical issue. I used to think in the exact same way as you do, but you have to think broadly about what time is, and how we observe it. When you think of the universe "existing" without consciousness, you are still thinking about it from a perspective of some conscious being. Time passes for an observer in some way. What if you remove that observer? "Time" would be instantaneous. *snap* It's over, done.

  • metabog says:

    Lmao, I was waiting for you to start sobbing uncontrollably while circling the galaxies.

  • f3989 says:

    I liked the part where he circled another galaxy.

  • 8bitpineapple says:

    @zackboomer Oh no this doesn't make me feel insignificant, the ability to perceive a condensed image of somthing of unimaginable scale is undoutably a very special gift, sure it is most likly shared with other beings within the universe but as a percentage of all large clumps of matter in the universe I'd estimate aproximatly 0% of them have such abilities.

  • 8bitpineapple says:

    The bottom half of this image is now my desctop background 🙂

  • lucasmontec says:

    imagine how much intelligent life out there!

  • warrenlaurde says:

    one of your best

  • Judicial78 says:

    @zackboomer Small yes. Insignificant no, because what significance would the universe have without observers?

  • DeluxeWarPlaya says:

    Least dense with instruction but most dense with inspiration

  • maulCS says:

    It's weird that you are circling certain galaxies. 99% of those specks are galaxies.

  • Adrian Ene says:

    @lucasmontec imagine how many people belive that we are alone in this universe:|

  • Martin W says:

    Hahah "That's a nice looking galaxy right there"

    It sure is Sal!

  • Lucus Kane says:

    @Taheki You made my day with that joke. I think he missed the one on the left too.

  • Shaunt1 says:

    This is one of m favorite pictures too I used it on my background.

  • wirednotice says:

    this dude is seriously geeking out haha

  • artashes999 says:

    3:45 "look at.. that's….. that's… that's a nice looking galaxy right there" lol. Did his wife watch this vid?

  • vicksoma says:

    Sal really missed something in this video, the only stars in the photograph are the points of light with a "plus sign" of light shining from it. EVERY OTHER POINT on the picture is an entire galaxy.

  • Olivier says:

    Also this image shows what these galaxies looked like several billion years ago cause it takes light from those stars that long to reach us. We are looking into the past which is amazing

  • LaPersonaNonGrata says:

    What is everything, and what is out there. We're a speck of dust on an island(Milky Way Galaxy) amongst hundreds of billions of islands out there – the Universe is an archipelago of Galaxies.

  • BeyerT1 says:

    @bbvibrabb Yea. If you look at this image in google in some crazy high resolution like 12000 x 12000 pixels, you can actually see that galaxies that are futher away are less "evolved", more messy and less dense, they're still in early stages of their development. And galaxies closer to us on that picture are more developed, nice and spiral.

  • Holo Crinkle ASMR says:

    The 1 dislike must of been an alien that got left on earth.Must be lost. lol

  • Meranda McKenzie says:

    To think that in our 1 galaxy has life on one planet and if there are like millions of other galaxies out there, there is obviously life somewhere else its amazing !! 😛

  • lucidaable says:

    One word – awesome!

  • Meranda McKenzie says:

    @zenoparodie i just find it so just WOW 😀 😛 !

  • kingpranw141180 says:

    gr8t vids kepp them cuming

  • leedsrhinos3201 says:

    i want ppl to go to these galaxies

  • nils4545 says:

    @Jwest720 Because nothing disproves it. Religion however, that's another thing.

  • Blake Miles says:

    2 people are racist against galaxies.

  • Blake Miles says:

    @Jwest720 … how could you think it was all just a random accident?

  • mycn says:

    wow, those are cool galaxies. thanks!:)

  • Mike Trainor says:

    Sal, thank you so much for your hard work man. You're an excellent lecturer, congrats on your ongoing and continual success

  • beastdude says:

    i had a thought, as we're looking back in time the further we look is it possible that the actual amount of galaxies we see are far less than is in the picture. like for eg we see say 1000 galaxies, but actually it's only 100 just that we're seeing the same 100 at different times of it's life. and having said that how comes we don't see 'trails' or 'snakes' of light where these galaxies have been.

  • Robert Shackleferd says:

    @beastdude Your not seeing the same galaxies at different times your seeing different galaxies at the same time. The galaxies farthest away from us that are dimmer in the photo are actually older today than the galaxies near us. You will not see trails of light in the exposed Hubble photo because they are moving too slow for you to notice.

  • falubii says:

    @beastdude The speed of light is constant, so we can't have light from the same object hitting us at different times.

  • Shadowriku40 says:

    @bamiles84 Because it makes more sense than *insert creation myth here*. Just because we, at the moment, cannot explain how our existence came to be, does not mean we should make up fairy tales to make ourselves feel better.

  • Blake Miles says:

    @Shadowriku40 If the universe is an accident as you posit, it is exponentially less likely that humans would ever discover the 'source' of the universe. We are certainly able to explain the "how" but pretending to understand the "why" without creation is foolish

  • Shadowriku40 says:

    @bamiles84 Who is pretending to understand the reason for our existence? For now, as I see it, there is no reason. We just exist. It's that simple.

  • John England says:

    Why would there be a God? He created all of this dust in the sky, that we can't even see without the help of telescopes like hubble, for no reason?
    The whole idea makes no sense. There isn't a snowballs chance in hell that we are alone in this universe.

  • rax7 says:

    there are billions of galaxies in the Universe, each has billions of stars, among those stars, there are billions of planets orbit them, and among billions of planets, there are billions of satellites or moons orbit them. i can hardly believe we are alone. we, human, are the perfect example that lives exist in the Universe, they are just too far away from us. maybe there are lives somewhere in the Universe just like us, wondering if they are also alone in the Universe.

  • Yora says:

    That's about 10,000 galaxies.
    If you want to get pictures of these of the entire sky, you need 13,000,000 pictures.
    For a rough average of 1,300,000,000,000 visible galaxies. For a trillion trillion stars or ten trillion trillion major planets.

    Why are people still debating if there's life on only one or maybe more of these planets? ^^

  • King David Hector says:

    For real. Also, life and just "existence" on a whole is some weird shit. Why haven't anyone noticed?

  • Amrutha Gujjar says:

    What's more amazing than the universe itself, is the fact that humans have reached the ability to even detect and learn so much about it.

  • Keith Rhodes says:

    In actual fact, nearly every single dot is a galaxy, the smaller the got, the further away it is, usually.

  • Keith Rhodes says:

    oops DOT, not got lol.

  • Keith Rhodes says:

    But this just proves there is no god, I want to believe there is a GOD, but I am a man who believes in science and not stories in a book that cant be proven, these images can be proven,

  • point024 says:

    Why would you like to believe that there is a supreme dictator who you must worship, love and fear at the same time or spend eternity in flames of hell?

  • Keith Rhodes says:

    who said there was a Dictator all supreme, I most certainly did not.

  • point024 says:

    Learn to read.

  • Chooster TheScros says:

    our existence is insignificant

  • mintyoreo says:

    Please show us the link for this image?

  • Drew says:

    What are those really bright lights that aren't galaxies? The ones that don't have the swirl effect galaxies do, but are bright?

  • valentijnraw says:

    nearby stars

  • atheistexchristian says:

    in all those galaxies imagine how there MUST be life out there and we will probably never know it or them

  • atheistexchristian says:

    I very much understand what you mean.

  • RomeoKGT says:

    I look around and see people getting on with daily life totally oblivious to whats going on above them.

  • Henry Saya says:

    i wonder what other intellegent life forms look like

  • June28July says:

    I think of Star Fox looking at this photo.

  • eurasianchica says:

    Beautiful creation…
    I wonder if the aliens out there are looking at the same thing.

  • TrajanaFortis says:

    Just trying to mentally grasp this causes an internal collapse. Truly, the vanities of this world mean nothing.

  • Søren Markov says:

    Damn, it always makes me happy looking at it.

  • BK Shmocko says:


  • LokyNoKey says:

    What are the chances that there is other life at this moment? Of course by probability there is a lot of other life, but since time and space a relative each civilization lives in it's own time.

  • Macdeth1717 says:

    No 1. Comment says it

  • RubberOnRock says:

    Useless information: The Hubble Deep Field image has a total exposure time of over 140 hours of different light wavelengths broken down into 342 separate exposures which were then merged to create the final image.

  • Mike Mello says:

    scale this result by all other such "patches of sky" and we have a universe absolutely packed with galaxies, each of which holds hundreds of billions of stars… It is not even a debate as to whether or not the universe is teeming with life. The proof is a trivial exercise in statistics.

  • Vivek K says:

    I just can't believe how people can even think that we are the only life forms in the universe >.>

  • chase hickman says:

    And I imagine an alien "KhanAcademy" talking about there point of view. How amazing. Space Engine is a great way to view the universe if we could go up to HUGE speeds (like 3 ParSecs per second)

  • apolicum says:

    99.9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% chance, i've calculated it for you

  • apolicum says:

    i disagree, the universe itself is a trillion times more amazing

  • eVCephei says:

    There is Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo Much Life out there its not even funny … there may be people out there that look like us …. Planets filled with trillions of people with neighboring planets filled with people …. and there are intelligent life forms that already Travel intergalactic and more !!! …. as we speak they are flying around …. even before humans were placed on this planet there was technology that is unimaginable that we would never reach elsewhere …

  • ali khan says:

    do you think we will ever manage to travel that far????????????……………..sad face…………….

  • AsPalaces Burn says:

    lets zoom into one of the galaxies and maybe we will see someone looking back at us

  • Aaron Gentry says:

    I just cannot wrap my mind around how unimaginably far away these galaxies are, how many stars and planets they could possibly hold, or how incredibly old they are. And that's not to speak of the countless oppurtunities for life to have arisen

  • J. Johns says:

    There's definitely life on one of those galaxies. Imagine what it's like mermaids or some fantasy type shit. NASA build a starship now with hyperspace so we can find out what's going on out there. I guarantee life in other worlds is trying to find out a way to travel between galaxies.

  • David Asehinde says:

    imagine if naruto or luffy or ichigo was in one of those galaxies! LLLOOOLLL!!!

  • Lazy Cake says:

    I was on the khan academy website and wanted to go to youtube to just so I could click like on this video-this is amazing. 

  • Nya Stclair says:

     Mind blowing, how about how far they are away from the position they are in the photo, because the light they project takes millions and billions of years to make it to us. So they aren't anywhere even close to where we think they are. Hubble was also zoomed in to capture the image of the galaxies, so the patch of space we're seeing is much smaller than the area of the moon we see.
     Taking blowing minds one step further. That image is of only ONE tiny spot in one random direction. You multiply all those galaxies by the amount of every single possible direction and degree that you can take a picture.  If you're able to imagine that, you're probably thinking that is one of the most incredible fucking realizations one can have.
     I'm sorry if you're one of the people stuck inside the box, but I would bet it all that there's a ton of life out there.

  • Paul Wax says:

    For once, I am speechless!

  • hweera1 says:

    And people laugh at me when I say that I believe there is other intelligent life out there…

  • Reza Hoque says:

    I'm left speechless!

  • Joe Batman says:

    OK these are hubble.  Imagine what the JWST going up and out in 2017-2018 being able to see with a 50+ FACTOR over hubble will reveal and being infrared seeing through Nebula will reveal?  Yup it will show we have underestimated the amount of Galaxies in the Universe again!

  • bobbycone2 says:

    Amazing just how small we really are!

  • jose rodrigues says:

    You guys are staring at animations. This is made up footage

  • Slogak the evil fool says:

    I have always watched shows that talks about the universe such as (How the Universe Works) I've been watching shows like that for about one and a half years and I love how God took all of his time to create this universe.

  • Yomka Hassan says:

    The stars you see are in our Galaxy.The Galaxies are far more distanced!

  • Alex Gitman says:

    This is amazing! Makes me think is this real? It's like people claim there is god, but no one can prove it. Same thing here, can anyone prove ever in "human life time" as you said that this does exist? Besides the images. Amazing stuff thank you for your videos!

  • Clyde Cash says:

    another one. another one

  • BurntArt I C says:

    you forgot to mention that the, "redder the galaxy, the further away it is". 🙂

  • Mrigendra Soni says:

    Why does he speaks that way ?

  • Mark Borrmann says:

    I swear all the galaxies in space is where other life forms are living… we are in the milky way, so why wouldn't some other life form be in the others? they have suns, moons, planets all rotating around their sun… and allot even have at least 1 planet that has water and what not like earth… we might actually see life out there if we weren't always looking 200 millions years into the past…..

  • gOdZiLlA zumagod says:

    Like the Milkeyway is not the Milkeyway.

  • Drake Danos says:

    These are baby pictures of these galaxies. Because of cosmological redshift, the light from these galaxies were probably somewhere between ultraviolet and gamma ray.

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