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Hey everybody, it’s LavenderTowne and today, I’m adding to the ever growing library of videos, where I turn things in to cute girls with this video, turning the signs of the zodiac into Cute Characters. You got that right, if you’ve been asking me to add boys to these videos, your wish will be granted today, but we’re starting off with Pisces because that’s my sign and I’m very biased, and Pisces is basically a water element sign. The zodiac signs all have different planets, elements and personality traits that go along with them, as well as colors and things like that. So, I actually had a ton to go on, when it came to designing these Characters. It’s a weird feeling because usually in these videos, I only have a bit of packaging or something to go on, when it comes to designing the Characters and suddenly, I was researching through all the different personality traits and situations that all these zodiac symbols are supposed to allude to and represent. So, it’s almost like too much, you know. So, the first thing I wanted to focus on
was, of course, the animal associated with this sign and that is a Fish, so I tried to add a little bit of, sort of Fish Fin elements throughout her design. I also wanted to really incorporate the personality that is supposed to go along with Pisces. Now, on most sites that I looked it up, and it is hard to find any like, really reliable scientific type sites that have information about this because obviously, the practice of astrology is not really considered very scientific, so I had to just sort of crowd source a lot of more spiritually type sites and try to find a happy medium of what people tend to believe about these signs. Now, there were some variation but in general it seems like, Pisces are supposed to be relatively dreamy and out of this world, very emotional and empathic like they’re really good at feeling other people’s emotions and just generally, extreme introverts and honestly, even though, I don’t really believe that the zodiac sign that you were born under necessarily means anything about your personality, I definitely felt a little called out. So, I decided to do something a little weird with her eye. I’m sure you have noticed that, that’s not exactly a normal iris. I thought it would be cool to put the sign that they are into their iris, instead of like a normal eye. This is something I like to do a lot in my comics and I haven’t been really experimenting with it as much on my YouTube; and one of my goals for this year, is to bring back my– like weirder stylistic stuff into my YouTube channel and not just into my comics and outside art, so that’s one of the things that I
wanted to do for sure. Now what’s in her eye is the sign of Pisces. Every one of these signs have their own little like glyph that goes along with it. So I’m going to be trying to incorporate that into all of their designs and give at least one of their eyes the sign that they are and then maybe a normal eye on the other side, but since her– half of her face is covered, I decided to just give her the sign in her eye. I know it looks kind of weird but this is the kind of stuff, I really like to do with my art. Now, I felt very lucky that there’s colors associated with these Zodiac Signs because then my coloring became quite easy. Pisces is associated with a variety of different purples and lilacs alongside seafoam green and I love seafoam green so I was really happy. I started with sort of a pastelly kind of look for the hair and the clothes, which made me want to make her skin darker because I think that pastels and dark skin look really nice together, and I think she ended up looking really cool and interesting as a character. She definitely has more of a fantasy look
than a lot of characters I have been drawing in the past. I’ve been sort of focusing on more like, modern looking characters for these design videos and this one really made me want to go for a more sci-fi fantasy kind of design aesthetic, not that it’s like crazy but you know what I mean, like the colors in the outfit are definitely not like modern fashiony. Since we’re talking about astrology and the stars, I thought it would be nice to try to give her a really ethereal and out of this world sort of coloration and look, so I used a
lot of different screen and overlay layers and I tried to color the liner as well. Just to give her a bit more of a floaty opalescent sort of look and I think it worked out pretty well. I’m doing a lot of highlighting on her skin and I also put the constellation for Pisces behind her, in this sort of little inkblot bloop of starry night behind her. Now that she is all done, all she needs is a Name. Let me know if you think of a good one down in the comments. Oh and before I forget, I should say the names that I picked from last time’s video are, Frita for the Cheeto girl, Kaylee for the Kale Chip girl and Krustina for the Pizza Roll girl. Thank you everyone for your awesome suggestions. Now, next up for our Zodiac Characters, we have Gemini and I didn’t really know anything about the Gemini sign or what it really represented other than knowing that it had something to do with twins and that it was a name of one of the enemies from Binding of Isaac. So, Gemini is largely about duality and it’s also an air sign, which is the element more associated with things that are not super fixed and sort of couldn’t change; and this makes a lot of sense for this sign because one of the major personality traits of Gemini is apparently, according to all the sources I found, is that they have sort of this dual personality, where they can seem very introverted, very book smart and studious people but then on the other hand, you’ll also find them partying, being really social and really knowing how to have fun and be sort of charismatic type people. So they’re really like a true ambivert, where they’re not truly an introvert or an extrovert, they sort of can’t have qualities of both. So in order to try to show that sort of personality off, I tried to show him in a comfortable sort
of position, with a book because honestly, every time I looked up Gemini’s, they couldn’t stop talking about how they like to read. So, it seemed like I absolutely had to show him reading but I also wanted to show him with this sort of this open posture, looking out and smiling very confidently because I wanted to make sure that he didn’t just look like this bookworm type character. It is hard to show duality in a single image with no text or anything to help push that story line along, but hopefully, I was able to pull it off. I gave him casual comfortable clothes and cuffed jeans, as well as some strange shoes that I sort of designed, they look like ones that would be easy to slip on, which hopefully helps make him look a little bit more active as well; and I put a 2 on his sleeve because obviously, twins and duality and twos are such a big part of the Gemini sign. I also gave him a horn and a wing on his head just because I was really drawing him on this duality thing. It’s probably a little bit much and I think, if I was drawing this character a lot, I would probably take those elements away but for this single illustration, I kind of like it. I also gave him freckles that are connected by a line, so it looks like a constellation across his face, and I really like how that looks, and as for his coloration, I just looked at the colors associated with Gemini, which are light greens, dark greens and yellows, so he’s really looking like a Mascot for sprite or something, and I also experimented a little bit with this sort of dashy shading. I don’t know why it just came over me, I suddenly wanted to do the shading like that but I think it kind of suits him as well, it makes him look more bubbly. I even tried to show this half, half nature in his hair by having it all pushed over to one side. So, it looks like one side of his hair is longer than the other. Then, I put the Gemini constellation behind him and he was finished. Next up is Taurus and what I knew of Taurus was that it’s associated with the Bull and that it’s an earth element, that’s the first one other than my own sign, where I knew what the element was before having to look it up. Taurus’s are also associated with stubbornness and having a realistic grounded approach to life and outlook in general. I knew I wanted to draw her as a Character who has some good muscles on them and looks strong, partially because of the bull aspect because you know, obviously, cows and bulls are very, very strong, but also because Taurus has this super grounded, super strong, sort of personality trait and I think that having a character who’s very muscular and looks physically strong, could be, maybe show visually that they have this sort of strong outlook on life. I don’t know. I also wanted to give her some sort of fluffy big hair and I knew I wanted it to be short not only because I feel like this Taurus girl would not want a lot of hair getting in her face and Taurus’s are associated with practicality but also because I wanted her to stand out against Pisces, who has that sort of long silky, hard to maintain type of hair. Now, when I was drawing her, I was already
ready to get into those earth tones, some browns, some greens but I was surprised to see that while green is one of her signature colors, pink is also one of the major colors associated with Taurus. So I decided she was going to have pink hair and she actually ended up looking a lot like Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim because of the way that I styled her hair but I don’t totally mind it. Ramona is pretty stubborn too, I don’t think she’s a Taurus, but I’m okay with her looking a little bit like that. Though, I don’t think Ramona was quite this ripped. I had to give her that nose ring, of course. I actually really love that type of nose ring that’s right in the middle. A lot of people make fun of it and say, “You look like a cow or something”, but I think it’s really, really beautiful and because she is associated with the bull, I thought that, that would be something that I could definitely get away with, and I gave her some lovely horns on the side, they don’t look that much like bull horns but I think they look cool, so there’s that; and I gave her this transparent shirt over top of like a sports bra, I just basically wanted to make it look like she could run around and do stuff but also have this little hint of elegance and femininity on top, so that she didn’t have this sort of one tone personality and when I was reading about Taurus personalities, it was not all about being strong or stubborn, there was this element of like appreciating luxury as well. So I wanted to incorporate that a little bit. And then I toned down all the colors I was using on her a little bit, with some screen layers just as I had done with the previous two, to make her look a little more ethereal. Then I dropped the constellation for Taurus behind her and she was done. Last but not least, is Leo, our fire element for the episode. Now Leo’s are associated with having a arrogant but charismatic big personality, very passionate and generally described as
queenly or kingly, like very regal. So, right away, I had a very clear personality for this Character. I decided to give him sort of a punk edginess because most of my other Characters didn’t have that and it seemed to suit him pretty well. I wanted him to have sort of this spiky but elegant look to him. I didn’t want him to just look like this sort of prince character. I wanted to him to have a bit more of an edginess and a bit more spice because Leo’s are consistently described as having these sort of spicy, in your face aggressive personalities. Now that’s not to say that Leo’s are seen as particularly like hard to get along with or anything but just that they’re very confident and they have a lot of charisma because of that. Now I decided to give him sort of low rise jeans and have a lot of like leather jackets and spikes. I just basically wanted him to look, like I said, a little bit edgy though. I started to become very concerned that he was looking a little bit, like a pin up of Junkrat from Overwatch. So, I tried to sort of lean away from that and I generally just wanted him to look pretty coy and cute about this whole pose. I had already done a few sitting poses before and I really wanted one of the characters to be in this sort of cheeky pose and I thought that judging by all the personalities that I researched so far, Leo seemed to be the one who matched the best. Now the colors we’re dealing with
here are pretty predictable, we’re talking oranges, yellows and golds. So I used them pretty heavily, throughout the whole image and then I tried to turn it down a little bit with blacks, wherever I could, so I gave him a black leather jacket, just to turn down some of the more aggressive flame oranges and reds and yellows that I had been using throughout the rest of the image. I ended up really liking his hair, I kind of did a little bit of the Gemini shading, only with the highlights in his hair and I think it makes it look almost like he has like plasticy translucent fiery hair, which is a really cool effect that I didn’t necessarily aim for, but really liked when I found it. It’s weird how when you’re drawing sometimes that can happen, you just sort of bump into something that you kind of want to be like, “Oh yeah, that was my plan the whole
time,” but it totally wasn’t. Am I making any sense? I don’t know. But anyway, I used purple shading for the rest of the image outside of his hair and stuff, just so that I could again tone down some of those oranges and reds, so it didn’t become too overpowering. Though in the end, I actually don’t think, I think I could have added even more reds and it would have been fine. I just get really worried with colors this dominant to make sure that they’re not gonna completely to overtake the image. For the final touch-ups at the end, I put the
constellation for Leo in the background and I messed around with a few different
screened gradients over top of him, to also give him that ethereal look and
with that, we are all done with our 4 for this video. Like I said, there’s going
to be 2 more in the series, where I’ll do the rest of the zodiac signs, so, if your sign wasn’t in here, don’t worry, it will be coming out in a later video. If you have any ideas for names, for any of these Characters, please let me know in the comments and you might get selected as the official canon name for these characters, when I do the next one. Thank you so much for watching till the end, and I will see you in the next video. A huge thank you to my patrons including Blep, Ollie, Elizabeth Alban, LeBlehBlehBleh, Calponpon, TheArtsyMoose, YaBoyST, JayJayJade, Sgt. Pendulum, Okamorei, Mikeadacytl, Hope Chilsome, Rosy Warlock, Dr. Casket, Zoey Stardust, Qytrd, Imagine Creation, Carla Tapia, Midnight Doodles, Clockwork Construct, Cassitarius, and Megan Claire.

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