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InSinkErator® Evolution Series® Garbage Disposals

InSinkErator® Evolution Series® Garbage Disposals

Getting rid of kitchen waste is easier, quieter
and fresher- smelling now … thanks to InSinkErator® Evolution Series®.
Each time the Evolution Kitchen Fresh™ disposer is turned on, the exclusive InJex™ Liquid
Injection Technology squirts a dose of lemon fresh fragrance into your drain that includes kitchen sink disposal
an odor- neutralizing ingredient. For a refreshing lemon fragrance every time
you clean up. And Evolution Series® disposers are designed
to be quiet, so you grind more and hear less. A baffle creates a water dam over the sink
opening to block noise. There’s a model right for every household’s
need and size … Short on space? Choose Evolution Spacesaver®,
which is just the right size for restricted cabinet space. .
For more food waste volume, Evolution Premier is perfect for a wide range of kitchens.
For even more grinding power AND ultra quiet performance, there’s Evolution Excel.
Evolution Series disposers feature MultiGrind technology to grind food waste in two or three
grind stages, so you can grind difficult foods like celery or potatoes, without worrying about waste king vs insinkerator
about clogs or jams. Freshen up your daily grind, with an Evolution
Series disposer from InSinkErator. Available at Lowe’s.

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