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(Interview of Rahu) in Vedic Astrology (Activate Subtitles) A Short Film

(Interview of Rahu) in Vedic Astrology (Activate Subtitles) A Short Film

by spreading the word about me, you know how much I love notoriety. didn’t you wish if you had a change to meet me, and thank me, so, here I am…I am listening If I didn’t exist, you wouldn’t be here… are you afraid of me…. I have been watching you for quite a while now, I have been watching many who admire me, write about me, talk about me but you, you have got my attention… you actually told the truth to the world about me you didn’t frighten people, manipulate people, you told the truth you’re writing a book about me and you still don’t know me. you are seeing my projection in your 3 dimensional world. you do not see everything because I do not allow you to, there are few you can. The higher you go up in dimensions you will realize that I and my body are one, we always have been one. on your plain I can manifest into as many shapes sizes as I want. my time of ruler-ship is ending… -and fading away into eternity. today kalyug ends, and dwapara yuga begins. I may be the most evil energy in the history books, but I will never make the mistake of questioning a sage or a guru. I can be at war with Bharama, Vishnu, Shiva or Krishna, but I can never swing my weapon against a guru. My name is Swama Bhaun, I am the son of Simkhia who desired to be a graha and earned a boon from Brahma.. I am a student of Shukarakcharya who wasn’t too fond of Lord Vishnu, he prayed to Shiva and attained the maha mantra of Sanjivini, through which he invoked all the asuras to attack the devas, the war of Yin Yan. I knew the day and time the devas would drink the nectar of immortality. so I managed to be amongst the Gods, and sat between your beloved surya and chandra, the moon. the only mistake I made that day was not to cover my hands, they saw the deception, they saw the swindler in me and called for Vishnu. I will no longer be part of your realm, it’s time for me to go to sleep. I am eternal as long as the sun and moon exist. just think of me being on a much needed vacation and a long sleep. even the asuras get exhausted. I am not a creature of Brahma designed to be in your realm. I was forced upon my obsession and malefic actions. In due time you will read about it and the world will read about my legend my Black Legend he put me here to test himself, and to test his creation in likeness, I challenged him to a war before I drank the nectar I told him, he will never escape my realm, unless he ran away but he is God, I suppose… and he did take on my challange for it was his duty for this is why when you refuse temptation, money, wealth, sex, drugs, obsession you defeat the challenge I put out to him

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