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Jack Harlow Reveals His Most Cringeworthy Post EVER | #MTVFreshOut

– Yeah, you know. I remember these. Elementary school, all the
pretty girls used to make them and put them on their little
fingers and do that thing. (jazzy music) I’m a purple guy. P-U-R-P-L-E. Cool, I’m a seven guy. Seven. App you waste the most time on? Geez, right now, when
I’m popping like this, I got all this stuff going on, I got to make sure no
one beautiful follows me. I got to be on my Gram. Plus, I got a project
dropping, so I don’t delete it off my phone as much, and then I get caught on their BS all day,
on the timeline, scrolling. Instagram is my actual answer. I hate it, but it’s true. Crazy, but it’s true. G-R-E-E-N. Give me eight. Spirit animal? What’s the clownfish? The one where the dude has the baby? That actually might be my spirit animal. What’s the, there’s a fish where the man is the one
carrying the baby around. – [Off-screen voice] Seahorse. – Seahorse. The seahorse? That’s my whole vibe. I wish I was delivering my kid. I don’t trust my wife with it. I don’t got a wife, but I won’t trust her. I wish I was a seahorse,
and I could deliver it. B-L-U-E. Give me the two guy. Social post you regret? I got this little puppy. She’s wild as hell. First night, I got the puppy
sleeping in my room with me. I went and bought her toys and stuff. I was ready to really handle this puppy. Goes over in the corner. Runs over to my bed. Next morning, I got to get rid of it. I got rid of it. I post about it on Instagram,
and they’re on my head. I lost followers, I lost life-long fans, I had to delete it for real because people really love their dogs. Yeah, that was the worst
thing I ever posted. (lively music)

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