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João & Sérgio 24 The Gaze of Sérgio (EN.ES.FR)

João & Sérgio 24 The Gaze of Sérgio (EN.ES.FR)

Watching TV at this time, Ana? – I feel like doing it… – Where’s your brother? – In the bedroom. – It’s a beautiful Saturday and you guys are at home: You’re here watching TV, your brother’s in the bedroom. – You’re having a much happier Saturday: on the supermarket, in the queue to pay, carrying the bags… – If I don’t do it, who will? – For your information, I’m just resting now. Miguel was here and we’ve schedule to go to Jiu-Jitsu with João – Miguel was here?!? – Yes! What’s your problem? And he’ll come here more often! – Look, I don’t wanna fight! Where’s your dad. – I don’t know. I thought he was with you. – Your lunch is ready. When you guys wanna eat, just heat it in the micro-waves. – Ok. Where’s dad? – I don’t know. – And grandpa? – He’s having lunch with aunt Luísa because of the business. – Is it going on? – He thinks so, but I’m gonna take care of that. – Where are you going? – I’m gonna try to ruin your grandpa’s business with aunt Luísa. Only one person can help me doing that and I’m gonna meet that person, now! – Mom’s out. She didn’t tell us where she was going. – She just said she’d meet somebody who’d help her stopping grandpa’s business. – That’s weird. – Who can that person be? And you? Where have you been? May I know? – Well, I can see that a fighting is coming, right? I’m gonna finish having lunch in my bedroom. – Ana, I’m not going to lie to you, because sooner or later you’ll end up finding out about it. I just wanna warn you that I don’t want any fighting! – I can’t believe you went to talk to Miguel! If you did that, I’ll freak out! – It’s my cellphone. I’ve got to answer it. – Dad, how could you do that? I’m talking to you! Dad! – Actually, I’m really feeling like trying out this class! – You’ll enjoy it! You’ll see! – But, look: Don’t you take advantage of me to beat me up! – Really? Watch out! – I don’t know if I can promise you that. I’ll decide it when I see you there, on the ring! – Do you wanna go for a little drink in the bar, after the class? – A little juice, yes! Only that! That’s ok! Look, who was that girl who was with Ana in the bar? Is she your girlfriend? – Girlfriend? No… Why? – Well, it looked like that… She had such a gaze towards you!… I guess she likes you. – I like your brother, but he doesn’t care about me. – Do you think he likes somebody else? – I’m almost sure… – Do you know who it is? – No, I don’t know… But, one doesn’t need to know, to feel it… – Mariana, don’t try to disguise it… I heard your talk with João? – What talk? I don’t know what you’re talking about. – When you said that João liked Henrique. – I don’t recall that at all… – Mariana, I know what I’ve heard! – You must be confused, Ana. I have to go dress my kimono, because I’m already late for my class. – No! You’re not going anywhere! I wanna know everything you know about the two of them! – I have to go dress my kimono, otherwise I’ll be late! Inês knows this place very well… – I can’t believe this! Everywhere I go I always find her! – Look who’s there: Nuno, Inês & Teresa… – See you next time, then! – Thank you for everything. – It’s a pleasure to help you! – Your help is precious to me! – It’s ok… – Good afternoon. – This house isn’t quiet! Not even on weekend! – Mom, this house is never quiet! When you’re not complaining with Saint Antoninho, you’re doing that with the flies! – Don’t you change subject! I’m not the problem! You know it very well! There’s always clients coming into this house! 7 days a week! I can’t even enjoy my living-room’s sofa! – Look, when I get enough money, I promise I’ll get another office, ok? Now, enjoy your sofa, because in 15 minutes, I’ll have another client. – Oh, god… Don’t these people have anything else to do, other than consulting a warlock? – Have you ever thought why these people come to me? If their lives were good, full of money and love… … They wouldn’t be worried and anxious, trying to solve their problems. They’d take a walk at the riverside. I’m a help… I’m an aid, an assistance… And that’s the way you should look at me too! Where’s Henrique? – In his bedroom, studying. Thank god, my Saint Antoninho listened to my prayers! Have you noticed that since Henrique stop dancing João rarely comes here? – Of course! Last time, you were almost kicking him out of the house! – Now, things will get on the right track! – Look… You know what? You better start praying to your Saint Antoninho. Because, when Henrique start getting more and more frustrated, not even a miracle will help him! Henrique… I’d like to make you a more personal question… May I? – I don’t know what’s coming there, but… Go on! – I want you to be honest with me… And I want you to know that I just wanna help… – What is it, Alexandre? – Did João talk to you again about… About that matter of liking you? – No, he never spoke about that again. We’ve spoken and he told me what I’ve already told you: He was mistaken and confused, because he was depressed and we’re close friends. – I see… – Alexandre… Forget that subject! Last time you were nosy in my life and João’s life, it ended up badly: He came here to fight with me, the aunt heard it, she followed me and the rest… I don’t need to tell. – I’m asking things about João because I’m worried. How is he dealing with the situation? – But, what situation? You keep on making those movies [ideas] on your mind. – No, I don’t! I’m not a screenwriter nor a director to make movies! I’m only watching the movie of life! – Alexandre… Tell me something… Do you think João lied to me? Do you think… Do you think he’s really gay? – Why don’t you ask him yourself. – He won’t tell me the truth… You’re gay. Nobody’s better than you to understand if he is gay or not… – Sure, but I’m not the master of the truth. – You just have to say yes or not. Do you think João’s gay? – Didn’t you ask me not to get involved on that story? That’s what I’m gonna do, then! – Here’s where we practice Jiu-Jitsu! – Sometimes you may get out of here totally knocked out, right? – No, not really. We just have a few dislocations, sometimes… Things like that. – Will I get out of here in just one piece? – This looks violent but it isn’t! This art’s philosophy is not to get violent right away. It’s more about your spirit’s well-being and your body’s defense. – I really don’t need to be in the same place as that fool, man! – I’m sorry, Miguel. Listen, pal: this wasn’t on purpose. It didn’t even cross my mind. – Forget it… You could tell me I’d meet this asshole here! – I didn’t even remember about him! Pretend he’s not there. “Contempt” is the best thing to do! – I meet him everywhere I go! – And he’s not alone! – Cousin! You’re here! – Hello! Yes, but it looks like I came in the worst day! – Ok, guys! Let’s get started! – So, Miguel: Did you enjoy the class? – Yes, but it could have been better. My partner went a bit too far! – Too bad the coach have put you guys together, right? – Our meetings are getting boring and predictable: We always end up fighting! – It may be a problem of yours. Not mine! – And you’re really happy, right? – Happy why? – You finally got what you wanted! – You’re wrong! That was just the warm up. I was soft on you. If I wanted, I could have hurt you much more! – Your surname shouldn’t be “Calado” [Quiet] but “Convencido” [Braggart]! – What about “Esmurrado” [Punched]? Does it mean anything to you? – Stop that! – Your jerk, you’re lucky we’re here inside. If we were outside, I’d break your face and you’d have to call your uncle! Got it? – Let’s go there! – Listen: Calm Down! – Do you want a new face? Asshole! Who do you think you are? Shut up, asshole! – Forget that idea of a funeral home for pets, dad. – If it’s not now, It’ll be later. The most important thing, it’s not to give up! – At my age, I don’t have much time for “later”, João… – Don’t think like that! You know better than me, that this didn’t happen by chance. – It was better this way. – No, it wasn’t. It’s another life’s dream of mine going down, once again. It’d be my chance to set up a business, but now I must get used to live with this deception. – I’ll get the phone. Yes? Hello! Yes, she’s here… It’s for you mother. – Who is it? – Isabel. – Hey! How are you doing? – Hello! I’m good! See you later! – João, are you going out? – Ana & grandpa went to buy Chinese food for our dinner. I told then to get chicken with pineapple for you. – Today I can’t, mom… – Where are you going in such a hurry, that you can’t even wait for dinner? – I’m gonna meet a friend. Ciao! – I was thinking: Today is Saturday, we could take a walk and dinner out… – I don’t know. There’s a lot of people everywhere, at Saturdays! It’s a headache to get a table! – There’s a Greek restaurant in Bairro Alto that has an amazing moussaka! – The best moussaka I’ve ever had, wasn’t even in Greece! It was in a Greek restaurant in New York. It was great! – And then, we can go for a drink. – I’m not really feeling like going out, today. – Teresa, but I think you should. After what happened yesterday, the packing up and today’s mess, it’d be great! Besides, you’ll be in a Greek restaurant: You can break a plate to relax! – Aren’t you coming, Inês! – No. I’m gonna stay home to watch an Almodóvar Movie! I don’t wanna miss it! – Ok, you guys convinced me! Let’s try out that moussaka! I’m gonna get dressed! – Little brother, you owe me this one! – Hello again! – Hey! How are you? – Good… Don’t tell me you’re leaving already! Stay for a little bit longer! – I loved that dinner! And you were right: That moussaka is fantastic! – Then you liked the restaurant… – I didn’t like, I loved it! It has a great vibe, great food!… – What do you wanna do, now? – Oh, I feel like going home… – Teresa, it’s Saturday! – I know, but I’m not in the mood for a night out… – What about a cappuccino? Only one! – Oh… Ok! I love the cappuccino from Bar 31! – Isn’t that a gay bar? – Yes, but that doesn’t matter… All kinds of people go there. – Ok, no problem! – Let’s go? – Yes! – I love Jiu-Jitsu! It’s really my passion! – I did Karate, but I gave up… It wasn’t really my thing. – What about you? What do you do for a living? – I’m an engineer. I graduated with great grades and I got a good job in a construction company. – Oh, that’s cool! – I can say that… For my age… I’m having a good income… Do you come here for a long time, now? – Some… – May I ask you a question? Are you with someone? – No. – Are you without a boyfriend for a long time? – I’m without a GIRLFRIEND! I broke-up with her, a little while ago. – And then you started having doubts, right? – I’m not understanding your talk! – Calm down! João, you’re not here by chance! You won’t try to convince me that you don’t know what kind of place this is! – It’s a bar, like any other… – I got it: You’re in the denial phase. – Look, there! Isn’t that my cousin João? – Ok, I got it: You wanna chance topic! – I’m sorry, but I don’t know you from anywhere! I don’t have to be forced to have this conversation with you! – Hello, João! What are you doing here, João? – I came to meet a friend of mine. – Is it that one, who was talking to you? – No, no! That one was talking to me, but I don’t know him from anywhere. – Then, have a drink with us, while you wait for your friend. – No, no… I didn’t like this place’s vibe. I didn’t know it was like this. Well, I’m leaving! Ciao! – Ciao! – Bye… – Well, João panicked when he saw us there! We were the last people he was expecting to see on that bar! – Do you think that guy was his boyfriend? – I don’t know. But, that’s a strong possibility. – But, didn’t he wanna be with you guys? – No. He made up an excuse and he ran away! – It’s more than obvious: He doesn’t wanna come out of the closet! – But, it isn’t easy! Most people look sideways to homosexuals. – Yes, but he could trust us! We’re his friends! – It’s amazing! This is the 21 Century and people still discuss homosexuality! With so many wars, hungry, children dying… People only judge others! People have this bad habit of discrimination. That’s why I’m not surprised with so many misery in the world. – João must be happy the way he is. Not like others expect him to be: Married, with 3 kids, a minivan… It doesn’t make sense. – I’m gonna help my cousin… I can tell you that I already know what I’m gonna do! – Mom did what to dad? – She kicked him out of the house! And it was very well done! – But, why? – You can guess… Dad went to bed with Luísa… – With aunt Luísa??? – I was waiting for this to happen for a long time, now… – This is madness! – Where is he going now? – Hello?!? Is it that hard to guess? He’s not visiting the Leaning Tower of Pisa, for sure! He must be in the arms of that… Luísa… – What about mom? – I don’t know… I saw her leaving but she didn’t tell me where she was going. I have no idea where she is.

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    [EN] João da Silva (Frederico Barata) is graduating from high school, but his passion is Jiu-Jitsu. He's dealing with his feelings for his best friend, the ballet dancer Henrique Arvana (Guilherme Barroso), while a new guy comes into his life: the recently graduated engineer Sérgio Lima (Pedro Gouveia), who loves surf. With the help of the (also gay) fortune teller Alexandre Costa (Joaquim Horta), João will find his way out of the closet and will look for happiness!
    [PT] João da Silva (Frederico Barata) está a terminar a escola secundária, mas a sua paixão é o Jiu-Jitsu. Ele encontra-se a lidar com os seus sentimentos pelo seu melhor amigo, o bailarino Henrique Arvana (Guilherme Barroso), quando um novo tipo entra na sua vida: o recentemente formado engenheiro Sérgio Lima (Pedro Gouveia), que adora surf. Com a ajuda do (também gay) tarólogo Alexandre Costa (Joaquim Horta), o João encontrará o seu caminho para fora do armário, em busca da felicidade!

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    Ok, so, the local gay hangout is in someone's basement…

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    Jao is very beautifull

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