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John Frawley Interview: Neptune and Earthquakes, Pluto and Marriage, Horary Astrology, and more!

John Frawley Interview: Neptune and Earthquakes, Pluto and Marriage, Horary Astrology, and more!

hi everyone and welcome or welcome
back to the channel this is your host Carmina and today as you can see I am
joined by wonderful astrologer John Frawley thank you for the kind words so John is here at the
invitation of the Romanian Astrologers’ Association who wanted to have John here
for a horary astrology workshop that you had yesterday so it is your first time
in Romania what is your experience with the Romanian Astrologers association? yes it’s
my first time being here and I enjoyed myself tremendously the audience is
exceptionally warm and enthusiastic the response from the audience while I was
speaking yesterday is something most unusual people were actually answering
questions and seemed to be learning from what I was saying the same people would
give the wrong answer and then they’d scratch their heads and think about it
and get the right answer which is really from my point of view as a teacher it’s
really nice to see so you go and do these kind of
conferences workshops a lot is that something you do on a regular basis? I usually do 4-5 a year, something I
enjoy very much – Did you travel to all the continents with the workshops? Never been to to South America Antarctica either
there’s not much of an Astrology organisation in the Antarctica at the
moment penguins have other things on their mind but we’re getting there a
speech a few penguins and we’re trying to do that otherwise yes I used to do
but not entirely sorry I no longer do that because you can have your fair
share of jet lag so since when did you start
doing astrology why did you start doing astrology
because yesterday during the workshop you are telling the story about how you got kicked out of school because of astrology. -when I was 13-14 in school
in the English class in which the literature class in school we were
studied Geoffrey Chaucer Franklin’s Tale I said Chaucer was also an expert astrologer he was the unofficial Royal
astrologer in the king’s court at the time he wrote a book on how to
use an astrolabe and the reason to use an astrolabe is to cast an astrological
chart and The Franklin’s Tale with one of his Canterbury Tales that they’re
talking about and studying in girl’s hinges on astrology, one’s husband has
gone abroad over the seas and she’s worried how can he possibly come back
and was what of a black rocks around the coast just too dangerous and the sinking
ship and because of that she goes to visit the master astrologer
master astrologer having taken his fair share of loupe fixed the appropriate
moments and worked some magical spell to make sure the sea is rise high
enough to properly spoon for rocks so the husband can come home safely
which of course means simply that he knew when the tide was going to be high in
fact they actually didn’t think that might’ve happened but this is what the
story things done and the teacher had given our site astrological explanations
for how that’s happened and at the time I knew very little about astrology as the
normal shallow woods interest in spooky stuff so even so I could see that what
the teacher was saying about this just made absolutely no sense at all and so I
thought up a theory of my own for this in an essay for this so I’ve got the
mark of the zero out of a hundred that had never happened to anybody before
a couple of days later the teacher walked into class and he began the
lesson by say mr. Frawley I have two words for you in basic anglo-saxon he
then told me those two words and the first of these words begins with F you
can probably guess the rest of it and so that was the end in my English study
that was quickly followed by the end of school altogether, so you see astrology has really quite an effect yes, it had quite an impact on you I really liked yesterday when you
discussed when you were talking about Neptune and Pluto you were giving them
different connotations that we’ll use to it with evolutionary astrology and the
way that they talked about these days you were saying that Neptune shakes
things up and Pluto kind of grabs the person so you related this more to
marriage and to couples would you elaborate in your view on that?
– well it the idea that Neptune Pluto and Uranus are planets in the same way as the
seven traditional planets simply does not fit with the whole system of
astrology this is something has been created by late 19th early 20th century
astrologers who had lost sight of astrology is built we have seven planets
and twelve signs is absolutely integral with – astrology and
this combination of the three and the four through the number’s divinity,
the trinity, we have the Father, Son and Holy Ghost is one example of it and the
four which is a number of matter, the material world as we have 4 elements earth
air fire and water so we have 3 plus 4 which is our seven planets which is the
limited the kind of material working out of the mixture of divine and the
material played out against the backgrounds of the 12 signs three times
four which is the whole potential creation can be which is why we can only
have 12 signs not 13 yes we cannot have we cannot have a 13th 12th of the Zodiac, there are 12 12ths of the Zodiac, that’s it are the same way to fit in these Outer
planets it’s it’s not artificial creation shown here that they can be
destroys the whole system arrangement of the planet’s root in the signs okay we
have the Sun and the Moon together which rule the two central signs, then the next sign on either side of that is ruled by Mercury then next two signs by
Venus then Mars then Jupiter then the final two signs by Saturn, it’s the integral pattern, then the other three planets they’re very much much the same level as fixed stars
except they’re more mobile than the fixed stars, the fixed stars they must be understood through the myths and that’s why there are all these
mists up there in the heavens people today tend to misunderstand this I think
it’s some kind of story less real than reality but if this
myth is something that more real than reality
and it’s the basic underlying structures behind that reality
that’s more real than the sense that your hand that is more real than the other’s and Bach’s cello sonatas are more real so it’s enabled us to deal with something
deeper than in the usual conception and Uranus Neptune and Pluto must be read
mythologically not trying to force meaning off them because
you’ve decided that they rule this or that sign or that solar house and again
the idea the planets rule houses in the astrological jar was only
possible because they’ve forgotten the basic of conception of how come the
houses have their meanings, first house means what it does because of Saturn and
then Jupiter gives the second, Mars has the Sun the fourth and so around the planets
and then okay we get to the seventh house which is the Moon, oh dear, we ran out of planets, we don’t need to invent some new planets we just start again
with Saturn which gives the 8th house its meaning the same way that Saturn
gives the first house its meaning of doorway into life,
Saturn gives the 8 house its meaning of doorway out of life which is why mr.
Saturn is Saint Peter, who of course was not called Peter Jesus gave it that name
‘look at you, you must have Capricorn rising I’m gonna call you Petrus, stone’, has the two keys, the key to
that door and the key to the other door then Jupiter ninth house, Mars 10th house, Sun 11th house and guess what, the 12th house, our self undoing, the bad things that we do to mess up our life gets its meaning from Venus, why do we do these bad things to mess up our lives I’m English so I don’t know about that kind of thing, like all English people I don’t have a 12th house in my chart, I’ve heard about them from other people from other countries who have this information… So what is the mythology
around Neptune that makes this connected to earthquakes?
– well because Neptune obviously Neptune is the god of the oceans, Poseidon
and Homer summed up Poseidon beautifully the Earth shaker and the
ocean, there’s nothing peaceful or spiritual about the ocean the one
thing the ocean never is is peaceful even when it’s not trashing around too much it’s
got this underlying drive to do that well Jason needed to build a boat to
go over the top of it, you’ve got Neptune under the waves think of him with his
various Naiads and Nereids under the waves and he suddenly sees the shadow of this boat going across above his head the first boat the Argo, looks up ‘oh shit,
my power’s been broken’, and Homer calls him the earth shaker because he is the one creator of earthquakes, the destruction of joy, through underlying forces underneath the ground that blow everything up and you can’t argue with him there’s no argument with Poseidon, you’re not gonna win, which is why Jason has to sail on top of him and fight him, we can see this for instance beautifully shown in Mundane Astrology, people take the birth
charts of countries which is just a bit crazy countries, they don’t have birth charts,
human beings have birth charts and a country is not an animate thing, if
it’s not animate, it has never been born so no birth chart, but what is crucially mundane Astrology is the Jupiter Saturn conjunction and we can look at the most
devastating earthquake in Europe the Lisbon earthquake not only destroyed
a big chunk of Portugal but also and we look at the Jupiter Saturn cast in Lisbon before all that
that, we’ve got this Neptune Mars conjunction exactly on the IC, the lowest part of the chart potential for this earthquake in the same
way that the Jupiter Saturn conjunction cast for Paris the earliest one before 1789
there’s Neptune right on the 10th cusp it’s a different kind of Earth shifting
there wasn’t an earthquake it was the 10th house stuff that got seriously
shaken up in that day, you can see Neptune at work we can see this in people’s charts, thinking of an example but the lectures I record on my website
have a lot of examples of Neptune in action yes I so your emotions get turned upside down your website is ? that’s right, yes so what can people find there, do you offer readings, still? yes, I do some readings, I used to publish a magazine, the Astrologer’s Apprentice, all 22 issues of that can be downloaded free of charge on my website there are over 200 recorded
lectures on the website most of which need to be bought, quite a few can be
downloaded free of charge people seem to find them informative and entertaining. So you can check out John’s website for more info and examples of how Neptune works so
in your opinion outer planets do give concrete results Definitely so, to give an example, look at the ascendant in the chart, it’s particularly the
‘me’ place in the chart I think and Pluto mythologically is the guy who
lives in the basement he only ever came out once which is to
grab some girl and drag her back into the basement with him sounds like a creepy guy! – Yeah, and he didn’t throw a
lot of parties, he did not invite guests to visit him in the basement he didn’t
need visitors okay as an example of somebody with Pluto right in the ‘me’ place of the chart, right on the ascendant, we have shall I say his name without vomiting, Nigel Farage, this moron who hates Europe so much he has to go and get paid for sitting in the
European Parliament day after day, he doesn’t want any foreigners coming to England
despite the fact his name Farage does suggest there have been some foreigners
involved in his… yeah anyway we’re not going into that but he did himself the emerge from his cave, grabbed
some poor unsuspecting German girl and carried her back into England to be his
wife, okay, this German girl managed to escape from him eventually, he wasn’t living
this out beautifully and it works I know there’s a huge transit going on, Saturn Pluto the South Node and that’s also impacting your Ascendant, how are you feeling it? There’s no such thing as a transit,
what’s going on in the sky has no effect at all on our charts as I said in the lectures yesterday, the only time what’s going on up in the sky now has an effect on us now is if you ant to get a sun tan, the fact this planet happens to be Saturn and is transiting my Sun and oh dear
everything is going so bad okay so everything’s getting bad for me
but everybody else on earth who has a birthday the same day as mine and
then in a few weeks time everything’s going bad for everybody on earth who has a birthday a day after mine and then a day after that Life doesn’t work like that You can’t fixate on the transits The only value transits have is they give Astrologers something to talk about It’s really funny what you said about horary astrology compared to natal astrology, comparing natal astrology to the Mona Lisa Yeah You think that with horary astrology we have palpable, concrete
results If you want useful astrology, practical answers to something that’s why we got Horary and it’s
a fascinating study, there’s always more to learn things and some rather
more constructive school teacher I had than the other one is said he started off
teaching maths but he just got so bored with maths because there’s always an answer so we switched to history because there’s always more to learn and I can understand
that completely with Astrology if we suddenly got to the point where we knew everything, how boring would that be so natal astrology really has very little practical use, even if we wanted to
predict something from a natal chart it would take an immense amount of work, with so many things
different stories going on in return and suppose somebody comes to you with a
birth chart- look at my birth chart and told me – when am I going to get married on when will I
get a better job well first thing you got to do is to
check out everything happening in their chart before that potential time
but make sure they still going to be alive at the time which is quite an
important factor when they’re going to get married is probably not going to happen after they’re dead,
but it’s an absolutely fascinating study showing the in-depth picture
because of existence in reality in very much the same way as a great work of art, literature or music tells us this and we see things we really didn’t expect for instance, we look at various progressions and returns – Solar, Lunar return – when somebody meets the girl or boy and then they get married and we see all these astrological trinkets fluttering around but you look back at what’s going on in somebody’s chart at the time their future partner’s born, we see all these astrological Cupids, we see it with William Lily’s 3rd wife, she was like 30 years younger than him, we can look at her Solar and Lunar returns when Lily was born or we look at John Wayne Bobbit, what happened to him, or we look at his chart at the time his wife was born which is a couple of years after him but in a different continent we’ve got all these Cupids flying around but we’ve also got a lot of Mars stuff – Unfortunately for him which is him waking up one morning and finding out surgery had been carried out unsuspectingly that’s not supposed to be part of our existence, the idea that long before we’re born or after we die there’s something very important about our existence but can’t we treat the birth chart also as a Horary chart, to answer the question – why are we here? because it’s a necessary part of us going back up there, we need to pass through this material creation in terms of what are we supposed to be
doing down here, no I don’t think we can the very important point about the birth
chart is that so much is dependent on the life this birth chart is thrown into so much is written on Astrology that seems to assume there’ve only ever been a hundred human beings in existence there’s an awful lot of us any busy maternity will show babies being born all the time big cities are constantly streaming with babies, you don’t get these completely identical babies being born, they have similar patterns in the birth chart but their lives are going to be very different depending on the background, the parents, their expectations common examples I give of similar birth charts, if you’re born on the village on the coast, okay you spend your life there to sea in
the fishing fleet if you’ve got the same chart and you’re born on
top of the mountain you spend your life up the mountain looking after the sheep and the goats you can’t get the whole story from the birth chart it seems to enable people to do something more similar to the sense that an artist can step back and create something external to the life we see
people living out their birth charts very precisely they play at that one great funeral in their life, or sing the one song that everybody associates with or things like that, the way they live out, so many examples as with the chart of Johnny Cash which we showed yesterday,
we see his first big hits, all that works the great thing about it, and this has been my full-time
job now than 25 years 30 years I’m still constantly wowed I learned it’s not just more
and more tiny little details it’s like you keep riding up to the top of a
ridge and suddenly you see this great new vista in front of you, wonderful gift! that’s one of the things about Astrology, you can’t get bored because there’s always something new and the great thing is to get paid for
doing it, cool you get to travel… so do do you have some things with astrology that you
wish you would have done sooner and you haven’t done yet though you still wish
to do like some old texts to explore oh, a million things, I should have written rather more books than I have but then again I had the intention the rewriting a
textbook on natal astrology the reason I’ve never really done that is because
about time I finished the second chapter I’ve learned so much I have to
go back completely rewrite the first chapter which that means I have to
rewrite the second chapter oh and go back and rewrite the first
chapter again because – otherwise you just reducing that to simple strategies
even something like the Horary textbook – just trying to make this
comprehensive but it’s not just about simple structures and we’re not just
applying multiplication tables to every problem you those go people I think you’ve got
to be ready in terms of human life which is probably complex
– not so clinical so what are your plans after you finish with your visit to Romania? I go home and take my dog for a walk your dog that’s very compatible to you as I heard I speak to my dog on the phone every day my dog speaks fluent English, so we speak on the phone ‘Daddy, come home, turn retrograde soon!’ since you mentioned retrograde, yesterday you were making fun of the craze about Mercury retrograde and you said ‘there’s retrograde people all the time’ if the internet stopped working every time Mercury went retrograde people wouldn’t be able to write on the internet about ‘oh dear me, Mercury’s gone retrograde’ or we will start thinking in bizarre ways when Mercury turns retrograde
it doesn’t work , the rest of the time oh yes were just so intelligent and perceptive and our
thinking is so good and there’s nothing wrong with retrograde action I take my dog for a walk , I don’t suddenly become weak as soon as we turn my dogs’ very happy in
retrograde immediately he sees a mental
picture of an ice sack in front of him, retrograde is good well, John, thank you very much for taking the time to do this interview, i encourage everyone to check out John’s website take his lectures, buy his books, get a reading from him so yeah I’ll see you guys soon with more videos and thank you very much thank you and thank you all for listening and thank you very much to the Astrologers Association for bringing John and making this live interview possible

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    thank you John Frawley and the Romanian Astrologers association! Click CC view English subtitles!

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    Great interview! I really like his horary book!

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    In the world of spirit and or consciousness, wouldn't the 13th sign be stepping outside the material world of creation? In to the realm of the unknown and then back to rebirth.

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    Someday a historical document

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