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K-POP Astrology Aries

K-POP Astrology Aries

Aries is the cardinal fire sign.
Since Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, they are seen as the natural-born leaders
or they have leader potential within them. The cardinal quality of Aries makes them want
to start new things or use their energy to pursue what they want.
Deep down, they believe they have what it takes to complete whatever they set their
minds to. This comes from their strong sense of determination.
Their fire element is what fills them with the energy they need to persevere through
life which they most likely view as a competition in which they must be first.
Although they tend to want everything their way, they also influence other around them
to try their best since they are not afraid of having more obstacles in their way.
Aries people are associated with the head since it is the first part of the body and
they use it the most in their confrontation-like personality.
Others may think Arians are selfish or reckless but Arians themselves enjoy being the way
they are. For them, following the orders of other people
is just not what they aim for.

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