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Karakas in Astrology – Part 1

Karakas in Astrology – Part 1

16 Replies to “Karakas in Astrology – Part 1”

  • Vijay Pandey says:

    great videothank you so much SUNIL Sir:)

  • Dheedhify says:

    Thank you very much Sunil ji , excellent lessons given to us.

  • Rohit says:

    How are you now Sunil sir? Heard you had a surgery.

  • Manas Sanam says:

    how is your health sir?

  • Megha Pandey says:

    Sunil Ji you are the best Orator in astrology , when you speak i feel like listening and enjoying the knowledge, thank is not enough.

  • Sapan Banerjee says:

    Thank you. Sir it is really great video

  • Jaishree Pant says:

    I am running Rahu Dasha. In November when I was running Rahu Sat Rahu from 05-11-2015 I have developed a nerve problem called venous insufficiency which continues to this day although not so severe. From 26-08-2016 I shall be passing Rahu-Mer-Mer. Wll it get better or worse?

  • Vishnu Sharma says:

    beautifully explained karkatwas of planets and it implements to natal chart by Anuradha ,Sunil ji your efforts are shaping ,great job done please keep it up

  • Durgesh Singh says:

    sunil sir… could you please do a video on combust planets. And what relevance does the combust planet have in the chart.

  • parth pandya says:

    [email protected]:00 Mr sunil you are absolutely right i also noticed it when a patient was bought to the doc for medical treatment of higher blood pressure the doc and others were not able to find the nerve for injecting calming medicine

    the person was going through sat MD , merc AD , rahu PD dasha in sequence
    the and on the hora chart rahu was in the third house

    the native is with aeries asc and having saturn in 12th merc in the 3rd and rahu in 1st

  • Tharun J Prasad says:

    Sir very true about the karaka for nerves is Rahu apart from Mercury.

  • Michael Mallal says:

    Namaskar Sunil-ji. Wonderful video full of actionable information.

  • Saptarishis Astrology Magazine says:

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  • Llewellyn Joshiastro says:

    a brilliant explanation in amicable manner I have ever heard s k joshi

  • Vinod Bala Seth says:

    I like saptrishi astrology videos

  • aarna chil says:

    Hello sir can you please start astrology basic ad advanced saptarishi

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