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Kevin Viner Lottery Prediction

people ask sometimes they say is it
possible to predict the winning lottery numbers okay the problem is predicting lottery
numbers right now I machine picks the memorandum so there’s no way to really
predict how the machine’s going to work I’m but
if people picked the numbers that might be a little
easier to do so I mean come around and I want us to be
totally fair I would you name any number from what’s a want up
fifty and and make its when you could remember 12 okay thanks to 12 and I would you do
the same thing would you name a number from 1 to 50 for me 19 okay so you went for twelve what the
meeting at 12 to you the round 24 happened have a sponsor
kinda numbers person and okay and what’s 19 I’m your birthday with that in March abraham’s close as close so April 19 and yours is 12 would you would you name
a number from 1 to 15 mm out loud time 22 ok 822 and could I I can I ask you
with with the phone there could you name and number from 1 to 50 36 36 I’m would you name and number from 1 to 50 7
7 and what’s ever is that a lucky number
for you seven the lucky number seven Jersey has always been your jersey number okay
and let’s do one last number I’m what’s your name fair Sarah Sarah would you mind naming a number
let’s say between one and 30 2015 15 okay Mendez 15 have any special meaning
to you as my boyfriend’s band today 15 is your
boyfriend’s birthday year okay here that’s kinda crazy before I came here okay inside of my pocket there’s an on blog with a a a lottery ticket and if we take a look at the numbers
with 7 12 19 22 well as a player name 36 and 50 Chi go and I you can keep that okay d thank you very much unbelievable awesome thank you

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