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Las Vegas Aces Halftime Prediction Challenge

Las Vegas Aces Halftime Prediction Challenge

(jazzy upbeat music) – [MC] And now fans, for your halftime entertainment, the Las Vegas Aces are proud to present the magic of John Rotellini! – How we doin’ folks? Give it up for your Las Vegas Aces! (trumpet plays) A great first half of basketball, but tonight is a little special, because, well the Aces
asked if I’d do halftime, and of course I said yes. But they offered me a challenge, and I’m a Vegas local, so I like a good challenge when I get to travel the world doing impossible things. So they grabbed a bunch of people out of the audience, asked if they’d like to
take part in halftime, and a lot of people said yes. Out of everyone that said yes, four people have been selected at random lottery-style, to take part in a strange
experiment this evening. So, since it’s a challenge, I told the Aces that we
needed some sweet prizes in case this goes well, and they agreed. So let’s see what the Wild Card Crew has for prizes tonight! Get up here Wild Card Crew! Alright it looks like we’re playing for some t-shirts this evening! Well we know what we’re playing for, so I suppose we probably need our four audience members. Please welcome four members
of our audience this evening! (clapping) (cheering) Hey how’s it going? I’ll have you stand right over here. What’s your name? – Emrich. – Emrich, good to see you! And you are? Your name? – Marge.
– Marge! I’ll have you stand right over here folks! We’ve got Emrich and Marge, yep! And you are? – Alexa. – Alexa, great I’ll have you
stand right next to Emrich. And you are? Monique! It’s a pleasure to see you, right over here. Perfect! Now folks, when you were asked to take
part in halftime tonight, you didn’t know you’d be taking part in a magic show, because well I am a magician. And you didn’t have anybody tell you just play along, or what to, what to, what to do or anything. You’re here and I’m gonna try and read
your minds now, alright? So just take a deep breath in, everybody. Deep breath in, deep breath out. Deep breath in, deep breath out. Perfect. Shrug your shoulders a little. Alright. I’m gonna start off over here. You’re thinking of a play card right now, aren’t you? Yes? Okay that’s one. (band plays) You are thinking of, sir, someone famous. A celebrity, right? Excellent. (band plays slightly suspenseful music) You might be a little
more difficult to read, I’m gonna come back. You’re thinking of a place, aren’t you? Okay. I’m close on this. You’re thinking of a number, but it’s not a little number, like between one and ten. No, this is like a four digit number, am I right? Awesome! So far we’re four for– yeah what’s up, BUCKET$ Just a second, just a second. So the reason I mention this is, a couple days ago when I
was asked to do halftime, I told the Aces I’d make a prediction, and BUCKET$ has that prediction. Mind if I open it up real fast? Tonight here at the game, I said someone would be
thinking of the two of spades. Were you thinking of the two of spades? Awesome, now sir, before I show some more, you were thinking of a celebrity. What celebrity were you thinking of? Yeah please. You were thinking of Drake. Well, I was hoping you’d say that, because we’re at Mandalay Bay
and I thought about Drake. What place where you thinking of, Miss? Mandalay Bay! And you were thinking of Drake! Now a four digit number is one of the hardest things to figure out. What four digits were you thinking of? (light music drowns out Alexa’s answer) Three eleven three, three one one three. Just a second. Just a second, BUCKET$. I apologize, folks. See we’re both so excited, it’s the first time I’ve ever gotten to do a magic show with a rabbit. And well, it’s Buckets’
first time doing magic, I promise, I promise we’ll do some magic in just a second BUCKET$. How about this? Three one one three. Uh-oh. I thought you’d go with
zero seven two seven, or maybe 1992. Are either of those
numbers important to you? It’s your birthday! Zero seven two seven, and 1992 but you were thinking of three one one three. Why that number? It’s your favorite number. Well good news. Buckets had a prediction too, three one one three! Looks like a little magic from a magician and a lot of magic from BUCKET$! That’s a big win, a perfect match! Meaning you all get some
great Aces merchandise! Give it up for our audience members, our fans here this evening! Thank you so much for letting me be a part of the Aces family here at the house. One more time Wild Card Crew, and for BUCKET$! (dramatic music grows louder) Well folks that’s gonna do it for me, I’m John Rotellini! Until next time, I’ll see you around! – [MC] And Aces fans, one more time, make some noise for the incredible magic of John Rotellini! (laid back music)

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