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Lauren Jauregui Is A Cancer Who Cries All The Time | Reading The Stars

Lauren Jauregui Is A Cancer Who Cries All The Time | Reading The Stars

Hi everyone, I’m Lauren Jauregui and Gala is going to be reading
my astrology chart today. (bright electronic music) – [Gala] So you’re a Cancer. Do you relate to the memes where they talk about how Cancers’ cry all the time? – My God, all the time. You can ask my him I cry all the time. I like, cause I have to let it out. Like I, I’m a firm believer
that when I hold it in, which I did for so long,
like it just it gets so, I get, I disconnect from myself. Like I become this like numb monster who doesn’t give a fuck about anything. And that’s just not who I am. – Cause Cancers’ find
– By nature power in their feelings. – Exactly. – You’re a Scorpio moon. You’re very
– Super emotional mood person.
– moon oriented. You’re Leo rising. – I was raised by three Leo woman. So fun fact.
– Oh wow. My mom’s a Leo, and both
my grandmothers were Leos. I feel like if I was just
my Cancer Scorpio self, I probably wouldn’t be as ambitious and like, forward as I am. Having that Leo fire
in me helps fuel like, some sort of like, okay no but, shit, I’m the shit. You know what I mean? It comes out
– Yeah, that kind of fearlessness. – It comes out when I need it exactly. – And you have this really
great planetary positioning where your Venus is placed
next to your Mercury, and your Venus is also
placed next to your Mars. And they’re all in Gemini. – So much Gemini. (Lauren laughs) – So the way that you act in the world, the kind of lovers you want, the kind of lovers you draw to yourself, and how you communicate your needs are all within the Gemini sign. – Mhm. The only Gemini’s
I’ve encountered have been particular so I – Particular? – Yeah. – You have a generational position. Like on the pulse of
the generational mind. There’s a great indicator
for what a leader you are and how, how well you are
supposed to do on your own. – Cool. That’s fucking dope. (Lauren laughs) I love to hear that, I love
it’s written in the charts. You heard it. Right here first. (bright electronic music)

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