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Le voile du futur #2 : Divination

Le voile du futur #2 : Divination

Hello my dear children ! Today we’ll explain what is divination. Divination is the art to predict the future. That’s it ! See you next time ! Haha ! You didn’t see that coming right ? There is a lot of divination’s methods and most of them came from Mesopotamia, 4 000 years ago. Divination’s art was practiced by priests who studied stars and planets’ movements, read in the animals’ flesh and guts to see some clues about the health of the king or of the people. Some was in trance, trying to go in the spirit world and find aswers. By the way, you’ll notice that a lot of divination’s methods end by « mancy » (cartomancy, chiromancy…). It’s from the greek « manteia » which means « prophet ». Manteia gave the word « Praying Mantis » because the greeks thought that this insect looked like a prophet with her joining hands. There is several hundred divination systems and I made a funny selection : Aeromancy is when you predict the futur with the weather. If you live somewhere wet, For exemple, Britania, you have all the chances to have bad luck HAHAHA Xylomancy is the art to predict the futur with a xylophone. No, Just kidding. Xylomancy is when you find answer in branchs, trunks, twigs fallen on the floor. But we’ll talk about this in another episod. Patience, my dear friends, patience !
In Apanthomancy, crossing a wild animal can be a sign ! For exemple, if you see a rabbit this is good luck ! OH MY GOD THE GRIIIIMMM !!! In Waxomancy, you put melted and hot wax in water and you read the future in the drawings forms. Alectryonomancy is funny : you put a chicken in a circle with grains. The chicken will eat the grains in a certain order and that makes words ! Unbelievable ! I love it ! I love it ! Pedomancy is the art of reading the futur in a foot. And it’s not the art of reading the futur like a foot. HAHAHA Astragalomancy is a prediction with dices. And I have nothing else to say ! Myomancy is predictions with the looking, the colors and the sreams of a mouse.
Don’t moove Scabbers ! I can’t.. Scabbers stop ! Ahhh ! That’s not possible ! How do you want me to read the futur in your furr is you’re always moving ?? Scarbbers ! Come back ! In Alomancy, you through some salt on the floor and you read the drawings. To do tje alololo… aahhh I feel bad waves that’s disturb my third eye and my speaking ! So to do the Alomancy, you have to have an house elf to clean up after. Because this is very exausted. It’s like in Geomancy : you through dust on the floor and you read the drawings. You need an elf, because I haven’t the time to clean up, I haven’t the time ! I have other things to do ! What did you expect ? See the future is easy ? No ! that needs lot of time, and concentration ! I can’t allow me to losse my time to swift with a broomstick ! Anyway, the broomstick shouldn’t be use to clean up ! it’s use to fly ! Would you like to see me use your Nimbus 2000 or your Firebolt to clean up my classroom ? No ? So ! We have to use a house elf ! Right ? She pissed me off this one with her S.P.E.W. SPEW ! It’s means Dirty ! And when it’s dirty you have to clean up and to clean up you need an house elf ! That’s logic Hermione, that’s logic ! Stop now ! You’re such a pain ! I’m gonna read your futur in your feet. That’s pedomancy, we talked about it earlier. You didn’t listen ? Too bad for you ! You’ll do 2 rolls on that subjetc. Good ! Good evening ! HAHAH ! I’m not crazy you know. Hydromancy is very interesting : you through 3 stones in water : one circulare, one triangulare and one rectangulare. You read the circles in the water. I never could do that one. I never find the triangular stone. What’s an idea ! A triangulare stone ! Even a circulare stone doesn’t exist ! A stone hasn’t a particular form ! A stone looks like nothing at all ! A stone looks like… a … sort of…. stone. Hum…. Hum…. I think this is a trap. Bibliomancy you ask something, you take a random book, you take a random page and you put your finger on the page randomly. That’ll show you the answer ! Great ! And easy so let’s do this. Take a random book like this one. Will Professor Dumbledore raise my pay ? « don’t think about it » Will Gilderoy Lockhart love me someday ? By Merlin’s beard and by Gilderoy Lokhart’s brushing ! I just saw in mu cristal ball a fantastic news ! Learn Magic With Hermione Season 3 is in pre-production ! A Ulule Project has even been opened to help ! (it’s a crowfunding) Oh ! I see in my cristal ball that you’ll help us by sharing this crowfunding all around you ! That’s so nice. Oh ! I see something else ! Oh my dear goddness…. you… oh ! You’ll make a donation ? Oh ! this is so generous and kind ! A thousand time thank you ! Don’t hesitate to click on the logo Learn Magiw with Hermione drawn by the very talented Raxa, by the way Click ! And you’ll find the Ulule page ! Oh !

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