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Learn The Easiest Way To Design Astrology & Vastu Remedies.

Learn The Easiest Way To Design Astrology & Vastu Remedies.

Till this part, the part above to Nose is
Mesh(Aries) Rashi, till this part it is Vrish(Taurus), This is Mithun (Gemini), in this way 12 Raashis, 2nd Raashi is here, White Beard, White means Shani. Shani is old; Shani is far from every planet in the Solar System. Movement, Dasha is also long, Shani is old from every planet, and so by establishing Shani here what results you got? Remedy is this, now we says go to Shani temple and plating some oil, do these things till such days. These are the remedies. Why we put red color tilak here? In mesh(Aries) Rashi, we establish Mangal. We bring Mangal on Mangal’s place. The person who do not want to work, put red color tilak for some days, immediately he will feel to work, because Mangal gives that desire to do any work, Mangal gives that force to do work. That person has no force which
means, in Mesh(Aries) Rashi by putting Tilak there, his Mangal will come in comfort zone,
then he will feel to do some work. Those who get angry too much, then in his mesh(Aries)
rashi put Chandan tilak then he will be cool down, that much remedies are there. How to play in combinations? How to play a 5 element’s role? In which combination, which remedies we have to make? Which you can do and nobody will affect from that, These days, what is loss? Time loss is called Loss; Money Loss is not a Loss. Time loss is loss. Time is real Kuber, time is kuber. So that is why time’s value is very important.

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