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Leo & Taurus: LOVE Compatibility | Kelli Fox | Astrology.TV

Leo & Taurus: LOVE Compatibility | Kelli Fox | Astrology.TV

Leo and Taurus, I don’t know about these two. They can make a good pairing in love, if they
can both work — really hard — at setting aside their stubborn tendencies so they can
work together. They’re Square signs, you know? And that just brings a lot of friction and
tension. Which can be a good thing — sexual tension,
that’s a good thing in a romantic relationship, and these two can push each other to change
and grow and be better and stronger. But that takes a lot of work and compromise,
which these two just may not be willing to do. The thing is, both of these signs like sweetness
and romance and harmony. They both love to enjoy themselves and the
company of their good friends and family. So that’s a lot to base a relationship on,
right? But they’re also both Fixed signs — that’s
where those stubborn streaks come in — and Leo really likes to be center stage, the boss,
you know, while Taurus doesn’t like to be pushed around. So these two can really butt heads, if it
comes to that. Mick Jagger is a Leo, and his first wife,
Bianca Jagger, was a Taurus. I’m guessing they had way too much butting
heads, considering that they were only together six years, and she’s famous for saying their
marriage ended on their wedding day! On the other hand, it seems like Bill and
Giuliana Rancic are making it work pretty well — he’s a Taurus, she’s a Leo — and
I don’t know, I’ve seen them in People magazine and on that silly Eva Longoria dating show
they did together, and they seem like they’re really a good team. And these two signs can be a really good team,
if they can set aside their differences. It’s just that that’s a pretty big “if.” You know, some sign pairings don’t work out
because they’re too boring, or there’s no one to be the glue that keeps them together. These two signs, though, they can definitely
commit and stay together long term, but they’re definitely going to fight, and they need to
be able to work through those fights instead of letting them destroy the good connection
they’ve built together.

4 Replies to “Leo & Taurus: LOVE Compatibility | Kelli Fox | Astrology.TV”

  • Ron Riggs says:

    You and Andy, except you're a Taurus who doesn't mind being pushed around! Hahaaa! Again… "REVERT BACK TO WHAT YOU KNOW"! GOOD RIDDANCE!!!!

  • 984 killa says:

    im a Taurus 5-9 and my wife is a Leo 7-30 and I feel the same and could'int see myself with no one else

  • D Milburn says:

    Leo Male and Taurus Woman in true love actually works! We stick together no matter what challenges we face. LAUGHTER is our #1 quality that keeps us attracted to eachother..we are 100 % honest about our feelings and our actions ..we yell and poke at each other for fun,at the end of the day all that matters is the trust , respect and communication that we have mastered with one another.The bond never breaks.. sometimes we play this silly game and he tries to make me jealous then when I react he loves it and he gets a laugh out of it…or I get him jealous and then I do it back to him I laugh and I love it but at the end of it we both laugh like silly hyenas because we both know it's just a silly game..ill boss him around and he gets turned on and he bosses me around and I get turned on. He supports me for whatever I want to do and I give him all the right advice and he loves my intellectual and practical side. Yet he is so patient and understanding and caring when I need him to be and vice versa. He is a super romantic by heart but yet so am I.Very fortunate I am with a loyal mature Leo who has made up his mind and heart that I'm actually the one for that's why our signs work well together because we put in the effort to make it work even if it feels effortless because at the end of the day, it's worth all of it for TRUE LOVE.

  • Nightcore Yuno says:

    Thank you. I will keep that in mind as a Taurus woman with a Leo boyfriend.

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