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Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini December Horoscopes 2019

Hi everybody this is adam elenbaas from
nightlight astrology and these are your Sun and rising sign horoscopes for
the month of December 2019 in this video we’re gonna be taking a look at the air
signs Libra Aquarius and Gemini so it’s a big month as always but made a little
bit bigger because of the solar eclipse coming through this month the entrance
of Jupiter into the sign of Capricorn and who can forget the winter solstice
as well as the fact that in January we have a massive conjunction between
Saturn and Pluto coming up so it really is a big time I mean there’s the usual
suspects every month is filled with drama but there’s a lot going on this
month because of a major move from Jupiter big Eclipse and then we’re on
the precipice of the Saturn Pluto conjunction so let’s take a look for
libras I’ve got a garage this into basically four groups of some transits
happening in Capricorn that we’re gonna start off by talking about so for Libra
is the Capricorn energy that’s constellated right now is happening in
your fourth house with so much emphasis on the fourth house this is the house of
home family roots father parents the past the mysteries things that are
hidden deep below or exist in our past as well as just our base or foundation
of support in life for example your home or your living environment but
everything that supports you at the most basic foundational level Jupiter
entering this house for you right now means that for a whole year there is
expansion happening at the roots but it is happening through a time of hardship
or difficulty or it’s a little bit more serious or there’s just again this more
you know saturnine Capricorn ian’s energy behind it that’s saying this is
this is a little heavier this this energy has just a little bit more
seriousness behind a Jupiter likes to be very expansive and positive in Saturn
sign it’s not that it’s not going to be uplifting you around the area of home
and family in the next year it’s just that it also involves heavier themes or
some heavier lessons you could say now later in the month you’re going to have
a new moon solar eclipse on the 25th into the 26th in this house suggesting a
very new chapter happening around home and family your property and so forth
Venus is going to move through a conjunction to Saturn and Pluto and
that’s going to happen between the 10th and the 14th suggesting that you know
the topic of relationships within the Homer family
the topic of love marriage romance sexuality in relation to home and family
or just in general could be going through a pretty deep moment of
transformation hardship and difficulty but ultimately one that’s very
regenerative because Pluto loves to sort of you know press the reset it’s like a
hard reset you know when you’re when everything’s moving really slow and kind
of nothing’s really responding and your computer something like all right I’m
gonna unplug this and plug it back in you know that’s Pluto in a sense so
there’s a kind of death the unplugging part and then the plugging back in we
say this also because this month Jupiter is going to be making a trying to Uranus
in the eighth house which is the house of death so there’s a sense of like
rebooting restoration rebirth around home family and roots and it is it’s
getting it’s getting a cut of charge or a surge that should ultimately be
positive from the trying to Uranus from the you know conjunction from Venus to
Pluto there is regeneration and expansion happening growth that will
come but it is going to come through the you know potential hardships and death
and rebirth of both the eighth house Uranus and the Pluto hanging out in the
fourth as well so that’s what’s happening in your fourth houses month
that is the theme of the month meanwhile another set of transits that I have
circled for everybody this month is we have kind of a t-square
coming through the full moon is going to be in your ninth house in Gemini where
you also are going to have the Sun and mercury in Sagittarius in your third
house and all of these are working throughout the month through squares to
Neptune and Pisces in the sixth house basically what this means is that there
is kind of ideological intellectual mental spiritual tension that exists
this month and you might be working through it in a bit of a fog or a haze
there’s kind of some divine confusion potential for a lot of learning and
growth but also you’re gonna have to look at you know dogma
it’s easy to become dogmatically fixed in our ideas and attitudes about life
and not to not be open to higher guidance to not be open to that nudge
from the universe that comes the third house Sun and Mercury and Sagittarius
imply that you might be feeling pretty strongly about things especially things
again that are gonna be related to home and family and so forth with the
dispositor Jupiter being in your fourth house of home and family but the moon in
the ninth and the squared in Neptune is maybe calling for you to see things from
a different perspective if you remember that this full moon in Gemini in the
ninth house of higher beliefs is disposed of by its ruler mercury who is
in its detriment and Sagittarius opposite to the moon which suggests a
degree of conflict mentally or intellectually or ideologically this
month I don’t want to say that you’re not you just have that you have the
budgetary ins excuse me Libra ins have the potential this month to be a little
fixed in their own view of something and that’s unusual because usually Libra ins
I think are pretty diplomatic right but and that could be a good thing it may be
a time to stand strong in something you really feel passionate about on the
other hand the the new the full moon and the ninth with Neptune and the six might
be asking you to kind of consider a perspective that’s different
consider people’s needs that are different from your own and maybe
there’s also some sense and needing to sacrifice something of yourself on
behalf of others and to just honor where other people are coming from now of
course even though I think this is more likely it could be the reverse where you
know you need to speak up and tell people what your needs are and just be
really clear about it so that people understand how to give you what you need
as opposed to dancing around it and maybe feeling like you’re getting you
know sucked up in other people’s needs or energy when you know it’s it’s it’s
not what you need or it’s going to drain you okay so watch for that energy
throughout the month but especially around the full moon of the 11th you
know right around that time you got is going through the conjunctions to
Saturn and Pluto as well so like 10th to the 15th of the month pretty intense but
you could also stand to learn a lot there could be really inspiring moments
of kind of breakthrough clarity receiving clarity and maybe
comprehending something at a deeper or broader level than you’ve been able to
recently so a kind of mental intellectual feeling of potential here
that I really like as well alright so going on from here the last transit of
the month that I’m going to mention is going to be around the 20th of the month
we see Venus is going to enter the sign of Aquarius in your fifth house and move
into a square with you’re honest you’re honest in the eighth house this is
happening right about the same time that Jupiter is heading through a trine to
Uranus from the fourth house it’s interesting this feels like a moment of
breakthrough around relationships Venus in the fifth house is about pleasure
pleasing things creativity joy sexuality it has the need to find pleasure
Venus in Saturn’s sign in the fifth it’s not always easy to sort of let your hair
down and just really have fun Libra ins sometimes our remember Libra
is the exaltation of Saturn Libra and sometimes need to there’s a feeling of
needing to harmonize to the extent that it’s hard to really let go and just be
whoever you are because of sometimes the fear that it’s going to be disruptive to
others or that you know you sometimes too aware of what other people think or
feel this is a moment where I feel like libras have the potential to have some
kind of creative breakthrough where you you know your regard for other people is
important but if you need to you know kind of take the reins a little bit more
and do something for yourself or you know just let people know that this is
what I’m gonna do this is what I like this is what makes me happy and if it
tilts the tips the scales a little bit that’s not the worst thing in the world
this could also be a moment where you need to sort of just that I think that
the tension eight house for example Uranus has to do with the esteem of
other people and the value of other people and that
they that they bring into your life or that they place upon you as sometimes
there’s a feeling of indebtedness and so forth the feeling of needing to break
out of some kind of debt or to have some kind of confrontation about what I’m
what I owe or what people think I owe them or what other people owe me or what
I think I they owe me and to clear the air somehow but ultimately here there’s
also the potential for a lot of fun and creativity and sort of experimentation
and originality just on a creative level or even just having a lot of fun and
having some surprising twists and turns and relationships so you watch for that
energy towards the you know around the 22nd so that’s that’s we’ve got four
libras let’s go back to the beginning of the month and start over for Aquarians
so I’ll move this forward here so we get to Aquarius on the ascendant here we go
now for Aquarians the Jupiter or the Capricorn II and emphasis this month
falls into your 12th house that’s that’s a that’s a heavy house to have a lot of
Capricorn energy piling up in first of all the entrance of well first of all
when you have a huge lineup of planets in there and let’s review we’ve got
Jupiter coming in on December 3rd you’ve got Venus conjoining Saturn and Pluto
between the 10th and the 14th and you’ve got 25th and the 26th a solar eclipse
happening with Jupiter in the 12th house all of that is really big plus Jupiter’s
making a trine to Uranus in your fourth house around the winter solstice so a
lot of emphasis on the 12th house this month 12th house was originally called
malice diamond a diamond or evil spirit sounds worse than it is in some ways it
just means all of those influences that tend to take us off course or that we
that that lead us astray but there is also a sense in the 12th house of the
dark night of the soul where we are laboring with something difficult that
is taking us out of our Center but may also be rebirthing us or may be remaking
us into someone new but we first have to lose the plot a little bit we get there
right now a query you know for a while you’ve been you’ve
been dealing with Saturn in your 12th house and with Pluto in your 12th house
for a long time there this things are coming to a head in January for
aquariums with Saturn Pluto conjunction in the 12th house it is a big moment of
sort of reckoning for Aquarians but this month some of the themes also
that are sort of promising include the joopa the entrance of Jupiter into the
12th in a solar eclipse with Jupiter in the 12th both of which point to the
potential for a season of expansion and growth coming to be more enlightened
starting to have a broader understanding of yourself and your own shadows or the
suffering of the world the reality of impermanence and transience all of which
can deeply spiritualize your life in your consciousness but it’s really
dependent upon you sort of being able to see things as they are
Jupiter in Capricorn and the twelfths can tell itself a story about how great
something is when actually you’re becoming more confined more isolated
more depressed you know more of your worst self is coming out you’re telling
yourself a happy story about it that’s what you want to avoid with Jupiter in
the 12th right now meanwhile Jupiter in the 12th hitting you know the the trying
to Uranus and the 4th can bring this kind of revolution at the roots where
there is a sense of awakening happening around topic of home family your living
environment but it’s it’s requiring or it involves some kind of real you may
fall out of your Center a little bit there may be a kind of segue emotionally
mentally spiritually where you feel a little lost or you feel like something
is happening that is is disruptive it’s disruptive at the roots and yet
ultimately if you ride with this trust this experience is guiding you not
something that’s afflicting you there will be progress and there will be major
breakthroughs the solar eclipse promises that Jupiter itself promises that but
you have to be very real with yourself and don’t tell yourself a big story
about how great something is if it isn’t that’s very important Saturn with Venus
and Pluto with Venus from the 10th to the 14th implies that this may also
involve you taking a very hard look at your relationships this
whether that’s a sister Venus or women in your life Venus or a love in your
life Venus the the deeper transformation of relationships and a kind of getting
real or coming to Jesus moment so to speak around love and relationships is
also implied so some deeper work for Aquarians this month I think Aquarians
have one of the more challenging signatures for the month of December and
all of the the twelve that I went through but that often means the most
potential for growth as well we can’t forget that these two things go hand in
hand all right so um the other thing that we’re gonna look at next is the
confluence of planets going through the axis of Sagittarius Gemini and Pisces
this month whoops here we go so you’re gonna see on the 7th of the month the
Sun is gonna go through a square to Neptune and then on round the 20th
mercury is gonna go through a square to Neptune but even more important than
that is the fact that on the 11th of the month and see if I can go back to the
11th right around the 11th into the 12th the full moon is going to land in Gemini
creating a little bit of a t-square so you’ve got
this is just creating a little tea here so you’ve got both the Sun and Mercury
this month passing through squares to Neptune well the full moon is gonna land
in Gemini and light up a little t-square so you’ve got 11 houses 11 2 & 5 these
are all succeeding houses and they have a lot to do with things that are going
to bear fruit in the future which means that the things happening now are going
to have long-term consequences when there’s a bunch of energy heading
through succeed and houses you’re talking about the the the kinds of
events that are going to play out in months to come so the things happening
right now will have long-term effect and consequences this is because succeed and
houses are moving into the angular houses where they manifest or sort of
blossom but they’re not there yet but you are dealing with deeper longer term
changes in these three areas the 11th house area of friends allies groups
colleagues and so forth the fifth house is a house that has to do with Pleasant
things Pleasant experiences enjoyable experiences it’s a Venusian house so the
idea of what brings you pleasure and the kind of the the beat of your own
creative drum that you are marching to fifth house 11th house has more to do
with the social connections that you share and the larger community or the
larger joy that you experience through others that you have some commonalities
with and when we see the full moon in the fifth house in the sign of mercury
and we see mercury in the opposite sign of the moon at that time that and
Mercury’s debilitated as well that suggests that there’s going to be a
level of ideological or intellectual tension this month it may have something
to do with your friends or your social life colleagues in the workplace and
some kind of creative or intellectual tension that you are experiencing
personally with them or within an organization there could be some kind of
greater you know intellectual or philosophical divergence that you’re
seeing and the need to try to reconcile it with Neptune in the second house of
money and finances there may also be questions about your sense of worth
where your sense of self-esteem or your sense of
value it’s an it’s not the month to make gross compromises of yourself because
you’re worried that you won’t be liked or that you’re worried that you won’t be
taken care of or you’re worried about you know like making huge compromises
because you you want to be more popular or because you’re worried that you won’t
be taken care of that something bad will happen
Neptune in the second can pull on those heartstrings that says you know that say
you’re not going to be provided for and you’re not going to be safe or secure
materially or you’re not going to be liked or something like that but the
other thing that can come through quote quite frankly is this is gonna sound a
little paradoxical but the other thing that can come through is sort of
miraculous levels or forms of support from other people allies that come into
your life and just say this is that you know something that that you’re you’re
just going to receive from other people some form of support people may also be
really singing your praises this month as they find that you are someone very
valuable or you have something very valuable to offer you just want to be
careful that you’re not getting taken advantage over that you’re not taking
advantage of others and you also it’s not a bad month to really look very
carefully at what who you are and what your own creative path looks like what
brings you happiness and whether or not your larger friends or social life can
provide that for you and then look at how you’re using your time money energy
and resources and look at deeper questions about self-worth so a few
things there to think about for sure and I think the other thing that I would one
more thing that I’ll just add into this is saying you know you can always tell
that you’re if you’re not with the right group of people because you you’re voice
of conscience will be telling you this isn’t really me so watch for that this
month do you when and where do you feel like this is really me and sometimes we
have to make compromises we can’t be fully ourselves 24/7 we compromise all
the time but if there are compromises that are happening where your voice of
conscience is saying this really isn’t me and then the little demon on the
other shoulder is saying yeah but you need this or they really like that about
you or isn’t this great or whatever be careful that sort of sue
official voice that’s trying to convince you to be someone that you’re not okay
now um finally we have the last trans of the month that I want to take a look at
is Venus is square to Uranus now Venus is square to Uranus will happen right
around December 20th right about the Solstice and we have Venus entering your
first house and home sign of Aquarius making a square to Uranus in the fourth
house this is a moment where the need for greater liberation freedom
independence to break free from limitations to experiment to be into
Ridge ”’l and creative is really calling out to you that’s why I said
earlier this month the potential for you to feel like you’re not being yourself
leading up to some kind of deeper confrontation than the need to break
free and kind of liberate or redefine yourself this may have to do with moving
well I’m not really I don’t feel like myself around my roommates I need my own
place remember the 12th house also says that
there could be it could be just the right time in your life to focus on
having a little bit more time alone or a little bit more time for seclusion rest
privacy oftentimes aquariums are very social people um but there’s that saying
you know Aquarians love humanity but hate people you know sometimes you know
you need to make sure that you’re honoring the need for distance that you
have is a saturn ruled sign and this Venus square to Uranus could be need the
need for some kind of personal redefining or or liberation get to let’s
get free of something related to your roots to your home to your family to
your living environment something foundational needs to change this month
in it it’s gonna it’s got to be redirecting to make sure that I’m still
my own creative self and I’m not compromising that too much so that is
what is coming there with the last transit of the month Venus square to
Uranus that happens around the 22nd now let’s go back to the start of the month
again and let’s take a look for Gemini’s so for Gemini the energy from Capricorn
that we’re looking at is falling into the eighth house
the eighth house of course well let’s go over them really quick before we dive
into that so the eighth house begins with Jupiter entering the eighth house
on December 2nd into the third and then you’ve got the Venus conjoining with
Saturn and Pluto around the 10th of the 14th and then a new moon solar eclipse
with Jupiter in Capricorn on the 25th into the 26th so that’s the lineup of
Capricorn II and energy this month now the 8th house was traditionally called
the gate of Hades and it’s associated with the the value or the esteem of
other people and so one thing that we have to be really careful about for
Gemini’s this month is Jupiter in the eighth house suggests you know riches
abundance expansion growth etc coming through from other people so in other
words you can be highly valued or praised or celebrated by other people or
people may take an a liking of you or the liking to you or they may they may
say you know I want to give you something or help you with something
this is a house that has to do with karmic debts and obligations things that
people owe us as well as things that we owe other people now Jupiter in the 8th
house is not a bad transit in terms of their just being a lot of gifts coming
through other people in the year ahead but with Jupiter and its fall in
Capricorn you want to be careful that that’s not compromised in any way in
other words the Jupiter isn’t giving you some kind of you know like people who
want to give you something but only if you you know twist and contort yourself
into the shape that they like or they want the reason for the potential for
this is that Jupiter in Capricorn is potentially pushing the agenda of Saturn
in the 8th house which is oftentimes about what other people really want or
need or demand from us and it can also get really bottom line in sort of
Machiavellian where Jupiter and and Saturn say well that’s what I the bottom
line is this is what I need from you this is what I want from you and so the
potential to be objectified or to objectify someone else is there in the
year ahead ok of course it’s it is not a crime to receive help from other people
and you know if you for example I imagine that if you’re an
actor in Hollywood or if you are a creative soul of any kind there are
creative compromises that we have to make due to the industries that we’re in
like it you know someone will say well I need you to change your book in some way
because it’s got a appeal to a broader audience and you’re like lost my
creative work you know Prince had a stacked 8th house and he went to war
with the record company over the rights to his own music the question about you
know sort of propriety and who owns me and what do I owe to other people and
what am I trying to get from other people these are really important
questions a lot of good things can come through your relationship with other
people and things that they are going to give you in exchange for things that you
give them that that’s really important in the year ahead but you just want to
be careful that there’s not any kind of gross compromise if your integrity
happening we can see also between the 10th and the 14th Venus’s conjunction
with Saturn and Pluto can mean that there are you know there’s a deeper and
more challenging theme in relationships or friendships that are taking place
there’s a theme of potentially a the end of a relationship or the end of an
agreement of some kind or the finalization of something and sometimes
the rebirth this would be a good time if you need to change or rework or
restructure a contract but also don’t be surprised if agreements somehow need to
end or or Dyk sort of die completely or be let go of this can also be a time
where there are you want to be careful about like taking advantage and being
taken advantage of by others like sexually emotionally romantically with
Venus conjoined to Saturn and Pluto this is also a time where the themes of death
and mortality and more serious heavier themes around love and relationships can
emerge for you this month so those are some things to look at this month for
Gemini’s in the 8th house I do think that there are there stanton you stand
to benefit a lot from other people in the year ahead but questions around how
much I want to compromise or not are going to be a question get Jupiter
making a trying to Uranus around the winter solstice in the 12th house it’s a
similar idea the potential for some kind of breakthrough for some kind of
liberating and expansive moment but again with the 12,000 volt is
it self-destructive is it – are you compromising too much
eighth house kinds of questions as well about debts and obligations to other
people so all right that’s what we’re seeing for Capricorn energy this month
let’s take a look at sad because there’s a Sagittarius Pisces and Gemini access
there’s actually a lot going on there as well so the full moon around the 11th is
going to fall right into your first house home sign of Gemini while you’re
ruling planet Mercury is opposed in Sagittarius in the seventh house we’ve
also got both the Sun and mercury going through squares to Neptune and Pisces in
your tenth house so effectively we have a month where there is a sort of
t-square forming in the energy of the month between houses 1 7 and 10 ok so
this is about ideological philosophical conflicts that compromises in
relationships that have to do specifically with your career there are
deep questions happening right now as to how strongly you should hold to your own
beliefs or succumb to the persuasion of other people you can meet teachers
influential people who really legitimately want to help you and you
can meet people who are trying to persuade you in ways that aren’t
positive or vice-versa you can be someone who’s trying to bring over
others to your perspective and this could be a really positive thing there
can be healing here it’s not a bad thing to help people come to the light or for
someone to help us to come to the light in some way you just want to make sure
that with Jupiter in that lineup of planets in the 8th house that there
aren’t covert secret selfish motives fueling things or fueling the
compromises that we’re making it we’re asking others to make so watch for that
now um that is also taking us into the last transit of the month which is going
to be Venus in the sign of Aquarius in your ninth house a house of higher
beliefs in the higher mind making a square to Uranus in the 12th house in in
Taurus so this is interesting right because it looks as though
there is some kind of revolution taking place toward the very end of the month
that’s very mental philosophical spiritual but it’s impacting your
relationships at the exact same time which is exactly what we were talking
about with the t-square energy between the 1st 7th and 10th houses the squares
from nepo the squares from mercury and the Sun to Neptune now we’re seeing a
sort of replay or reboot about same energy but now it’s about some kind of
breakthrough that needs to happen philosophically for example this is the
moment where you say ok look you know I’ve wanted to please you but this is
what I really think or look I’ve been in this relationship
but I really have a very different set of ideals or beliefs about the way
things should be done and I just need to be clear about that I need to present
you with what I’m thinking this can cause sudden disruptions fractures or
breaks in agreements or relationships but ultimately the question is about
your integrity here the need to be free mentally spiritually intellectually is
going to be very strong at the same time you want to be careful because this has
the potential to be a little rebellious and defiant like this is what I think
and feel and I don’t care what you think somewhere in between trying to you know
piss other people off and be ourselves and be free of any kind of compromise
which is oftentimes a way too rigid even if it feels good it’s too rigid and
being way too compromising and not actually revealing to others how we feel
and what we think right there somewhere in the middle is where we’re all
supposed to be these transits this month especially this one are going to get you
there that so the ideal thing to do is to not be in a place that’s highly
reactionary where you’re like this is how I feel and screw you or because if
you have to get to that point it got too far but on the other hand you know you
don’t want to be you don’t want to be yeah you just so you don’t want to be so
strong that you burn a bridge but at the same time some degree of greater
intellectual or mental freedom is needed right now and you just have to sometimes
it’s like I’ve got too many irons in the fire I’ve got to quit one job or one
contract or something like that at the same time your understanding mentally
intellectually could be completely revolutionising this is also a great
time to just into any kind of interesting eclectic or
you know avant-garde art or music or film or some kind of spiritual teaching
that is shifting your paradigm those are some things to watch for all right
that’s what I’ve got for you guys this month I hope that this was interesting
for all of you air signs tell me how it is in the comments section below tell me
how your month is going I’d love to hear from you we’ll be back in January for
the first horoscopes of 2020 alright take care everyone bye

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