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Libra Horoscope in Hindi December 2019 | Tula Rashi | English subtitles |Monthly horoscope

Libra Horoscope in Hindi December 2019 | Tula Rashi | English subtitles |Monthly horoscope

Hello, Today we are present here to discuss your December horoscope We’ll discuss How will be your December month First of all, we’ll discuss your health How will be your December month in terms of your health And how will be your relations with your family What will be your situation in terms of family matters After that, we’ll discuss your education, job and business. What will be the condition of your education, job or business in the month of December? What will be the ups and downs in these 3 areas? After that, We’ll discuss your married life and love affairs for the month of December How will be your married life and love life in December? After that, we’ll come to your money matters How will be your income and expense in the month of December? What will be your Money situation in the month of December? And at the last, we’ll tell you solutions to improve your month Make your life happy and prosperous So watch this video till the end Stay connected to our channel and subscribe immediately Before starting the horoscope I’d like to tell you two things That all our predictions whether weekly or monthly or yearly are based on Chandra-lagn. Meaning, at the time of your birth moon is present in whichever rashi, that is considered as your rashi because many people are confused and they do not know their Rashi They consider their sunsign as their rashi i.e. they consider position of sun as their Rashi As per Jyotish Shastra, you have to see your Janm Kundli and see the position of Moon. From 1 to 12 which number has moon will be your rashi. That will be your rashi and accordingly this monthly horoscope will be as per that Rashi. Please see this horoscope as per this Rashi Secondly, this Horoscope is a general one For Example, for General fever you take crocin But if the reason for fever is other physical conditions then Crocin Doesn’t work. And you have to go to a specialist Similarly, this horoscope should not be used for special conditions in your life For special conditions, please visit an astrologer for detailed analysis of your Janm-Patrika He’ll guide you and help you prosper So let’s start monthly Horoscope Libra, let’s discuss your next month’s horoscope First of all, let’s discuss your health. How will be your physical and mental health in the coming month? If there is any ailment then what will be the position in the coming month? Let me first introduce you to the Lagn bhav which is responsible for your physical and mental status, your overall health and thought process Together with this, we also see this bhav which is for your ailments Together these 2 bhavs reflect your health position and predictions The predictions are based on the positions of planets in these two bhavs and are presented accordingly. So first, there are both Budh and Mangal in your lagn in Libra rashi i.e Rashi of Shukra Which is not good for your blood and BP meaning you may have sudden rise in your BP and blood sugar If you already have these issues, you will have to control them. If not then you may develop them in December Your worries related to health may increase hence keep control on what you eat New ailments seem to be adding in the month Health will be an issue for you in December You’ll deal with stress and mental issues in the month Now lest’s talk about your family conditions For family, we see this Kutumb bhav. For siblings we see the 3rd quadrant and for mother, fourth quadrant and for father 10th Quadrant All these quadrants together form your family conditions. Hence for family predictions, all of them are put together. So in Kutumb quadrant, there is Sun in the Scorpio rashi till 15th December post which it will change to Sagittarius So till 15th December your family conditions will remain positive meaning your status in the family will be high. You will get support from the family post which there may be decline You’ll also get love and affection of your siblings both elder and younger. There may be an improvement in the relationships in December. For your mother’s quadrant, do not expect too much as sometimes too much is also detrimental. Maintain what you have otherwise you may loose what you have Mothers health will be an issue as it may deteriorate You will also face problems related to your father’s health and relationships with him in the coming month Let’s now discuss your education, job and business For education, we see 5th quadrant. This is your 5th quadrant where number 11 i.e. Aquarius is present And this is your 10th quadrant for job and business where number 4 i.e. Cancer is present whose owner is Moon Owner of the education quadrant is Shani who is currently in 3rd quadrant in Sagittarius rashi. For education and job, next month is not good as both Shani and moon do not have visibility of these quadrants. There will be worries w.r.t. education and job/business next moth Child education will also be an issue. My advice is if you are planning for new educational avenues either for yourself or children. Do not move forward next month In job or business also you may face stress. There may be degrowth which will cause lots of stress in the coming month Now we’ll discuss your marital life and love relations that how will be your marital life in December Your marital life is seen by 7th quadrant where Aries rashi of number 1 is present Owner of Aries is Mangal which is presently in your lagn. It is said that every planet sees 7th quadrant from its positions with complete visibility But is also relevant where it is sitting. If the planet is sitting in a friendly place it will give positive benefits compared to the enemy place. The results get impacted by the place where the planet is sitting Since Mangal is sitting in an enemy place, there may be problems in your marital life. You may even have to face court case. So please take extra care of your marital life in the coming month. There is nothing special in your love life and friend circle. Your married life can be a stress for you. Now we’ll talk about your monetary position For Monterey situation, we see 11th and 12th quadrant. 11th quadrant is for income and 12th quadrant is for expense or investments. So let’s see 11th quadrant where Leo sign is present whose owner is Sun which is currently in Vrishchik rashi i.e. your Kutumb quadrant. So you will get benefited from family members. Your own income sources will not be that great however you may get some gift/present from family members You may even think of doing something in collaboration with your family members For expense or investments, December is not good for you your money can get stuck and even lead you to court cases. Now after seeing all these conditions, let’s see how you will react and face these situations in the coming month In your 3rd quadrant i.e. Parakram there are four planets Shani, Shukra, Ketu and Guru in Dhanu sign which is extremely good for your energy level. You’ll face these situations with great valour and try to solve problems great positivity. And at least let’s talk about specific solutions for you for the month of December which will help you deal with these situations. How can you improve your Lagn, Jobs and business, marital life etc? On every Friday, donate for Shukra i.e. white objects like Sugar, Flour, Rice, white clothes or Ghee After rotating seven times over your head clock-wise donate these objects either to a temple or a beggar (Blind one will be the best) If possible also donate for Rahu. Every Wednesday, feed birds with some grains which will help you reduce the bad impacts on your life. So this was your coming month’s horoscope and solutions. Adopt these solutions and save yourself with the ups and downs of your life. In future also we’ll keep bringing these horoscopes. Till then please stay connected and subscribe to this channel. Namo Narayan

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