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Live Collective All Signs ~Venus Dream Divining Hour ~Live Wednesdays 8pm Oct 3 – Nov.

Live Collective All Signs ~Venus Dream Divining Hour ~Live Wednesdays 8pm Oct 3 – Nov.

hi welcome welcome to the segment of
Venus Dreaming Divining Hour today my goodness Gemini this is a video for
Gemini and it is a segment called Venus Dream Divining and so within this hour
I’m going to be taking some time to do a reading for the general audience here so
this is a general reading and it’s gonna mainly concern love I was picking up
some energies before I started the video about love during this pluto transit
happening this evening on October 4th trying to get all the signs in I started
yesterday and I thought I would do yours today I’m
feeling a lot of turmoil within your love relationships Gemini and obviously
being a sign that you are the energy of love with unit aro your main energy is
dealing with soulmate love’s I feel for the most part you’re going through a
bunch of work on the in that area some cards fellow but I’m not really sensing
that like it’s what is pertaining most pressing to you at this time it’s part
of what you’re dealing with you may want to watch the previous energy concerning
Aries I’m not exactly sure what your placement is in your planetary alignment
your first sign may be Gemini you may have your moon or Venus probably I’m
sensing Venus in Aries so you might want to listen to the Aries video as well to
get additional information concerning certain areas and they had a pretty good
read so tumultuous but yet the of the day very positive so I feel like
it’s similar energy maybe that some of you are dealing with in this room so
we’re gonna work a little further you may also be dealing with an Aries
partner so that may be another reason why you might want to watch that so I am
sensing these cards there so you may be dreaming of things in you may be having
numbers I’m sensing like dreaming of numbers
coming to you Gemini and maybe like old phone numbers where you used to live as
a child for some strange reason I I feel like that’s important
it’s childhood memories I’m also sensing that somebody around you may be very ill
and you may be having a lot of I’m gonna say Ravens not crows Ravens around you
trying to bring you messages through dreams as well about your love life
concerning your love life and a protection of a child I feel like
there’s some strategy games going on and around your life for some of you with a
child that you’re trying to protect Gemini pardon me I feel like there also
may be some of you Gemini and pick up quickly that are dealing with a health
issue that you’re overcoming and I actually believe it may have to do with
your sexual health as well as your other health at you it seems to have gotten
your you may be dealing with a very serious health issue Gemini and picking
up a group who have like chronic illnesses but
there is hell I feel like there’s help coming for you within that area also
with the Ravens they are bringing you messages of people passing and I feel
like some of you may be may be readers yourself watching this and you are aware
that somebody around you is going to pass I’m sorry to hear that you know I
just feel like it has something to do with that energy
another thing I’m picking up is this energy has to do with a cycle of your
life ending that a toxic relationship that was not good for you and but still
affects you because you have children together so that’s something else that
I’m seeing and I’m seeing that the partner being very very sneaky tell you
the truth so watch yourself there Gemini on that I feel like you’re very open
with most things but maybe some discernment is to be had in this area
right now especially in the next till Christmastime I’m sensing I’m also
sensing you may go back to school some of you are thinking about contemplating
going back to school it’s time it’s a good time to be doing it and so
considering that or you’ve just started going back to school and so you may have
some difficulty in this area because it’s been a while I’m sensing most
people who are Gemini’s going back to school it’s been a while since you we’re
watching this anyways going it’s been a while since you’ve been back to school
it’s gonna better your life so don’t think it’s a waste of time so just do it
and stick with the drudgery of it Gemini because I feel like you can easily just
forget that like forget it I’m out of here I don’t do this right now but stop
doing that at this time you’re gonna have more discipline and I am seeing
that you may have dreams you actually maybe have like we like cut your hair or
decided to not cut your hair and I feel like that’s a good idea to not do it but
maybe you know styling is fine whatever but I feel like don’t change change your
looks too drastically right now you may not like the end result is what I’m
seeing so it’s about self-care more so so what like rather than trying to
change something outwardly look at what you can change what you have and I know
I feel like you’ve been doing this for a while now but you know think about where
that gets you it gets you much further in life when you’re able to spend your
energy where it’s necessary so some of the things I’m feeling is like you’re
dreaming about being able to look after yourself a little bit better and it’s
not happening you’re not able to do that completely but at the same time I’m
sensing that new love is coming in here and you’re wanting to change for this
energy coming in soulmate energy coming is its own sense there seems to also be
some history with this person you may have this may be a person you’ve been
with before and you thought the relationship was completely over this
also is an energy of the Raven that I’m picking up so I’m going to pull out a
couple of cards for you Gemini about relationships with you and the other
person what you’re dealing with I’m sentencing a couple of different
scenarios going on and I’m sensing that you’re seeing through the veil of some
illusions that you have been fed to lies by a previous partner what I was talking
about that you have the chip the one that has you have children with much
much things that you’re seeing through the the luck is changing on your side it
seems like you have been left out in the cold I feel that you have not had but
you’re seeing through the illusion of that and you’re actually going back to
school you’re taking some accountability here for some of the actions that you’ve
done but also you’re not giving away your power and you’re also understanding
that you have had much power within this to change this all along it’s like I
feel like Dorothy with the red shoes you know you’ve had the power and you all
along to change it you just didn’t recognize it and now you’re recognizing
it for real and I am sensing that there is some melancholy energy about this I
am sensing also there’s been serious betrayal
I feel like summon you may have looked up to as as receiving what you feel you
have should have but I’m gonna tell you it’s like a saving grace that this other
person has what you have because what’s coming for you is much greater you have
greater potential than what you have so this relationship is completely dead and
you’re seeing through the veils of the illusion and you have true soul mate
energy coming towards you I’m definitely sensing soul mate got divine union but
it may be past may feel like path you may have had past life with this person
so I’m definitely sensing that geminis oh yeah I feel like someone’s gonna be
moving towards you Gemini’s it’s it’s the energy of what you always wanted and
you’re gonna get the person that you want I feel like you have some choices
although you might look at it as everybody has more choices than you but
I feel like you’re the one with the actual choices you’ve kind of talked
yourself into believing that this actually feel like the other person that
you were with has real toxic energy towards you and so when when when
they’re trying to belittle you and make you feel less than you and I feel like
they’re trying to gloat in front of you about what they have and that sort of
low vibrational energy they want to live their life they’re saying they’re not
doing that but they’re so doing that and you see through it you see what they’re
doing Gemini you see it clearly and you’re really ready to leave that behind
now work with you know what you have to but something that you need to move on
in a different direction and a new format and when you do that you leave it
and you work through those issues you master it you work through bettering
yourself schooling I feel it could be some some of you could be on a spiritual
like journey about learning may be learning more about learning some of you
have been on the journey for a while I feel like some of you are actual readers
yourself very psychic yourself also I’m sensing some of you may have had like
you’re seeing things out of the corner of your eye more so than you ever would
have in the past and you’re sensing family karmic connections and healing
and wanting to heal those things they’re not really quite understanding what to
do I’m something to pull out the dream cards further dream cars here and so
we’re gonna delve into why some of this energy is happening I feel
like there’s some karmic energy to clean up with a past relationship and a past
like a betrayal within that relationship I feel like you know I’m sort of sensing
Gemini this is about a person that you’ve been with before that has been
gossiping about you they’ve been close to you at one time like a friend and now
they’re gossiping about you with your ex-partner and so that’s really horrible
I’m sorry that you’re going through that but you know what trickster they’re
doing it because they feel less than to tell you the truth they know where
you’re at and you’re not on that level and you’ve raised past that vibration so
I feel like you really actually wish them well you know I feel like you know
you’ve moved past it and you’re moving on to a career yeah oh yeah look at this
you know what I swear to God some of you have shoes like this I feel like I see
that you actually have shoes like this so in the dream time some of your things
are really manifesting this is telling me and this is telling me that some of
the stuff you’re dreaming it was very prophetic so there’s this psychic thing
develops you know you wish people well and that further is you in the in the
long run that’s what I’m sensing Gemini and you know that you learn that you
know that this this bitter energy this talking against other people is never
gonna get you anywhere it’s never served you in the past and you always are the
stick up for the underdog on top of it and people see that goodness in you here
Gemini and they want a piece of that they think you have more to give than
what you have and you’re kind of like no I’m keeping this for me I’m
concentrating on me so I can have something I feel these people have a
child with some person who has issues for sure the person is a you know you
have a child with your karmic energy and you’re seeing through the illusion of
the whole nonsense of what’s actually happening and you’re creating
your your your seeing through the illusion through the moon the illusions
and I think by the next full moon you’re gonna have the full justice if you want
and you’re gonna be able to have the pleasures I think that you’ve always
wanted as childhood and the relationship that you’ve always wanted it from
childhood that’s pretty phenomenal energy happening here on the on the
dream time here at Gemini I’m definitely seeing some of you have real shoes like
this this is kind of like freaking me out a little bit because it’s showing me
the true manifestation and you’re really left behind some very serious negative
energies that you’ve come batted in the last few last 12 years you’re starting to balance your chakras
much much more in balance what I’m seeing I feel like I’m gonna get some
timing cards out for you on when this person is going to come in for you on a
higher score scale they’re romantic angels want to talk right now and of
course the whole deck wants to fall out so healing family issues is the time for
you to do that and that’s what’s allowing you if you heal those family
issues those karmic family issues from the past
that’s what’s gonna allow you to see through the delusions of the
relationship that you’re dealing with and that you see that is like a tall
illusion all this nonsense talk to not take it to heart even though it hurts
your heart you’re growing past that you’re growing your emotional energy and
your mental body and the family is what you have to support you and there may be
family around you Gemini that I feel that pray for you I’m not sure what
that’s all about but I feel like they pray for you there may be some very
religious people in your family at this time
maybe this group time talking to so they pray for you and I tell you the truth
that’s not hurting you you know it’s good luck and they pray for you to love
yourself and to stay happy and genuine and to not have depression I’m saying
I’m serious and they pray for you to have
discernment so paying attention to the red flags I definitely see that I see
that okay so when you’re flirting with someone they
want you to pay attention your family wants you to pay attention to the red
flags of how much energy you put out into that they want you to know that you
deserve unconditional love they want you to express your love I
feel like there’s unrequited love and you’re expressing that to your family
correctly with the relationship that you were in you’re recognizing things
absolutely balanced so you’re pulling back the love that you had once for
somebody and you’re doing it through healing family through through family
support very soon when this when you have feel content with all of the people
in your family there may be one or two that you cannot really contact or work
with but I feel like for the most part that you are dealing with that some of
this is sibling issues that you’re not that you’re unable to contend with I
feel like there’s a missing sibling for some of you yeah unfortunately there’s a
missing there’s something going on with that so that’s a pretty serious energy I
don’t wanna really get into this serious energy too too much but I feel like some
of you are missing a sibling and so with this that may hurt your heart but I feel
like you move past things you’re able to express your love correctly the correct
love soulmate is coming in very soon and you’re learning and forgiving and what
you have coming in is worth waiting for that’s a pretty cool energy here going
on with the romance angels they’re geminis
gems you beautiful gems let’s go a little further with bringing some of
this energy down to earth with mother Gaia on the Dreamtime and Pisces we’re
going to be pulling in that energy for you thank you I’m feeling like I have some younger of
you oh no Pacey’s I’m so sorry Wow some of you may have some strong Pisces in
your chart but this is for Gemini’s I feel like I’ve been doing so many
readings for everybody oh my gosh I’m all mixed up in my science here but then
maybe there’s a reason I said that but I feel like you should pull energy down to
earth maybe who you’re dealing with is a Pisces they’re Gemini so I’m really
sensing to bring in some fire energy with this card here you may be going on
a trip into where it’s warm climate I’m also sensing and that’s very healing for
you so I feel like maybe you go with your family maybe the family somebody
who has some money in your family it’s a good living feeling late for the most
part Gemini’s not all but who’s contending with a family karmic
situations Gemini you may be suffering some financial issues but you’re
actually math starting to master them and they’re helping you get back on
track maybe helping you with school learning helping with funding with
children and I’m seeing all sorts of help from family and your family is
there for you to help you so ask you know help from your family it’s a good
time the the goddesses are really the lotuses are really honoring you the next
part of this come out this is showing me here is mastering learning so whatever
it is that you are going back to school for Soria with the glare I’m trying to
avoid the glare here whatever it is that you’re going back to school for Gemini’s
or learning about on a spiritual Avenue this is something there’s two things I’m
seeing here one is a very spiritual based learning and that is something
you’ve always wanted to do and you’ve made space for it Gemini and you’re
going to do it and so that’s bringing you many memories of past life and it
feels like you know this stuff already even though you’re learning it for the
first time it’s just freshening your mind it feels like natural to you so
that’s what you’re on the correct path and some of you may be going into like
nursing or doctrines or homeopathic medicines that sort of thing I’m seeing
Gemini and the healing and the are and so you’re remembering some more
ceremonial artistic values towards correct relationships correct care for
yourself and correct building that within a relationship is it’s sort of
like I’m seeing in the bloodline in your bloodline so your awakening to those
energies at this particular time Gemini that’s pretty beautiful and and on a
more mundane level your everyday life you’re not going to be bored with what
you’re learning you thought you’d be bored but you’re actually not bored
you’re actually interested in what you’re what you’re embarking on I feel
like there’s been some mundane situations of where you are growing past
and you’re past the drudgery of things and now you’re into the more interesting
parts the juicier parts of life father-figure energy king of water
queen of air so I’m sensing some healing with the father aspect I’m sensing that
this person was an energy of water they had strong water energy so be that as it
may there’s many different signs that are in relation to water they have
another chart that is strongly influential over their parenting over
you and it seems to be like a title it feels like I’m gonna tell you the people
that I’m talking to know the father the issue of the father of where you need
where you’re working out karmic energy feels like a tidal wave of emotional
energy that hit you from there damaged so you have actually worked through that
and they are not rising that up but you see the reality of what it is they think
they’re educated in spiritual but they’re not in the aspect of how
damaging what they’ve done to you is and you’re starting to realize some of that
damage there Gemini so that’s ordering you by the gods and goddesses of this
that rule over your particular life path I’m really sensing this strongly for you
channeling this is that this is what you must work out
and recognize is not the end all most powerful thing in your life that has
affected you your perception of what is is what has affected you so you’re able
to change that perception recognize see through the crap and recognize through
your studies through your education I feel like you’re getting a real
education here that is actually valuable to you and you’re valuing this and so
it’s changing your life and you are able to see the feminine aspect I feel like
you’ve had a less mothering aspect around you there’s there’s been
mothering aspect but I feel like the mothering aspect has been blocked in
many ways of the way that they know that they can nurture you and I do feel like
the the energy is still blocked from the mothering energy and so there may be
issues to work through there Gemini look keep dropping things here o through the
magic of things and through the magic of forgiveness and understanding your
placement within mother father energy so there is some healing to do there’s a
karmic healing going on with the father now the next step is the mother healing
the mother energy because it’s gonna make you I feel a better parent whether
you’re male or female and so when you heal the the wisdom that is coming
through the mother at this time I feel is very valuable to your feminine aspect
so those of you who are female if your mothers it’s really super
important for you to pay attention to your mother’s influence over your life
and what it is the wisdom of what some of the words that she speaks is and it
is coming from different realms it’s not coming from like the words that stick
with you come from her spirit and is in your DNA it’s never gonna leave and her
DNA and your DNA holds great power I’m sensing and so the psychic ability
that’s awakening at this time when Pluto’s going direct this evening is
very exciting and very thrilling for you here Gemini because you are gonna have
many awakenings going on in your life you
know wisdom I was this card was seeing the bottom of the deck and I didn’t want
to shuffle it and it just was left on the table and I thought this needs to be
read wisdom is what you’re gaining out of this whole situation and with wisdom
you can achieve anything you can master love you can master learning you can
master spirituality and family difficult family issues that I feel that you
didn’t think you could work through definitely working through difficult
situations right now you’re no longer feeling frozen and you’re moving forward
I want to get some timing going on for you here Gemini’s surrender to the
divine so this next coming full moon I feel like is the most prominent time for
you actually I’m gonna tell you of all of your existence so Gemini’s pay
attention to the energy of the upcoming full moon this is when your ancestors
you’re going to feel the blood of your ancestors going through you and you’re
going to understand that through ways of implementing your true power and your
true spirit and your within your love life in every aspect of your life I’m
telling you that’s what I’m seeing here Gemini there’s a huge shift for geminis don’t let your past hold you back and
when I’m reading this card I feel like with this moon you sir up until the full
moon coming up which is on the 13th I feel like a very lucky number for you
Gemini’s whoever is listening to this I feel like the thirteenth is very lucky
number in your life a very significant number in your life so pay attention to
the number 13 and I feel like this is a very significant one a so you have up
until that date to present to that date to release things that don’t serve you
and let the past go for real you can change that stagnant energy that you
felt had a hold on you you are much stronger than that and you’re
recognizing that for the first time in your life that you’re much stronger than
that so the card that pops out is the death
card and the death card is a death definitely of the past it landed on top
of the cards of the other relationship of Stagg Nyssa T you’re putting the
fight down the fight is over and you by the way on till you have won the energy
of the fight on top of that they’re your this is in oh my goodness cards are
really like I can’t even they can’t stay in my hand so this is you feeling in the
past and you’ve turned this energy around you’ve set yourself free and put
the fight down of that particular energy and you have a new energy love coming in
and I also sensing a physical move for you so if you were considering a move
and you’re I feel like I was sensing earlier maybe someone might move towards
you in a relationship but I feel that’s
correct I feel if you’re moving you’re the one moving into something I feel
like be cautious because I feel like the masculine energy may have some dominance
over you and if you’re in that you’re this came out inverted like this when I
was shuffling and so if you go with that I feel like that happiness is gonna be
delayed but it’s gonna come in it’s just can you I feel like it’s gonna mean
another move for you so ii knew that you’d if you take a hold
of something that you know you a you something you have a feeling it’s not
the correct thing but you maybe feel that you don’t have any choices this is
this gift honestly they’re jumping out of my hands this came up inverted
choices up inverted so you may be forced to live with someone that you don’t
particularly want to oh my gosh gemini like i can’t stop this
jumping card thing i’m like shuffling them over a table and they’re all flying
all over the room the star card pops out for you gemini so that means all of your
wishes coming true and a couple of people have gotten this with this pluto
direct energy so that’s pretty phenomenal this is a time for you to
really change what is happening for you in your life and you’re balancing out
that extremism that i feel that you have been going through in your life at this
time villa and i would say for the last I would say maybe some of this for some
of you thirty years yeah king of Pentacles so you do have the wish coming
true for you of the relationship of a secure relationship if you are the
masculine energy you’re securing your energy and you’re ready to offer that to
a feminine energy or a counterpart and if you are the feminine energy you’re
ready to receive you’re ready to see if your wish is to have this and you’re
creating this at this particular time you must make decision to pull away from
the negative energy and watch where you’re moving – I feel like have options
here look and have options open your mouth and speak and then the bottom of
the deck we have that also here on top of the wish card we have the Sun so
you’re gonna make the right decision don’t fear but those fancy shoes on of
yours those kick-ass boots on see through the veils of things and you can
maneuver the energy where you’re not using people and you’re also improving
yourself I feel there’s an energy around you Gemini people
feeling guilty about not doing things for you enough the parental especially
and they wish they could do more and help you with school that sort of thing
but I feel like this is maybe a fight that you have to go through in order to
really appreciate the energy that’s coming in for you to the full potential
of your your life purpose is what I’m sort of sensing here this is the pivotal
point for you Gemini and that’s pretty amazing and what’s coming in is really
fantastic so thank you very much for joining me I hope that was helpful for
you to understand some of your dreams and some of the angelic energies that
are working with you in the astral plane and in your life at this particular time
don’t forget to take fancy shoes I like those fancy shoes and you rock them and
allow some of those good things and understand that your time of accepting
the good in your life is here the Wheel of Fortune is on your side and you have
a ton of help have a ton of help things are coming for you pay attention to
those moon cycles that we spoke about as well and they will benefit you as well
okay thank you for joining me and we’ll be moving on to the next sign and then
at the end of this evening at 8 o’clock we’re going to be doing a collective
read for all of the astrological signs and we’ll be doing that at 8 p.m.
tonight and so if you need information if you check in the description box
below you need if you know your birth time you guys fill out that information
and get your natal charts and see where that your son and your Moon and your
Venus placement is also you can let your Jupiter placements these are energies of
forward moving energies and what’s going to be affecting you at this particular
time to the greatest degrees in your life with the Pluto alignment coming in
going direct this evening okay so we’re going to work a little bit together just
before that alignment comes at 8 p.m. we’re working hour before it
comes in a little bit later this evening and so we’ll be prepared for all that
energy coming in so thank you very much for joining me and looking forward to
seeing you again we’ll be doing this on Wednesday evenings collectively from now
on and on Sundays I’ll be doing also another Avenue please don’t forget to
like the videos if you liked it and share them if you know somebody who
would be interested and also join me on moonlight divine on YouTube and
subscribe because all the new videos that some of them that I don’t get
placed here are up there and vice versa so we’ll talk to you
later Gemini and if I called you different signs it’s probably because
honestly I feel the energy of either that’s what you’re dealing with or it’s
in your placement to a great degree so you can look at those in your placements
and see where you are if you know astrology okay
so we’ll talk to you later and enjoy your afternoon bye for now

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