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Magic & Divination

Magic & Divination

In this unit, we shall discuss about the various methods of divination. All the words discussed here have the suffix ‘mancy’ which means ‘prophet’ in Greek, probably because of the mystical nature of the methods of divination. [MUSIC] Aeromancy means divination by observing weather patterns like cloud formations, flow of winds, arrival of shooting stars etc. Ailuromancy means divination, particularly about the onset of storms, by observing the movements of cats. Ambulomancy is divination by talking a walk in a circle or in a predetermined route to observe signs omens. Amniomancy means divination by observing the piece of membrane that covers a new-born’s face and head to predict its future. Anthomancy is divination using flowers. ‘Loves-me-loves-me-not’ is the most popular form of anthomancy. Anthracomancy is divination by observing burning coals. The diviner stares at burning embers and enters into a state of trance. Arithmancy is divination by assigning numerical values to individual letters and words. Astromancy is divination by observing stars or the movement and alignment of celestial bodies. Though astromancy or astrology is continuously challenged by science, people continue to believe in it. Bibliomancy is divination by opening a holy book to a random page to look for answers. Botanomancy is divination by burning leaves and branches. Answers are sought from the smoke and ashes. Brontomancy is divination by studying the intensity, direction, and length of thunder. Capnomancy means divination by observing the patterns and movements of smoke. Cartomancy is divination by using a deck of cards. The most popular form of cartomancy is tarot card reading. Cephalomancy is divination by observing the shape of a skull or by heating the skull of a goat or a donkey. Ceromancy is divination by dropping molten wax into a water bowl to predict about the future. Chaomancy is divination by examining air movement or weather patterns. It is similar to aeromancy. Chiromancy is divination by studying the pattern of lines on a person’s palm. It is also called palmistry. Chronomancy is divination by determining the most auspicious time to start or execute something. Cleromancyis divination by rolling dice and predict the future based on the outcome. Crystalomancy is divination by looking into a transparent globe. This practice is called crystal gazing.

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