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Making Predictions to Help with Reading Comprehension

Boys and girls, today we are going to work on learning a new strategy to help us with our comprehension when we’re reading. And we actually talked about this just a little bit yesterday. The one we’re going to work on today is called, “make and adjust predictions”. And Jackson actually wrote this one for us. And when we are reading a book, one of the things that can help you with your comprehension, and help you enjoy the book, is if you are making predictions as you go before you read it. Now, after you read it, is it a prediction? No, that’s because you already know the answer. And, what is a prediction? Who can tell me what a prediction is? Hayden, what’s a prediction? A prediction is like, is like if someone doesn’t know something, you
can predict like what’s gonna happen. Yeah, it’s kind of a guess, isn’t it? Yeah,
yeah. Well, we are going to read a book. And this book is called, “An Extraordinary Egg”. And in this book, we’re going to make some predictions about what we think is going to happen. So, here we go. If you can’t see, you need to move where you can see. Okay, “An Extraordinary Egg”. Now, when we look at the top of the cover,
what’s on the cover? We get an alligator which says and a frog and we already
know from the title extraordinary that’s a really great tune in to insert
interesting word isn’t it that’s an interesting word so we’re
going to find out about extraordinary on pebble Island there lived three frogs
Marilyn Auguste and one who was always somewhere else so already we can kind of
make a prediction where do you think that third frog is late you think that
third frogs in the bush what about you I think
I think he’s hopping around anywhere just hopping around anywhere what about
you you think he’s with the egg and the crocodile okay
so let’s save your thoughts let’s see if we can check our predictions by reading
the rest of the page now were we able to figure out what was happening by reading
on did it help you enjoy the story more by making guesses about what could
happen those were your predictions

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