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Maria Helena – Limpeza Energética com Anjo da Guarda

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I hope you like this video Make like and subscribe to receive more video like this Today I’ll teach you how to make your energy cleaning so quickly With help from who? From your guardian angel, you’ve seen such a beautiful thing Look when you’re feeling tired Or with the energy so low Ask your guardian angel to help you restore the energy And you will do so You’ll follow these steps I’ll teach you So go to a quiet place Look, sometimes you know what I do? Lock myself in the bathroom, do the same! Close your eyes Inspire deeply 3 times And exhale Be so quiet Then visualize an intense golden light that is behind you Watch her turn into a beautiful angel! and this angel spreads her wings and envelops her That’s how I see myself All right, do it like this! Feel that little angel holding you and protecting you Visualize that golden light thus creating a luminous shield Cleaning all your cells, okay? Feel that it cleans all your body When you feel like you’re really fine What is it that you do? Can you imagine this golden light turn into white and purifying his whole body And then you feel very calm and very grateful That’s it And finally thank your guardian angel For cleaning your energy ‘Cause he always looks out for you Have you ever seen a little thing so simple that you can do it anywhere? And you’re gonna feel so good? Do as I do, that’s what I do! Lots and lots of times, okay?

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