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hi this is the weekly horoscope for Sagittarius for the week of September 3rd 2018 hello my SAGGIES I am still collaborating with you can find them in the link in the description box below also I am available for readings until September 8th because I will be away for Rosh Hashanah on September 9th through the 13th and will be back on the 14th so if you would like reading for me you can check that out in the link in the description box below show your love and support help your girl grow and make sure to LIKE subscribe and share and thank you for everyone who has so this week Titan is trining the Sun in the 6th and 10th house you can have the energy to get things done you can be a perfectionist when it comes to work or you could set standards when it comes to how to be a good employee for others of you this is fixing certain systems or improving it on current systems for others of you this can be working on the self for some of you this is a fun energy time you are more about your play and socializing and not wanting to deal with anything serious you can be more about your actions and very action-oriented kind of person and taking care or taking more initiative and going after what you want for others of you this is a busy time for you or this can be running errands you’re impulsive with this energy for some of you you can find that you are similar to others or how you are really connected to other people and you can find that you’ve been you’ve been there and done that and now you’re living vicariously through others at this time that are dealing with similar situations you may have or see how others are more connected to your soul circle because your soul circle is going through similar situations at this time so certain situations that you’ve been through now everybody else is going through it or you guys are going or dealing with the same thing and I said this for Leo too they’re doing the same thing to Venus is semi sec tiling the ascendant in the first and eleventh house this is reconnecting or revisiting people from your past for others of you this can be revisiting old projects or this is meeting new people you tend to get along with everyone for others of you you can be dating you can meet a new love interest through your friends you can be more about your play at this time this can be getting along with certain family members or spending time with them this can be friends going out of their way for you sharing something with you or even making something for you at this time for some of you you have this is a time of meeting new people Saturn quintile Miranda and the second and fourth house this can be coming up with money-making ideas this can be but you have earth planets now so unless you know it’s a short thing you’re gonna go along with these money-making ideas you’re not so quick to put it out there or you can just let it be more of a passing thought but know that you are very that you’re coming up with these ideas this week with this energy you’re very creative at this time for others of you this could be a great time trusting your intuition or being very creative this energy can go different ways you need to be careful with manipulating other people’s feelings if they don’t feel like doing something don’t pressure them don’t do nothing about it just leave it be just leave it as a no and walk away this is a great time to trust your intuition and this is a great time to be a bit more creative careful with the energy because you tend to see what you want to see as well this is a great time to understand others on a subconscious level you need to be more about facts or this can be promises being made to you and this could be some money-making ideas coming up or this can be as a to good to be true kind of situation because it more like then likely is so make sure during this time period when things sound too good to be true do your research okay do your research on it at this time on the six the North node is squaring charon conjunct with Miranda and the sixth and ninth house watch your emotional self the decisions that you make at this time can be over certain situations or people at this time one of the tests of this period is to come to terms with whatever keeps you from bringing things to an end whatever needs finishing you tend not to finish it or you tend not to see things all the way through at this time because you’re not seeing things happening quick enough okay so you may need to learn patience with this energy certain processes are bit slow and like I said you can be frustrated or turn off by the situation you know and that’s because all the planets are in retrograde at this time and then on top of that Mars and retrograde is squaring uranus and squaring the North node so that could be affecting situations too it just depends what’s going on with your second six eighth or eleventh house or tenth house so if you have planets in retrograde in those houses then you know yeah things are going to be seeing seeing a little bit more slower so this is a time where you need to do something else with this energy sometimes when we just focus on our career and focus on doing a good job you know this is a time where we can get what we want okay so try to be self aware of that during this time period okay let me see for others of you you may feel like you have to take care of someone and you’re constantly taking care of this person and you don’t want to okay you’re constantly being emotionally dumped on or they’re constantly in crisis and you don’t want to and you don’t want to deal with this person anymore so you know but this can be showing you what you really want and you may and what you may reject at this time so you can be turned off by certain people in your life because it doesn’t match with what you’re trying to do in your life okay so whatever you’re trying to align yourself with at this time certain situations or people are not aligning with that so at this time you can be getting rid of people or you can be removing yourself from certain situations because you know you’re it’s not it’s not cooperating with what you’re trying to to align yourself with also for some of you you know try to be on the right side of the law this week’s not the best energy until after October because of Mars squaring Uranus and the North node okay the first car to come up with is the four of cups I feel like certain people are trying to tell you what to do or it can be watching you too closely at this time and you don’t like it the ten of cups I feel like this is a great time for family or putting things into perspective this week for you the six of Wands brings about good news happen this could be a fabulous week for you the magician card as above so below so try to keep the energy positive this week the judgment card I feel that there is something very heavy on your mind during this time period as well so just be aware of that for some of you this could be dealing with court this week the three of cups I feel like this could be a very social time for you or this could be social events coming up in your life with this energy the Ace of Cups now whatever it is heavy on your mind the cards are saying that you’re going to make a great life decision during this time period for some of you you’re in a master certain areas of your life this week and then for others of you this could be new love coming in the devil card this could be dating at this time for some of you for others of you this could be thinking about quitting your job or ending certain relationships like I said before that North node on the six is squaring chair on conjunct with Miranda so definitely thinking about ending certain situations in your life for others of you you need to be careful because you’re dealing with a manipulative person around you the six of cups for some of you this could be thoughts of past coming up or this could be dealing with ending a past relationship at this time the six of coins I feel for some of you here that this is you being very giving during this time period or this could be working on getting a loan with this energy the Hierophant card for some of you this could be delving more into your spirituality and the cards are saying that you know at this time your spirituality will be giving back to you when you donate so this is a good time for donations watch your emotional self this week because this could be a fabulous freaking week or this weekend ride you like a Bronco on a Tuesday like a rise down cowboy so it’s up to you how you want your week to be be the deliberate creator that you are rise above the astrology your communication skills you are the you Jupiter owns you so at this time use your words and thoughts to align yourself with what you want the star card trust your intuition also a great time for manifesting or receiving clarity on certain situations and the lovers card for some of you certain relationships can be fragile for others of you you can be ending a contract at this time or getting it renewed for others of you this could be real talks of future future future coming up with relationships and certain relationships like like older ones could be getting very serious and there could be talks of marriage coming up but you could be thinking about it at this time for others of you this could be a new love coming in but the problem with that is that there’s no boundaries meaning like you know you know it’s kind of like they walk in you go on a day or whatever and then you know that’s it and then the next time you hear from them then you then you go out you know there’s no there’s you don’t know if you’re a boyfriend or girlfriend or what the relationship is so it can be its complicated relationship okay I love you my sergey’s please make sure to LIKE subscribe and share kisses

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