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hi this is the weekly horoscope for
Scorpio for the week of October 15th 2018 hello my scorpions I am still
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ascendant is quintile Saturn in the first and third house when you speak or
say something others listen or go look go along more with your ideas for some
of you this can be overcoming certain fears or taking risk that normally you
wouldn’t take for others of you you are privy to certain information this could
be opening up to you and telling you their deepest darkest secrets okay or
this can be office gossip happening and you’re in the loop for others of you
this is a good time for business or coming up with money-making ideas for
others of you you can be treating yourself to something special or doing
something special for you this week Triton is trining the third house this
can be people going out of their way for you or doing something special for you
you may need to make some sacrifices at this time or take some chances in order
to get what you want for some of you this could be taking steps for long-term
goals for some of you trust your intuition with this energy
Triton conjunct with Jupiter in the second house is forming a water try so
we know the drill is
the 17th through the 23rd okay so it goes right into Monday so this could be
a bit less beautiful week or this weekend ride you like last week on a
Bronco on a Tuesday like a rhinestone cowboy anyways so you know you’re still
dealing with that beat that damn beers I’ve met BAM retrograde then mercury and
your birthday sign happy birthday guys hey so wait a minute you brought these
not up yet oh mylanta my bad oh happy birthday guys so this could be a great
week so happy birthday make those birthday wishes fun alright let’s go
ahead and start them out so anyways so just you know be self aware it’s an
intense time okay very intense where some of you your money situation is
dictated by your emotional selves so you know money flows to me freely copiously
and endlessly yes get those affirmations out you can be in your feelings so for
some of you this can be obsessive thoughts this could be a little bit now
Scorpio has a lot of planets in it right now so for some of you you may have some
sadistic thoughts okay so you know my writers this is a great time to write
them horror stories okay or those psycho stories alright but you know try to be
about the bigger picture try not to intrigue those thoughts in
your head alright pick and choose your thoughts because sometimes what you do
with these thoughts that are negative and not good for you is that you plant
seeds of negativity so that throughout the rest of the month or the year you’ll
be planting these seeds of negativity and they’ll be popping up and then you
got to deal with these seeds of negativity that you probably popped up
because energy is energy so you need to be self aware of your thoughts you know
and just try to not try to do like walking meditation which is basically
you don’t intrigue the naked thoughts in your head okay and you just
focus on your present and then every time a negative thought comes up plant
seeds of positivity like money will flow to me freely copiously and endlessly I
will get that man in my life I will I will I will is a very good affirmation
to start off with when it comes to things that you want so this is
something to think about to be more of the deliberate creator and to control
more of your reality so you can get more of what you want in your life okay so I
hope this helps okay for others of you this is a beautiful time for new love
because you feel I’m so passionately and intensely you think that this is your
soulmate gone coming okay for some of you this is reconnecting with the ex
with this energy Deimos is conjunct with Venus and retrograde in the first house
you need to be careful how you treat others because some of you like I said
you’re going through it you build things a little bit intensely so you can be a
little bit snappy this week with this energy so watch out when you’re dealing
with your personal emotional issues not to take them out with on others because
you know sometimes that’s dinner come along and it’s like nobody can handle
that all right secret lovers come out but secret lovers
get complicated too it’s like I need to be recognized okay so we can hear a lot
of good juice coming out because then secret lovers on the dance need to come
out and be seen yeah I’m the main chick on the main guy hey you know and it’s
gonna be like nice alright so be careful with that because that dude that chick
you don’t want to be on the down-low anymore okay so mmm-hmm Scorpio so you
know what to do tighten it up no witnesses delete delete delete delete
delete unfriend alright that’s Joey that’s Joey he’s a good guy why he said
I don’t know yeah he’s crazy anyways I digress I warned you
the first kind of comic way this is seven of swords you could be very
secretive and very to much much to yourself so be careful with that because
I think that for some of you can be going through a bit of a depression
during this time period so again try to be proactive in your life by not
intriguing the negative thoughts in your head and by being a doing walking
meditation which is every time the negative thoughts start going to your
head and whatever to start just ignoring them and telling the brain to shut up
sometimes we have to give the brain something to do sometimes we are so much
in our work it were just stressed out from it that we tend to let our mind
wander because we need a break from our routine and do something else
okay the next card I come up with is the seven of coins something very heavy on
your mind also this would be a great week for spirituality and metaphysics
with this energy as well the four coins I feel for so me this is money worries
and then for others of you this is saving money during this time period the
full card I see new beginnings coming in and then for some of you you can be a
bit more playful with this energy as well for others of you that you could be
having a fabulous week the eight of coins for so you can be a bit of a
perfectionist when it comes to career the ten of cups you have this
opportunity now for whatever emotional tour is coming up that you can put
things into perspective and kind of heal during this time period the night of
coins i sub-nought night of coins the knight of Wands I see new experiences
coming in and new people coming in with this energy the four of swords try to
delve more into your spirituality or meditation or relax a little bit more to
help you with this energy the page of Wands I feel that you are more in tune
to your inner child you can be more about your play at this time or want to
be more about your plant this time with this energy for others of you you can be
hanging around people who are younger than you this week the world card this
could be a fabulous week for you if you allow it so be careful with your
thoughts the seven of wands for some of you this is a great time for media or
social media with this energy your communication skills are very powerful
during this period and you tend to get people on to
your side so make sure you use your words the emperor card you have a great
level of self-control this week I feel that at this time that certain people in
your life you know again use your communications they may need a bit more
convincing so to get them on your team or to kind of see things your way with
this energy okay for others of you to focus on somebody that’s older than you
and there could be a generation gap for some of you this could be your partner
who’s older than you and there’s a generation gap and they may not
understand like why you all in your feelings you know and because they
weren’t raised like that alright so they have their ways of showing affection
towards you and the next card is the Hermit card I feel for some of you here
that you can be more to yourself or keeping a bit more to yourself and more
focused on your work at this time I love you my scorpions please make sure to
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