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Melvins Rate Legal Weed, O.J. Simpson, and Astrology

Melvins Rate Legal Weed, O.J. Simpson, and Astrology

(upbeat music) – Nostalgia is overrated because people tend to remember things
like that their own way as opposed to reality. – And we’re actually not a nostalgia band. We can tell because people our age don’t come to our shows. – No. We get older, the audience
stays the same age. – Sure. (drum rolls) – Oh, they’re underrated, I love to long walk.
– Underrated. – I’m big on walking. – Especially with a dog. – Although walking with headphones on is way overrated. – Well, it’s just dangerous. – It’s horrible. – Unless you’re walking in place. – If you’re walking out in the city, or anywhere actually, with headphones on you are an idiot. (laughing) (drum rolls) – Well, I’d say that those are underrated. – Yeah, I mean I’m in favor of them. I never have enough
time for a bubble bath. But, um, yeah I’m pro bubble bath, so. – I’m way too much of
a germaphobe for that. Laying in a tub, eegh. – All right, well said. You found the dividing line – A nice hot petri dish
filled with who knows what. – Overrated for you?
(laughs) – Overrated. – Oh, but he would be so
cute in a bubble bath. – Yeah, well. There’s always that. – Tuft of bubble. (drum rolls) – I’m not a fan of people sticking guns in other peoples faces. I’m not a fan of it under the best of circumstances. (laughs) – I heard his parole was nixed because they caught him masturbating. – Ah, they let him go, _ Is that
– he’s out. – Oh, he’s out.
– He’s out. – Holy smokes, oh, wow. (drum rolls) – Overrated. – That’s right, we want our weed illegal and tax free. – Free, yeah. Why would you want to do
something now that’s it’s legal? (laughs) Where’s the fun in that? (drum rolls) Costco is overrated. – Is it overrated? – Oh, I like Costco. – Oh, it might be good for your guys – Oh, yeah
– but they have kids. – Oh no, I’m down, with Kirkland. That’s my favorite brand of peanut butter. – That’s my favorite brand of underwear. – But don’t you have to buy like eight gallon tub of it? – and I’ll eat it. – (laughing) I’ll eat it. – I’ll eat it and I’ll eat
it at a really good price. (drum rolls) – Grilling, like grilling? – Grilling, yeah. – Grilling, oh yeah, grilling is totally underrated. – Yeah. – I’d grill every day if I could. And I do because I live in Los Angeles where it doesn’t ever have bad weather. – What about in your Aberdeen days? Was there Aberdeen grilling?
– No, no, no All we were doing was plotting murders. (laughing) – There’s no rain-b-queing. – Rain-b-queing doesn’t really work – A drizzle, right. – Snow-b-ques fine, rain-b-ques – Makes you want to park
a bullet in your head. – Breakfast on the grill is great. (drum rolls) – Astrology – Astrology – Astrology has always been weird to me because how do they explain cesareans? – Yeah, good point. – Yeah, that ah. – I want my kid to be a Pisces, quickly. – Yeah – Now he’s a Pisces. – Well, actually we had a
planned C-section my wife did and it was all based on astrology. – See!
– We wanted a Taurus child. kidding.
– It’s horse shit – Can you do that? can you plan your C-section
based on the planets? – Yes, you can. – do you explain that to your OB? – It’s Bull shit, it’s all bull shit. – Oh, you don’t understand, Mercury’s gonna be metrograde on that day. – Far as I know. – We really can’t have a child then. – Lord, knows what could happen. – (laughing) ahh yeah, it’s awesome. – It’d be a fundamental Christian. (laughing) – So’s that underrated on that one then? – No, no it’d be overrated. Astrology – Bullshit. (drum rolls) – Wow – It’s overrated. – Yeah, it’s overrated. I guess it’s highly rated ’cause
everyone’s doing it, right? – Yeah
– That’s overrated. (upbeat music)

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