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Mercury in 8th House in Vedic Astrology Birth Chart

Mercury in 8th House in Vedic Astrology Birth Chart

in last video we have discussed about e
in the eighth house of the horoscope in this video we are going to talk about
what happens when you have mercury in the eighth house of your horoscope so
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instagram at primary astrology mercury in the 8th house of the horoscope before
we talk about mercury in the 8000 oke what is 8008 house is the house of
longitude e death and rebirth is the house of sex reproduction is the house
of charisma is the house of the inheritance and big money it is the
house of sudden gains and losses ups and downs as we discussed 8th house also
signifies the joint asset with your partner it also signifies the sales you
won’t believe that is the reason 3rd house is also about marketing in cells
but that is because third is ultimate 8th house 8th from the 8th we’ll talk
about this some other day today we are talking about the 8th house so 8th
houses also what the sales say Athens is also the house of exploring the
mysticism and occult and the real quest for the truth can also be seen with the
8th house 8 is the house of the deepest secrets it
is the darkest house of the zodiac eighth house is also the house of
psychology and astrology can also be seen with the eighth house now let us
see what is mercury the first thing which comes to my mind when I think of
mercury is the intellect mercury is intellectual planet in the celestial
cabinet Sun is your soul Moon is your malice and third is mercury which is the
intellect mercury is very close to the human
nature mercury is practical
mercury is witty and business-oriented mercury is all about organization you
won’t believe you will feel that mercury is a young and fun-loving guy no but he
is also one of the most organized planet that that is the reason it rules the
sixth house of the organization in the natural horoscope and long with Virgo
sign Virgo sign is also very organized sign mercury loves to organize the
information martini is very good at reading the words understanding the
words patterns and symbolism numbers anything which is symbolic mercury is
very good at it and what is astrology astrology is about the science
okay so mercury does a great job in understanding a lot of complex rules as
well wherever there is a structure design organize information mercury
excels in those areas of the studies mercury is all about the neutrality
balance and a fun-loving personality mercury is all about the communication
mercury is neutral okay there are many other significance
of the mercury as well if you have not watched my mercury the planet Mercury oh
I’ll put that into the card just go and watch that video okay so what is mercury
in the eight hub the planet of communication is coming into the house
of secrecy mercury loves to communicate mercury is all about that outgoing
personality which loves to connect with others and talk about feelings and you
know basically mercury is all about the communication but guess what eight
thousand eight thousands of artists secrecy eight house is all about things
which are hidden so the planet of secrecy excuse me the planet of
communication is coming to the house of secrecy so it has two impacts on the
person first is the mercury cannot keep secrets here if you want to
secret don’t share it with the person with the mercury in the 8th house
because he likes to speak now he has the secret he will speak about it sometimes
it’s good but if it’s your personal secret don’t tell these guys ok so if
you want to keep your secret don’t tell this to person with a mercury in the 8th
house next mercury is an intellectual planet 8th house is the house of the
deepest darkest secrets it’s the deep house so when the planet of intellect
come into the house of theft it brings in that deep intellect to that person
the person with the mercury in the 8th house can see through things which
nobody else can okay here is a thing about the 8th house
all the planets will bring in their element as we discussed in the last
video Sun will come and just light up everything and can see it easily it’s
his style we are not here to judge whether it’s good or bad it’s Sun style
to illuminate to shed light on and bless Moon is more about the feelings moon
will feel the a thousand things that emotional connect is moon style to
understand the eighth house secrets mercury is practical and is intelligent
he won’t be able to feel it he does not have the sun’s light yet he will decode
the information he will organize the information and once he organized the
information he is the best planet to look for the patterns he will surprise
to know what the person with the eighth house marker he comes up with the
patterns if you are talking about astrology he will come up with such an
patterns and data and diagrams that you will be surprised like he will come up
with something like those who have mercury in the eighth house or have
Saturn in the tenth house will have so-and-so courier
we come up with the data and you will be surprised to know that how true that
data is only marketing the 8,000 rupees they are excellent at processing the
information and looking for the patterns because one tree is good with words
numbers patterns symbolism the planet of organization is coming into the house of
abstract monkey is the organized planned yet yes it is one loving but he is
excellent at organizing the information so yes he is fun loving and always
looking for the fun and recreation activities but he’s more than that
but he is intelligence and now that intelligence is coming into the house
and loving this so we are talking about the abstract and Mercury next mercury is
the planet of organization and eighth house is the house of abstract things
8012 thousand are the houses of abstract things you cannot really define what
what’s happening in these houses eighth house is seven and long with
being abstract and mercury is organized so mercury kind of frustrates here due
to this signification of the house so mercury will always have all the details
well placed on the table before he starts something to analyze so he’s
ready with everything he won’t go unprepared he doesn’t like it but all
the things especially spiritual things are not returned on the stones there is
always that perhaps the word perhaps is for the spirituality that perhaps ISM is
the essence of the spirituality so it is very difficult to understand the
spirituality for mercury yet he is always trying to decode the
mystical and upheld secrets of the eighth house with its intellect the
planet of communication is coming into the house of secrets we talked we talked
about the first impact of it like they cannot keep secrets but here’s the thing
the person with the eighth house mercury is very good at communicating these
awkward and abstract subjects they are very good at communicating with the 8th
of stings ok usually the person with the mercury in
the 8th house doesn’t like to speak much because the communication signification
of the mercury does not have any scope in the 8th house really because it is
deep down so it doesn’t get a chance to really connect with people but guess
what from the seventh house from the 8th
house mercury aspects the second house of the horoscope so now mercury speaks
up so these are the people who love to talk about the 8th house things now if
they are into public speaking they will speak about the spirituality the awkward
mysticism all that is 8th house they will talk about this why they will talk
about this first it is mercury and now it is aspect in the second house of your
speech from the 8th house of the secrets ok next the person with the mercury in
the 8th house is a shy person I would say shy but he’s a very quiet person
he doesn’t speak much so he does not have large friend circle as expected by
the mercury and people ok as I guess it’s mercury in the 3rd house our first
house 11th us the super popular they have larger friend circles but now
Mercury’s into the 8th house so this kind of restricts therefore in circle
because the other person understand what’s going on with this
person whatever the person with the eighth house is speaking doesn’t make
sense and hardly relates with anyone because that is so deep
it needs some other person with the mercury in the 8th house to really
understand what he is talking about so mercury in the 8th house people have
very little friends okay mercury is the planet which is great
with finances to remember we talked about mercury as a businessman mercury
is the planet which has inherent capabilities with the finance he is a
born financial planner he’s good with making money and increasing the money
and everything too related to money management he has that inherent
knowledge of money now the planet of business is coming into the house of
sudden gains and house of other people’s money so these people are very good with getting money from other people be it
donations be it insurance inheritance sales these people are amazing with all
these significations marketing the eighth house person excels at getting
money from others and what do I mean by getting with his communication of course
that’s why sales and businessman from 8,000 are key aspects the second house
of the horoscope and now mercury likes to talk about 8,000 things mercury is
quiet in the 8th house but when he speaks everybody listens because he
speaks out of the world he talks about the things
which nobody has ever thought of because he has dived deep into the eighth house
with his and not open he is intellectual and now he has deep dive into the occult
and mysticism so now when he is out of it and now when we talks about it to the
public when a few people can understand that but those who do and always respect
him will always know him because they will sense that this is something deep
what is that deep that deep is the eight how secret once that it is the eighth
house secret which he has find with his intelligence if you if you are just
starting into Vedic Astrology what what’s next go and watch my rising
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  • Pramanik Astrology Channel (PRA) says:

    Sending You High Vibrations..Keep Shining..Love and Peace

  • reshu paliwal says:

    Happy Dussherra to you and all your subscriber.great video again.πŸ™πŸ‘ŒπŸ™‡ I don't have Mercury in 8rth house,but it is aspecting it.I hope to get some benefit in this way!

  • Prithvi Ganesh says:

    U are very fast that's great πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜
    Mercury here itrested in occult knowledge 😊

  • Dr Anuj Kumar Saini says:

    Grt info..

  • Kanak says:

    Can mercury in 8th house signify a researcher or a scientist

  • Rohit Singh Rathore says:

    You're into accuracy spree. It's again accurate against me. I don't have friends, for either I remain quiet or speak up to ridicule/sacrcasm or talk about philosophies that doesn't appeal anyone. Now, to add more, Mercury being Amatyakaraka & being in Ashlesha in the 8th house, I have been into textual analytics & Machine learning or Data Science field where I have been working on patterns or high dimensional data (>3D). So I think data science, hacking, security etc can also be seen through 8th house. And the fact that I like to organize or express something inexpressible & I like to define every word, eventually exhaust me… But most of the times, since Mercury is in strong conjunction with Sun, I successfully express the things found by Sun beautifully though rarely anyone gets it.


    Your speech is so calm and understandable.
    You explained it very well, it matched my personality.
    What about the intelligence if my mercury is in 8th house in Capricorn.
    Saturn and Rahu in 12th house in Taurus.

  • Aparichit Asiq says:

    Please upload next venus on 8th house effects in it exalted venus effects please

  • Aparichit Asiq says:

    Upload today please Venus in 8th house

  • Pooja Tandon says:

    Thanks for posting this video. I have mercury in krutika in eighth house. Yes can identify with all you said. I feel my eighth house is active. Do you think that is the reason I am deeply exploring astrology?

  • Roop Kaur says:

    get such positive vibes from ur evry video…ur jus amazing…good luck for future😊

  • pulakit suryakar says:

    Capricorn ascendant here. I have Sun, Mercury and Ketu in the 8th house. What's the impact ?

  • yossi illions says:

    You explain really well! Thank you!

  • Yugeshwari says:

    Hi happy Dussera To You And Your Family God Bless You ❀ !! IAm Leo Mercury in 8th house !! PLEASE Do Planets with Sun in House Thankyou !! LOVE AND PEACE πŸ€—πŸ™β˜€οΈπŸ’₯❀

  • Jazz Rai says:

    Taraus ascendent sun Jupiter in moola mars mercury in purva Ashada in the 8th house

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