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Middle East analyst makes dire prediction over Trump-Syria backlash

Middle East analyst makes dire prediction over Trump-Syria backlash

93 Replies to “Middle East analyst makes dire prediction over Trump-Syria backlash”

  • Rowdy says:

    This is one of President Trump's promises he made that he was going to bring Our Troops home from overseas. Thank You President Trump America First 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Mani USA says:

    The middle east is mess and we are caught in the middle,solution is to get out and let them take care of their problem including the ISIS.Turkey have a problem with their economy,that why they wants to attack the kurds to divert attention away from their problem.

  • Dave says:

    ISIS fighters in POW camps a problem? NOPE, Sulloution = 1-B 52 Bomber 10 bombs = Problem Gone. Send them to meet the 72 virgins earlier than expected.

  • gdwllhtnng says:

    This decision was made by Putin. Trump is a traitor.

  • Joey says:

    A muslim majority country "Our Ally"? LIE!

  • Mark Darragh says:

    Big mistake,,,Turkey will/are killing the Kurds,,,Trump is on drugs again here people

  • Comion says:

    Talking about war on Fox business … Are they not hiding their bias?

  • Mr.762 says:

    We need to stop using our military as mercenaries! 🇺🇸TRUMP2020🇺🇸

  • H o t r e t a r d e d c h i X says:

    This guy is so full of crap, it isn't even funny

  • Kip McEwen says:

    Media & Dems before: we should leave.

    Media & Dems now: we should stay since Trump says we should leave.

  • Pyrolight says:

    Maybe it will work, maybe not, the USA can't be the world police forever.

  • Cryptino says:

    You all are nothing but idiots.
    People who fought isis mostly was iran and hizballah, they also saved much of syrian christian towns in syria. Isis was always been supported by the US and israel. Since the syrian regime won, now the US wants isis back on track. You people are blind and your news media are all playing with your thoughts everyday. Go eat your mcdonalds, at least you get a meal.

  • Dale Anderson says:

    All of the warmongering neocons should be placed on the front lines so they can walk their talk.

  • lordspam says:

    It was less than 30 that we pulled out…. What are they? The 300?!

  • Aldo Biglari says:

    Mr President I love you so much but Pulling US troops out of Syria and or other part of the regions of MIDDLE EAST is an absolute stupidity!! This wrong move gives the ISIS to recruit. Furthermore, gives IRAN and TURKEY both Moslem Radical ( Shia and Sunni) to dominate the region!! So what was the purpose of fighting ISIS??!! And Turkey kills the Kurds who are US ally and To let another Terrorist SHIA CULT ( The HYPOCRITE Terrorist Islamic Regime of Iran) to dominate and replace ISIS??!! How can you Justify this move?? This is worse than OBAMA'S move getting out of Iraq!! With this move you are making Iran to dominate and the saga of the religious terrorist Cult cary on and on!! The Regime of Iran is worse than the ISIS SUNNI and as bad as the NAZIs in Germany WWII. Please wake up to yourself!!

  • Elizabeth's Oracle says:

    Just dropped by to say f. all neoCONS! Bring troops home and redeploy them to Baltimore, East Los Angeles, Pueblo, Flynt and every other lib ()*& hole right here at home.

  • Christian Gentry says:

    DJT fulfilling campaign promises. Bring our soldiers home! We don't need to be there.

  • Emmueye MUI says:

    Not "the kurds", dolt. PKK suicide bombers will never be US allies. Turkish backed forces are far more capable. They took cities from ISIS, without levelling them like the PKK did in Raqqa. What's more they don't plan to exercise forced conscription of minors, weekly car bombings, and ethnic cleansing of Arabs, Assyrians or non PKK Kurds. Nor will they threaten to release ISIS prisoners in retaliation on a yearly basis, or coop with Assad every other month. Working with the PKK is like positioning a knife at the back of US troops as well as Turkey . They are traditionally allied with Assad, Soviets/Russia, Iran and terrorist groups like the PFLP. They are insane and they will snap and betray us because Russia or Iran offer them castles in the sky. Their racism has already caused them to attack a US soldier helping an Arab.

  • Boe Zoe says:

    For people who think the removal of these troop is not a big deal, I think you need a better understanding of why they remained in the first place. Not only is Syria in a civil war, but there are multiple proxy wars taking place in that country. The most notable are the US vs Turkey, Turkey vs Kurds, Israel vs Iran (for eternity), US vs Russia, jackal vs hyena, etc. One of the main reasons the Iraq war turned Syrian was to stop ISIS from taking control of 2 countries and to protect our allies (namely Israel and a bit of oil). The reason why you leave a small number troops there is to have eyes and ears on the ground. They also reduce the chances of Iran, Turkey, and Russia further escalating the proxy war because none of them want to risk going directly to war with the US by killing some of our troops. If Trump wants to convince people that he is not acting on behalf of Russia, he's doing a terrible job of it with this move.

  • Daniel says:

    He needs to concentrate on the fight here back home by the deep state. Deep state makes $$$ off of war. They are trying to take him down. Good move.

  • Gothic Dragon warrior Queen says:

    Trump is doing a great job and I hope he bring them for Civil WAR 2 against the TRUMP-HATERS!!!🇺🇸😡🗡🛡⚒🏹💣💥

  • Reverend Galerivs says:

    i was thinking that turkey is an ally …

  • Reverend Galerivs says:

    what nonsense … turkey is ally, not kurds

  • D Me says:

    Donnie Dickhead….Putin's man-juice receptacle. Ugh!

  • Songs Forever says:

    Bring home our love one…..

  • Inspire Media says:

    We need to reign in our troops cause the big one is coming.

  • Michael Limaco says:

    Putin must be so happy. Putin is Syria's greatest allie and Trump is a traitor.

  • Abouttime K says:

    I dont care bring our people home.

  • MrHotbulldozer says:

    It is prophetic.
    "And I will turn thee back and put hooks into thy jaws, and I will bring thee forth and all thine army, horses and horsemen, all of them clothed with all sorts of armor, even a great company with bucklers and shields, all of them handling swords"
    Ezekiel 38:4

    Trump, sharpest tool of GOD.



  • ottomatic pilot says:

    Give the Kurds all the weapon they need to defend themselves!👍🏻

  • Everett Sykes says:

    Erdogan is a jagoff and a criminal. Research his history. This guy cant be trusted further than he can be thrown….and his phony coup attempt too.

  • martin crespo says:

    time for Trump to pay his master Putin

  • Realous B says:

    Time for a new president. Thank you trump.

  • john ross martens says:

    Trump wouldn't have done this without being told too by someone better minded on the issue


    Why is Trump abandoning our allies in Syria, the Kurds?
     "I have a little conflict of interest ’cause I have a major, major building in Istanbul,” Trump boasted in response. “It’s a tremendously successful job. It’s called Trump Towers — two towers, instead of one, not the usual one; it’s two. And I’ve gotten to know Turkey very well. They’re amazing people, they’re incredible people. They have a strong leader.”

    He said then that the situation was “complicated,” adding, “I thrive on complicated.” Trump did not reveal what he would do in the region if he were to become commander in chief.

    Trump still profits from Trump Towers in Istanbul, and the “strong leader” then was the same as now: President Erdogan.


    So did Trump just betray the Kurds because
    (a) He has business interests in Turkey
    (b) Erdogan, being a brutal autocrat, is his kind of guy
    (c) His boss Vladimir Putin told him to

    Remarkable that all three stories are perfectly plausible.

  • Stacie says:

    Trump the Traitor !!!!!!!!

  • Mike Kelly says:

    Cadet Bone Spurs was a lily livered coward in 1968 and he's still a lily livered coward in 2019. No guts, no backbone. What a failure as a leader?

  • Aizz says:

    Well done trump 👍 good man , great decision

  • Aizz says:

    Get this idiot off the show if he wants to go fight in Syria then send him and his family and then see if he still wants to stay there and fight , chicken hawk rat

  • Ro nald says:

    The truth is The US is becomming unreliable. And that is a truth that breaks my hart.

  • Tuxedo Cat says:

    There are 50 USA soldiers that are coming home. Again 50 total soldiers coming home. Are you really making an argument about bringing 50 people home?

  • EBobby Sing says:

    Warmongers are worried about the pullout.

  • serdal tekeli says:


  • Christopher Morales says:

    Bring our troops home.

  • c b says:

    Classic Loony Donny move. Create a distraction. This a$$hole again shows that he does not value
    loyalty. I hope his supporters will finally see this clown for what he is: Egotistical Moron!

  • Linny says:

    Traitor in Chief

  • Mohsin Qamar says:

    Look I don't like Trump, But I completely agree with Trump on this we no obligation to the world get in their wars, we once created Mujahidin to fight Soviet now they're called al-Qaeda caused 9/11 Good Job Mr.Trump

  • Gemarica says:

    Time for Europe to withdraw from Nato, forma European Army. Buy only European weapons and see the US for what it is. An adversary and next time when the US invade yet another country like Iraq who had nothing to do with 9/11. The Europeans should ship the millions of refugees straight to Trump’s heartland. Trump is a lunatic and nobody seem toi be able to end his presidency. Everyone knwos the Erdogan is an ISIS ally.

  • AndTheCorrectAnswerIs says:

    Policing other countries is NOT OUR JOB. These governments need to learn to stand on their own and take responsibility for protecting their own people. We get NOTHING of value from the Middle East. The US is energy independent….in fact we are now a net energy exporter.

  • Tintin says:

    Flynn was an admitted Turkish agent and a lot of money changed hands. It makes no sense for America to invite turkey to take over Kurdish lands – turkey has stated it will obliterate the kurdish people.
    Flynn was accused of arranging many things with turkey for a price…

  • Fairness Equality says:

    If you need to know what’s going on see what Rand Paul says about all this

  • Chatla Suresh says:

    Interested in Muslim brotherhood circumcision✂⚔?

  • GrassFedMeats says:

    America First! Not Kurds first…Not Israel First….Not Syria First! Our soldiers are dying in Vain! Allies are just an excuse to keep fighting a no win situation! The Kurds should never have trusted the Deep State. We aren't WORLD POLICE!

  • Virginia Campodonico says:

    Mr TRUMP WILL be Right again
    MONEY who could HELP

  • Bill Lee says:

    Hold on. The Kurds, known as the YPG, are the Syrian branch of the PPK which is a declared terrorist group of both the United States and Turkey. The US allied its (under Obama) in this region to take out a common enemy, ISIS with the US sending over 2,500 troops, equipment and training. Fast forward to 2019 and with ISIS taken out and only 1000 US troops in the area, the US is now supposed to defend the YPG from an attack from Turkey?!?!? Why?!?!?

    Everyone knows the reason why Turkey is going to attack. Its because the YPG is building up a presence along the Turkey Syria border and is a threat to Turkey as they have been fighting for over 35 years. Furthermore Turkey has taken in 400,000 Syrian refugees and wants to create a safe zone in Syria in order to return the Syrian refugees back home.

    The US is an ally of Turkey. The US does not owe the Kurds (YPG) protection for the sins of its past, present and future. They had a common mission and the mission is complete now. Everyone says that the US is leaving open the Kurds for slaughter?!?!? 1) so are the Americans supposed to leave their troops in Syria in perpetuity in order to allow the YPG to continue to build up troops along the Turkey Syria border until they can launch their own attacks against Turkey?!?!?!? Of course not…its as good a time now to withdraw the troops as there will ever be; b) so are the Americans supposed to stay in Syria and fight WITH the YPG – a declared terrorist group of the US and Turkey – against Turkey when Turkey decides it cannot wait any longer and must make this move?!?!? Of course not.

    The Kurds are not open to slaughter…the Kurds can simply retreat out of the region within a day and they will. As much as everyone is crying out Trump's move is a stab in the back leading the Kurds to slaughter, but it is a sound move that will save thousands of lives and it is also following a campaign promise of his to pull troops out of Syria.

  • marty maness says:

    This crap is so confusing. Just GTFO out of the middle east.

  • Firstname Lastname says:

    FYI: The US violates international law by being in Syria ! Why are none of these US propaganda outlets (Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, PBS,etc.) covering this ?

  • Mary Hernandez says:

    We need to bring our soldiers home alive not in body bags. Those countries need to fight their own wars. We've spent trillions that we could have used to fix our own problems.

  • minet dbrogs says:

    Yes trump was right actually ..you have a christianity problem….and it wont end easy except with a huge roman army…invasion with full aramada….chemical and nuclear warfare…lol those those banned WMD

  • radioman3515 says:

    Trump has no idea what he's doing. He's addicted to Adderall.

  • Alex Bajan says:

    Kurdish PKK is a terrorist org.

  • akui88 says:

    turkey wants to go 20 miles into Syria, i wonder where the oil fields are in that area…

  • cedrock says:

    Do people realize this president is completely clueless?… he’s doing this only because of a thoughtless campaign promise. There’s no strategy, no policy, no ally input, no detailed explanation, no party support….

    What a moronic maniacal manipulative mental midget.

  • Pedro Quinonez says:

    Get out of here you war mongering hack, let russia syria and iran deal with the issues within syria since iran and russia are the only parties invited, kpg needs to align with assad since he has always been a secular leader

  • Frank Salman says:

    Here's a prediction. Isis will do something that will keep the U.S. there.

  • Ken Machek says:

    Hmmmmm….what REALLY is behind this?

  • Sam Sung says:

    Get out of that hell hole.
    KAG. 2020!

  • Sebastian Ortega says:

    Warmongers deserve all the hellfire they get

  • TJ Jumps says:

    Why so you think the President has enough Brain cells to make any appropriate decisions…. This is not a surprise to me

  • Regalada Roman says:

    Sir, why don’t you volunteer to save the world. For goodness sake. Leave the President do his job, he’s not working alone on this removing troops and send them back to their families.

    Prayers for our President.

  • DeMeaning Plebny says:

    I'm thinking Erdogan has threatened to move to the Russian side is he doesn't get his way.

  • frank enstein says:

    Now Mr Trump , you want to insure re-election , announce to the American people , all the billions we were spending there will now be dumped into the medicare program . That will blow democrats and republicans out of the water , on the other hand the American people will call you the greatest president in history , man of the people . This tied to your economy boom , wow

  • Dogukan says:

    Why would Turkey release Isis prisoners? Are you stupid or what

  • Jo John says:

    Zionist middle east wars is all Syria amounts too Alex Jone called it right It the Greater Israel plan fought for by US troops

  • Tom Slick says:

    People are fighting in the Middle East is this a new development? Oh no that's right they've been fighting each other for centuries why the hell should our fellow countrymen and women die over there for BS has been going on for thousands of years

  • Kyle Knight says:

    Middle East analyst? How has that been working out for you Michael?

  • Aburame Lennon says:

    Another ally gone. Whose next 💁‍♀️

  • Lear King of Albion says:

    Missing pieces? Melissa thinks there might be missing pieces? How is that possible when 90% of reporters are filling up air time instead of investigating for missing pieces? They don’t even put their noses next to the boxwoods outside the studio. Bart Simpson noticed the problem 2 years ago. But Bart is a statue, not a reporter.

  • Jonny Sevent says:

    lol Reading right wing comments is just an endless stream of unsubstantiated conspiracy theories. You people will believe ANYTHING it seems.

  • Proud Infidel says:

    The Kurds are friendly not enemies back off Turkey no genocide

  • ARTI BİR says:

    How you manupilate people perception¿
    We dont forget how us organize coup attempt against Turkey.
    We will not forget how us use some kurds as a proxy against Turkey.
    There was %10 kurdish people in syria before syria war. Now they control half of syria and oil facilities.
    these are isreal plan to divide all nation in the middle east one after another.
    Enough is enough.
    Everybody is soldier in Turkey. Dont confuse turkey with other nations. War is our celebration days.

  • Metin onur Guney says:

    TÜRKIYE ARMY 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🚀 pentagonpkk the die 👹😈

  • divine angelvoice says:

    President Trump is connected with a higher wisdom. Pulling out of Syria is the only right thing to do. Lets not waste lives, time and money on people who constantly are doing evil deeds. The situation in the middle east is due to one evil book The Koran. The biggest tragedy in human history is Islam. Let the middle east fight all their tribal, and hate wars, which have been going on since Muhammad was born. A very famous Indian Poorna Avatar once said, " There will be no peace in the world as long as politicians are using the same old model, just moving a bit around with their ideas, but no new ways of thinking.. IT TAKES A TOTALLY NEW WAY OF THINKING". THE MAN WITH TOTALLY NEW IDEAS IS PRESIDENT TRUMP. It is very clever pulling out from other countries hate problems.

  • Demand Real_Liberty says:

    All these WAR HAWKS are freaking out!! It's funny to watch…they'll alway come up with some reason to want war!

  • Fairness Equality says:

    We have done so much f… up with people of Middle East you think now that he wants to bring the troops home all of a. Sudden aaah if we do that no one will trust any more !!!
    Too late no one trust us anymore including Kurds

  • Hona Wikeepa says:

    Trump doesn't want to be the world's police force. Why doesn't NATO take over? American's can't afford to finance and defend foreign EU interests.

  • A N says:

    Blah, blah, blah Warmongering Psychopaths want their wars back, that would be a NO Bolton, Saudis and Israel. All your talking heads can crawl back into the hole they crawled back out of. We don't believe your fearmongering and lies anymore.

  • Emiliano Zapata says:

    The facts:
    -Kurd territory with non combatant US military troops = peace
    -the day the US troops withdrawed = Turkey attact, war.

    So how in earth can someone think, that to let the obviously peacekeeping non combatant US troops stay is warmongering.

  • Gaylene Wilson says:


  • Wally Wally says:

    TRUMP wins again good job. Nobody is talking about soon millions of Syrians returning home soon !!!

  • scott mckenzie says:

    Obama supplied weapons to Isis

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