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Miss International 2019 PREDICTION #1

Miss International 2019 PREDICTION #1

Hi, I’m a pipe and welcome to this new video, I invite you to activate English subtitles. On this occasion I present my favorites without any order for the Crown del miss international edition 2019 remember that the Crown is under the power of the Venezuelan mariem Velasco And it will be the same that crowns her successor on November 12 We start with the one in charge of looking for the back to back, she is Melissa Jimenez the representative of Venezuela. Although his preparation time was short, we were able to see a lot of strength and quality in his outings this shows us the great team he has,
From her points in favor we highlight the great mastery of the scene, angel, that positive vibes and security that she manages to transmit she measures 1.74 cm, she is 20 years old
She is currently a student of Nutrition and Dietetics, she was a highly competitive gymnast for 13 years, a dance dancer and a studio for. 6 months abroad. We continue with the representative of Uganda 23 years, 180 cm, elegance, bearing and great impact, its skin color is one of its greatest attractions and this beauty has business studies also obtained
A Bachelor of Entrepreneurship and Business Management she represents her country after 10 years of absence. We arrived in Spain and his representative is Claudia Cruz Pretty facial beauty and great record, of the candidates who have raised points in concentration, she is a student of Advertising and Public Relations, has 24
It measures 1.70 cm is a lover of fashion and cinema. It’s Andrea Prchalová’s turn is the representative of the Czech Republic Of the most complete candidates in terms of beauty, her outings have been impeccable and in every activity she has known how to excel, she is a humanities student, she is fluent in English she is 1.75 cm tall, 20 years old, her hair color is brown, his blue eyes, and his hobby is modeling. Let’s know Panama, she is Betzaida Rodriguez It shows the studio of the contest and their participation in the events have been a success, taking some favoritism in the spectators she is an elegant woman who uses this factor as her weapon, she measures 1.76 cm, is 23 years old, and is a student of Industrial Engineering. One of the biggest favorites in networks is Mexico and its representative is Andrea toscano It has the experience of a grand slam contest remember that she participated in the previous edition of miss universe and all this will serve for her final exhibition her profile is very successful and the set such as beauty, outings, attitude and registration have been the best she is the most followed candidate on instagram with 529k thousand followers, she is 20 years old measuring 1.75 cm, she studies the degree in nutrition and is a professional model. Bea Magetanong is the representative of the Philippines and is responsible for returning La Corona to her country after the one won in 2016 of my favorites for the crown and without a doubt Bea came to Tokyo to win and her greatest strengths are distinctive beauty, oratory, stage mastery, excellent registration and great organization that accompanies her and gave her an intensive preparation, this model lawyer has 25 years, measures 1.79 cm, and has a degree in business economics. -We continue with Indonesia Jolene Marie Cholock Another of the great favorites and who has known how to maintain this favoritism in networks knowing how to figure has all the profile that winners usually have as well as Mexico and the Philippines, has been seen with much sophistication in their outings, and we can notice that this working hard to be the winner she is a model, a theater actress who is a member of the International Paralympic Games committee, has a master’s degree and specialized in theology. We finish with Colombia and its representative is Maria Vengoechea This beauty has had a long time of preparation and has achieved a great evolution, dealing with great favoritism places her with an extra task to demonstrate at each exit because it is And from my point of view he succeeds, his outings have been impeccable and he has the profile he usually likes in Japan, angel, Grace and good performance she measures 1.73 cm, is 21 years old. I hope you liked this video a lot
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