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Miss universe 2019 PREDICTIONS part 1

Miss universe 2019 PREDICTIONS part 1

Hi, I’m a pipe and welcome to this new video and I invite you to activate English subtitles. We are only days away from universal contenders arriving in Atlanta and also knowing who the new miss universe will be and for this occasion I present my observations in detail before the great contenders arrive The dynamic will be as follows, I present 3 groups ASIA AFRICA PACIFIC, EUROPE And we finish with AMERICAS, In each of them we will talk about their strong candidates and those we should keep in mind, remember to comment on your favorites and let’s start The turn is for Asia and Africa Pacific starting with one of the great favorites of the edition she is Fahsai paweensuda Drouin and is the representative of Thailand It has the participation in an international competition and since this has had great evolution and more than this is the experience that I provide, it has the support of one of the best
National organizations that have brought an unparalleled growth improvement in their outings looking quite youthful, fresh and when it should be elegant too I have seen several criticisms about the aesthetics of your body and it is worth emphasizing that in this organization the fact that it is worked and perfect to your liking it is a plus but not a disadvantage, she dominates the English language and her oral and body expression is another of her strengths, she measures 1.82 cm is 26 years old is Dj, has a degree in kinesiology and her social cause is focused on the education and health of Thais This year the one in charge of looking for the back to back for your country is gazini won the representative of the Philippines. Faithful follower of the body language of this candidate, she goes on stage and attracts attention, perhaps because of her ability or the energy force she has we have been able to see her looking elegant and at the same time sexy and she does it perfectly to my liking her face is another of her greatest strengths and she knows her points in favor quite well thanks to that she presents us with a very good record something essential and important that we must highlight is the fluency with which he speaks, transmits security and knows how to sell you an idea, his social cause is focused on older adults who go through so many needs among others we have seen him work on projects to prevent HIV and education in the philippines, she is 25 years old and measures 1.75 cm. If we talk about the social work and the human part that a miss can offer the people we must exalt frederika cull she is Indonesian It is incredible that with 20 years she has his own non-governmental organization where he helps the needy children born in Indonesia to have a birth registration and with it work more than 1000 people collecting data on the other hand also works saving dogs from traffic in Indonesia and collaborating with the improvement of education, of the best letters that this country has sent and shows it to us with its evolution and improvement in every aspect he has great attitude and charisma on the catwalk and dominates the cameras completely this leads me to Telling that she is an actress is fluent in English. She seeks to break stereotypes and aspires to be the first Muslim Miss Universe. of the countries that are within the possibility of repeating top 5 this Vietnam and its representative is Hong Thuy We could define it with the word attitude, and this shows us when it comes to the scene, its beauty set, body which has had a great job since its election and is positioned among the best thanks to its proportions, its registration and facial beauty they play in her favor, she spent years working hard and reached her final professional goal. as a famous model in Vietnam and walked on international fashion runways. She is the founder of Women’s Empowerment, a nonprofit organization, along with educational organizations. She participates as a skills coach and speaker of the project measures 1.79 cm and is 27 years old. And this year something curious happens and it is that great candidates come from participating in an international competition such as Vartika Singh she is miss universe india A very autochthonous beauty with great experience as she has said before comes from participating in an international competition and all this makes her have some points of more than other candidates, she has contributed as a technical advisor in a government project based on health in partnership she also founded a nonprofit organization with the World Bank and aims to create and spread awareness about public health issues that affect the country and has also been working in India to raise awareness and educate communities about tuberculosis, she is 26 years old and is 1.71 cm tall and has a master’s degree in public health. Mentions of this group to miss universe south africa she is zozibini tunzi The beautiful color contender of this group, a sweet, confident woman with a particular style that attracts attention, is a passionate and committed activist in the fight against gender violence is a proud defender of natural beauty and encourages For women to love themselves as they are, she measures 1.78 cm and is 26 years old and we end with Shweta Sekhon she is miss universe Malaysia An elegant and sophisticated woman with exotic features, she is fluent in 4 languages, including Hindi and Malay English , she encourages people to love the skin in which they find themselves through their movement in social networks, your body, your voice, work In order to raise awareness about animal cruelty and overcome poverty and injustice among children, she measures 1.72 cm and is 22 years old. Some candidates that we must consider are Bangladesh and Sierra Leone

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