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MTG – Sensei’s Divining Top Giveaway Contest and June Channel Update!

Yes Dean, I absolutely see why this is an issue, but in my defense, I honestly thought that to “Netflix and Chill” meant to binge watch Netflix shows all weekend long. Well, how was I supposed to know it means that? No, I probably wouldn’t have recommended so many students just “Netflix and Chill” as a way to relax before final exams. Well, test scores ARE up and– ooh, I gotta go, yeah I– I’ll call you back. Oh, hello. Wow, here at Tolarian Community College, things certainly are busy. I want to take this opportunity to give everyone a quick channel update, as well as tell you how you can enter, for free, to win a free Sensei’s Divining Top deck-box from Leifkicker designs, for free! But first, let’s talk closed captioning. Youtube has recently enabled it so that viewers of Youtube channels, such as this one, can actually contribute to that channel’s success and growth, by submitting their own closed captioning, or ‘subtitles’ for videos. And this is something that I want to let everyone know is available, because it’s something that would really help out the channel a lot. I have so many videos at this point that it would simply take me too long, to go back through all of them and write in closed captioning in English, and to hire someone to do this would be an enormous cost. But if viewers, when they have free time, and as they see fit, occasionally submit closed captioning, then this allows people who would otherwise need those subtitles to have access to them, which is a really great thing that I want to be able to offer to viewers. And what’s of super interest to me is that if any of you out there speak languages, fluently please, other than English that you can submit closed captioning in those languages so that people who maybe aren’t native English speakers can still watch and enjoy these videos with the subtitles on. So, for example: Spanish or German or Japanese, or whatever. And since this is a relatively new option, certainly one that I’ve recently enabled, I did want to take that opportunity to let you know that it would be a great way for you to contribute to the channel if you’ve got the time or the foreign language skills. It would be greatly, greatly appreciated and help the channel and its viewers out a lot. And I also want to take this opportunity to remind all of you about the Tolarian Community College grade roster for those of you who may have missed the announcement, the college now has an amazing grade roster, which contains every single product review I’ve done, the grade that product received and a link to the appropriate review. This is all available, for free, for everyone at and it can even be downloaded as an interactive PDF if you need access to it offline. Number three, let’s talk about second channels. I have one and you may not know about it. It’s called Tolarian Public Library. And it’s where I post archives of all my Twitch streams. Yes! You also may not know that I stream Magic: The Gathering Online on Twitch. Well, I do, and I’ve created this second channel available right up there, as a kind of library for those archives. Yeah, the updates are usually slow and sporadic, but it does create a catalog of all of my work on Twitch. Since I currently stream irregularly, in other words, whenever I am free, which sometimes is often throughout the week, and sometimes is seldom to never throughout the week, and every week is different, Well, a lot of people do miss my Twitch streams. The Tolarian Public Library is a great way for you to catch those past streams, in a much higher quality of video and audio than the Twitch VODs provide. Now if you’re interested in trying to check out these streams when they happen, you can go on over to and hit follow. That way you will be notified of a stream whenever it goes live. Following me on Facebook and Twitter is also a great way to get notified of streams and other cool things from me as well. Number four, Office Hours, I just posted a new Office Hours, where Olivia Voldaren visits and, well, you’ll have to check it out to see what she wants. I’m a big fan of this series, and would love to hear what Planeswalker or other MTG character or characters, you think should visit me next. Remember, they need to be someone who can be believably cosplayed. So, yeah, Ugin, and Bolas? Not too likely. And no, I will not just have my cat be Ajani. But I absolutely love making that series, it’s seems to be very popular with all of you, it’s definitely a lot more difficult than regular videos such as product reviews, and deck techs because I do have to pay for and accomodate performers that are going to be in those videos, which is why finally, I do need to push Patreon to just say that all of this, the weekly videos, the streaming, the grade roster, the website, all of this is thanks to your support over on Patreon, I am eternally grateful for all that you have given, all that you give allows me to do this and to do more, if we reach our next funding goal, for example, it’ll allow me to request even fewer classes at my college, and free me up for content creation, and of particular note, a regular reliable streaming schedule. After that, I’m hoping to do a very special type of video podcast, starring myself, it requires a certain amount of new equipment and other costs, because I want to do something very different, and very unique, as usual, so thank you all, as always, for your support, on Patreon, most of that is going back into the channel at this point. Alright, now that all those announcements are out of the way, let’s talk how you can win one of these Sensei’s Divining Top Boxes. This is made by the amazing Leifkicker Designs. Uh, they cost about a hundred fifty dollars, I believe. But we’re going to be able to give one away, to a lucky subscriber, for free. Shipping anywhere in the world, international shipping. No costs to you, and… There’s nothing that you have to do other than click enter. There’s a link down below, in the description, go ahead and follow it. The only condition is you have to be a subscriber, to either this channel, or my other channel at Tolarian Public Library, or if you really don’t want to follow, uh, on YouTube, then you can also be a Twitter follower, and it’ll allow you to enter that way. So I wanted to put up, I know people have personal reasons for not wanting to actually, click that subscribe button, or click follow on Twitter, and so I wanted to give options, so as long as you do at least one, you get one ticket entered in the contest. The way the program is setup is that if you do more than one, like if you are a subscriber to both my channels, you will get two entries, two tickets, in that barrel, if you also follow me on Twitter, that’s a third, Uh, so there’s technically up to three tickets available, based upon how much of a follower of mine you are. One week from today, one week from today a lucky winner will be drawn, and the Leifkicker Sensei’s Divining Top will be shipped out to them. This is possibly one of my new favorite deck boxes, if you didn’t see my video review of it with a lot of great shots, you can do so here. But this is an extraordinary item of craftsmanship, and MTG flavor and I hope very much, that you, are that lucky winner. And thank you, of course, for your support, of Tolarian Community College.

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