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Mykie: Hello, Zombaes. Mykie: *High Pitched Squeal* Mykie: You read right Mykie: Today, my Tinder match will be doing my makeup. Mykie: You might remember some of my Tinder matches that I had back in the day. Mykie: There were a lot of gems. Pff Mykie, reading a Tinder message: ‘Your place or mine baby?’ Mykie: oH oH OH Mykie, reading a Tinder message: “Right off the bat, I gotta let you know that I’m just here to eat *beep* *beep*’ Tinder guy 2: ‘Ok. Lol. ?. Can I *beep* *beep*’ Tinder guy 3: “Looks like you could paint a portrait with those dsl’ Tinder guy 4: ‘Are you a fruit, cuz honeydew you know how fine you look?’ Spankie: “Oh MY GOSH IS THIS REALLY 2018?” FRIEND: THE BAR IS SO LOW FOR MEN ON TINDER” Mykie: And if you haven’t seen my Tinder picks my beauty makeup and sfx makeup, parts 1 and 2 yet. Mykie: I would HIGHLY suggest you stop right now, and you at least go watch the first one before continuing. Mykie: But, the second one is really funny so also watch that one Mykie: One match in particular I think a lot of people might remember, would be this one. Mykie: Oh and that man was very cute, Oh and we matched great, Henry. Talk to you soon henry. Mykie: Henry has messaged me Mykie reading Tinder message from Henry: ‘Stephanie you’re adorable.’ Mykie: Wait Mykie: Oh come on Mykie: His second picture is with a friend of mine Mykie: Who I am supposed to get lunch with this week. Mykie talking to Spanky: You know Charlie from Charisma on Command? *giggles* Mykie talking to Spanky: He is in a picture with Charlie Spanky laughing: Your game just got wrecked!! Mykie: Yeahhh… Mykie messaging Henry: “You know Charlie from Charisma On Command?” *Mykie laughing* Mykie reads Henry’s reply: “Yeah… I guess you could say that he’s my brother.” Mykie, Spanky & Ripley scream & laugh Mykie in shock reading Henry’s reply: “Well, I’ll let you get back to trolling. I got important babes to find.” Spanky: Ahhh… Mykie: I think that makes me a non-important babe. * Mykie nodding* Spanky: That just went down so many levels Mykie: I like you Henry, I liked you before I knew that you were Charlie’s brother. *Spanky laughs* Mykie replying to Henry: Good luck with the important babe hunting. Mykie: [sigh] And ever since then, you guys have been begging me for an update. Mylie: And I don’t just mean on my Tinder videos or posts about promoting the Tinder videos. I mean on EVERY SINGLE THING I’ve posted since then. Mykie: Cause you guys knew I was going to see my friend Charlie for lunch later that week anyway. Mykie: Well I have news for you… Mykie: I met Henry. Mykie: I met him that day when I had lunch with Charlie and we hung out too. Mykie: Those of you who follow me on Instagram got to see this happen: Charlie: “Very looking good” Charlie: “Gotta do a video where Henry makes… makeup happen.” Mykie: You want an update‽ So I’ll give you your update! Mykie: I got Henry to do a video with me and it’s the one that you are watching. Mykie: Obviously. Mykie: Because I can think of no better way to end the Tinder trilogy Mykie: then this. Mykie: I’m nervious, yes. Mykie: I have met him, yes. Mykie: But I don’t know him very well. Mykie: So I’m not sure how this is gonna go. But if it’s what the Zombaes want, its what the Zombaes get. Mykie: He is about to be here… Mykie: I did this intro before hand, that way I don’t have to awkwardly do it when he’s here. Mykie: Let’s meet him! Mykie: The man Mykie: The myth Mykie: The legend. Mykie: Here’s Henry! Mykie: Are you praying right now? Henry: What, no? Mykie: Are you scared of me? Henry: I’m religious… all of a sudden Henry: I have not seen your YouTube videos, so I am excited to see you shine. Mykie: So you think I am nice and normal? Henry: Nice and normal, yeah. Mykie: That’s good. Henry: Maybe even a little quiet. Mykie: QUIET? Ooooh… Henry enthusiatically: yeah.. yeah yeah Mykie: That’s funny Mykie: You ready? Henry: Yeah Mykie: So, i was thinking, Henry from Tinder, – Henry: No… (Mykie laughs) no, just call me Henry from Hollywood, from now on Mykie: From Hollywood? Henry: Yeah i live in Santa Monica, but i prefer Hollywood Mykie: (Snorts) Henry: Can we cut that? Henry: Henry from Santa Monica – (Mykie: wait you-) orginally from Philadelphia, spent some time overseas Henry: Go ahead Henry: We’ll run it back, it’s fine. Mykie: (Laughs) Mykie: How do you think editing works? Henry: I’ve seen my brother do it. Henry: You just start from the beginning Henry: And you just go all the way through, no cuts. Mykie: Okay so, introduce yourself. Henry: What’s up guy-girls, I’m Henry from Santa Monica. Henry: Is that good? (Mykie: (gasps)) Henry: G-A-G (smiles awkwardly) Henry: Glam & Gore (Mykie: O-Okay.) Mykie: (Snorts and laughs) Henry: Everyone knows that’s what you’re called. Mykie: So, Apparently you guys aren’t Zombaes anymore. Henry: You’ve upgraded. Henry: I’ll let you take it from here. Mykie:I will never say that. Henry: You wont say it? Mykie: It’s G and G like good game glam (pause) (and) and gore. Mykie: Glam AND Gore Henry: So when I typed in I just wrote Glam Gore and nothing came up Henry: but I wrote Glam And Gore and that’s when I saw you and there you were Henry: So then I was like my brother’s channel is Charisma On Command. Henry: The O has to stay there so it’s not CC. You know? Henry: Anyways…So what’s up Zombaes? Henry: It’s Henry here from Tinder Here and you’re about to have the best video ever. Mykie: laughs Henry whispers: Pretty natural Henry: Charlie? Mykie: Yeah you said that Henry: Oh that his was C.O.C yeah Charisma on Command Henry: Yeah that’s my brother’s channel if you wanna check him out Mykie: So his acronym is… Henry: Use affiliate code Henry from Tinder on all purchases you might make on there Henry: or just give me a shout out, that’d be cool too Mykie: but you’re avoiding my question Henry: What Question? Mykie: Charlie’s acronym Henry: I’m not saying Charlie’s acronym. Mykie: Oh but you’ll say mine? Henry: Yeah well here we are. The G.A.G girls. The G.A.G stars nonetheless yeah you should do my makeup
all right we could try that where do we Mykie: Have you ever met a girl off tinder who took off their makeup for you immediately? Henry: Umm…absolutely not. I’ve only met catfish on Tinder Mykie: You’ve only met catfish on Tinder? Henry: Yeah, pretty much people who don’t look like their photos Henry PSA: That needs to stop. It’s a crisis happening in America mykie: do I look like my photos? henry: yeah, you do mykie: are you lying? henry: yeah a little bit Henry: You’re one photo is real good! mykie: shocked Mykie: Oh yeah go on, which one? Henry blushing: you know which one Henry: your front photo was fantastic mykie: does that look like the picture you’re talking about? henry: no, you like you henry: pull it up. here’s the one when it slides down & shows the actual photo henry: you still have that photo where you have blue hair? *from tinder part 2* mykie: oh you wanna do it? yeah yeah yeah you do it henry: ok, where do you usually start? mykie: I don’t know. It’s all up to you now henry: i gotta get one eyebrow first Mykie: just wipe. Henry: it’s not coming off mykie: that’s cuz I’m good henry: oh you gotta really rub it. does this hurt? mykie laughing: no mykie: but I like how you’re gripping the back of my head henry: HOLY MOLY EVERYONE! one eyebrow gone mykie talking about us: they’re all like uh, yeah henry joking Henry joking along: duh henry: should I… should I do like your whole face? mykie: yeah henry: yeah? henry: oh wow I’m going to need a couple of these *zing music* mykie laughs henry: oh it comes off right away mykie: first date henry: you’re doing great by the way henry: stop smiling. act serious. this is very serious mykie: I’m clenching my eyeball. you should pull off my eyelashes henry: ohh no! no, no, no! mykie: yeah do it! henry: what if I grab your eyebrow? henry freaks out: ohh mykie laughs: do it like a band-aid henry: you just do it?! mykie: yeah, like a band-aid henry: we’ll try here. ohh.. henry: aren’t you going to talk to your g.a.g-ster’s well were working? mykie: we don’t have to talk the whole time henry: oh good mykie: that’s what editing is for mykie: unless something funny happens henry: nothing funny is going to happen. don’t worry stay silent henry: oh yeah. *boops on nose* henry: time to put makeup on! mykie awkward stare to high-five henry: woo! mykie: do you want you want to start with? henry: uhh foundation mykie: Wow, impressive! henry: yeah mykie: okay! mykie: i’m going to give you a few options ok? henry: okay mykie: and then you have to pick one that you think is correct henry: ok I’m going to go with the one that you like A LOT which is this one mykie: please introduce the product henry: TARTÈ Rainforest of the Sea mykie :yes, very good henry: what’s going on here?! henry: this is founation mykie: yes henry: and what’s this button top do? okay i see! henry: we need to put this in a bowl mykie terrified: in a bowl??… henry: what else would you use it for? henry: and then we’re going to need a brush mykie: that is your foundation brush of choice henry: how am I doing here? mykie lying: great henry: pour this out? mykie: yeah, sure henry: i’ll get you back mykie: no that’s okay thats what PR boxes are for henry laughs: should we sponsor this video? mykie: it’s not sponsored by TARTÈ henry: take your brush mix it up nice and ooh then it’s gonna get thickened all of a sudden mykie: baking a cake? mykie: you think that this is going to match my neck, right? like today do you have a turtle neck?Mykie: I do
Henry: okay perfect so this is not applying as well as I thought it would. I think my
brush is too big. Mykie: I think it might be Henry: that so this is just gonna be your
mostly like your overall applicator Henry: we’re thinking then you go in with your
fine tip brush I’m gonna put this to Mykie: going from a big round brush to a fine tip brush that’s what you’re looking for now Henry: to get in the nooks and crevices
Mykie: yeah okay Henry: ah what is this thing she just placed in front of me I know this is this is a sponge I’m gonna use this for this
Henry: should we wet it first? Mykie impressed: ohhh yes look at you Henry: so the bowl is not necessary? Mykie: the bowl is fine Mykie: I used that bowl to clean my makeup brushes but that’s fine Henry: later can go where you want it Mykie: look at that sweeping
method Wow Henry: you we’re gonna go one direction never pick up the brush Henry: do they all have that Mykie:no Henry: okay Mykie: you literally picked the only one with the difficult top Henry: yeah. classic… we’re
gonna do circles on this side all the way under the chin. look in the camera
nice even foundation. next thing. Mykie: what’s next? Henry: eyebrows! Mykie: I handed him these, these, these, and those. Henry: what the heck?! why is there so many of these they all Henry: look the same. okay so I can just go wherever I feel Mykie: mm-hmm. Henry whispers that’s not cool Henry: so the eyebrow gel is to keep the stuff on so we’re gonna start there mykie: okay henry: because it’s a small tip I’m gonna guess yeah yeah that’s straight on no that wasn’t it I’m Mykie: sorry no no that was great
Henry: that wasn’t good okay those are for eyelashes those off or combing your hand
I’ve seen these before and these are for like you know
stenciling right? does it oh no now everything’s ruined stressful Mykie: is it? Henry: yeah this is broken moving on we’ll start with the putty Mykie: the putty, the brow putty Henrhy: it’s a brow putty Mykie: please show what the
brow putty is so that everybody knows Mykie: putty Henry: putty.smells good. smallest brush it’s not going well
Oh No good Mykie: whatever you do on my face right
now is how I’m going to rest of the day Henry: can’t wait Mykie: with you Henry: no Mykie: yes Henry: this one’s way better everyone’s gonna be saying whoa you just always look with your left eye to things ok and put a patch on the other side.
that one’s pretty good right? Mykie: as soon as I tell him that I’m going out with him then I get effort Henry: no that’s not true Mykie: yeah Henry: we got one good side or one better
side Mykie: we got one better side that’s for sure Henry: one better side Mykie: I’m not worried about people judging Henry: me neither. you look beautiful Mykie: thank you Henry: let’s move on. lipstick? Mykie: lipstick? yeah yeah sure. you want lipstick options? Henry: no, no you let’s do the other one Mykie: the other one Henry: yeah what’s the other one? it’s in box three over there number three
it’s some disks it’s got a child lock on it holy mackerel!! I’m gonna say cheeks we’re gonna do cheeks here Mykie: ding ding ding. Henry: do we wet the brush at all? no, got it. this one looks like a good cheek brush
doesn’t smell no smell I actually don’t like this look this guy right here
Mykie: that’s your blush brush Henry: blush brush say that five times fast *both attempt* Henry tries to say glam and gore five times fast. where do you start now this is a highlighter and you
want to highlight the cheeks Mykie: look at that technique. that swirl technique Henry: pretty good Henry: oh no! turn to the camera this one got too much Henry: this looks Mykie: i just look so alive over here Henry: yeah, you’re ready to go Mykie: you ready to go? Henry: yeah Mykie: you want to go out now? Henry: nooo Mykie: do you like girls that wear less makeup??
Henry struggling for correct answer: uh-huh. yeah.. no… Mykie: why did you swipe right on me? Henry: uh you were looking fine Mykie: he’s got his hand on my back to like make sure I don’t go anywhere Henry: Support. So I don’t push too hard. I’m pretty happy with this pretty good. Mykie: 10 out of 10. what do you want to do next? Henry: number four Mykie: number four? Henry: lashes. skip! color palettes Mykie: color palettes which one do you want? Henry: life’s a drag Mykie: he picked this one. Henry: only one with writing on it. Mykie: I think I used this one in the first Tinder video. Henry: really? Mykie: you would know that if you watched it Henry: we’re just gonna keep moving on so we’re working with
rosy cheeks but you know we look really good some Chi Chi that one right there
Mykie terrified: pink?? Henry: yeah Mykie: Oh okay Henry: small brush that was right?! yeah that was right!! Mykie lying: you’re so good at this
Henry: yeahhh.. this is eyelid stuff, right? Mykie: yeah it’s eyelid stuff
Henry: okay relax
Mykie: sorry you just make me nervous Henry: that’s so bright Mykie: I mean you picked a neon pink eye shadow Henry: we’re gonna go all the way down to the eyes right? We’re gonna blend that don’t worry. Mykie: okay I’m not worried Henry: yeah that was a dump choice
Mykie: why?
Henry: cuz look how bright it is Mykie: What did you think it was gonna be it’s, very pigmented Henry: yeah
Mykie: so pigmented Henry: why do they even make it a choice then Mykie: Oh patting technique look at you go. so what are you good at Henry? Henry: I’m a wonderful dog person. I take my dog for walks pick up his poop, feed him. Mykie: his? Henry: Hers Mykie: His dogs name is Lady and you just called her a him Henry: well she’s post-op. I just got her fixed. so I don’t really want to put a gender on her Mykie: very woke
Henry: woke AF We’re gonna do some of this again. Nope we’re not gonna do some of that Henry: uhh it’s too bright.let’s see… close your eyes Mykie: Oh, you did use a makeup wipe!
Henry: I gotcha Henry: It really brings out the blue eyes
Mykie: Does it? Henry: Ding *winks* Mykie: They are complimentary colors Henry: Ding *winks* Henry: Okay, moving on
Mykie: ok Mykie: you just want one color on the eyes? Henry: no I want two. thank you for that. Mykie: okay Henry: we need something to lighten up that pink I think I get what goes on you put like a
color and then you put another color on it so it like lessons that color but
like still has that color so this is probably most like your
Mykie: he’s going for a tan, like a tan nude eyeshadow
Henry: to bring out the pink Mykie: to bring out the pink
Henry: close them. it is beautiful it is just going away. eh it’s better. Mykie: what’s your favorite color? Mykie: I should get to know you. Henry: Blue. I have a dog named Lady
I’m 26 years old. I live in Santa Monica my mom’s name is Kathy, have a brother and sister. Jackie is her name we grew up in the same little town. we went to the same school too. Mykie: do you not usually do that with siblings? Henry: no you and I went to the same school Mykie: oh, yeah! we went to the same College Henry: same College. T for Temple U. Woo! I dropped out. Henry: what were you like in high school Mykie: um super hyper I worked at Hollister Henry: nice so I know we know you smelled good
Mykie: I smelled great back then yeah I dressed like a preppy and then like kind of
punky and then preppy and then kind of punky Henry: what each year Mykie: every other day Henry: so were like you so who’s your group were you with the punk rockers or with the preps Mykie: I was
the kind of person that had friends in every group I didn’t have like my own
group Henry: but no Mykie: loyal to no one Henry: I was actually pretty similar to what
you just described yeah I didn’t dress differently. I kind of dress the same that I do now. I had a few good friends. I was good in
school. I was not a jock but I liked playing sports. Mykie: what’d you play? Henry: two years of high school golf. Mykie: golf?! Henry: yeah Mykie: high school golf?! Henry: you didn’t have golf at your school? Mykie: no I don’t think so. did Abbington have golf?? Henry: you did we played you guys Mykie: in golf?! Henry: see we wouldn’t have interacted in high school. played a little bit of soccer and uh sat the bench for basketball. Mykie: Hey someone’s got to do it Henry: someone’s got to do it. those guys are thirsty out there they’re working hard
someone needs to cheer them up when they’re losing you know Mykie: so you were a cheerleader? Henry: yeah but a male Mykie: a male cheerleader who sat the bench on that on the team. Mykie: woke AF Henry:
oh no that doesn’t work here Henry:Woke AF? Mykie: why wouldn’t that work? Henry: because I
sat the bench. Mykie: no cuz you were a male cheerleader
Henry: no I wasn’t you said that I said I just wasn’t good enough to play Mykie: our first fight Henry laughing: okay yeah uh-huh Mykie: you want to know what’s in drawer number five? Henry: of course.
oh no glitter Mykie: oh we’re the same Henry: what? Mykie: I see glitter and I think Oh No too Henry: oh geez
Mykie: oh geez Rick Mykie: Do you watch Rick & Morty? Henry: I don’t Mykie: that’s weird. Henry: what did you make a Rick & Morty joke and I just didn’t say anything? *few moments later* Mykie: try it Ripley starts attacking. Henry scared. Mykie to the rescue. Henry: I’m waiting. boom! Mykie: so these are your options for eyeliner. I’m showing him this, this these and.those. Henry: are those options. Mykie:those are options Mykie: How feeling about this so far? Henry: I feel pretty good Mykie: are you regretting everything yet? Henry: no Mykie: are you scared of what I’m gonna make you look like in the edit? *Henry freaks out* Mykie: That’s a nervous laugh! Henry: as long as they don’t watch it it didn’t happen Mykie: as you don’t watch it this video never happened? Henry: right Mykie: are you never gonna watch it? Henry: never. this is just like an… one of the smell markers remember those? Mykie: yeah Henry: what was your favorite color?they came in like the cartons Mykie: the blue ones, the blueberry one, Henry:the blueberry ones I think I like the red one. you know Mykie: the cherry ones? eww. Henry: really.. you’re not
team cherry? Mykie: we’re not the same anymore it’s over Henry: can we pull up an image of link Mykie sarcastically: I want to see other people. Huh? Henry: you want to see the people? Henry: what did you say? what I’m doing eyeliner so eyes. mine don’t close it Mykie: please don’t stab me Henry: oh geez. do I do the top and the bottom? I’ll just do the bottom I’ve seen this one before. Mykie: that was a very confident stroke Henry: oh it’s not even close to being on your
eyes. Mykie: well.. Henry: we’ll keep going Mykie: okay Henry:can give me like a rating or no rating you just ran Mykie lying: 10 out of 10, 10 out of 10 Henry: Wow, thank you. this is gonna go probably
right on your eyelashes. I’m gonna give it a little dip, dipsy-doodle.
don’t say anything stupid while I do this Mykie joking: I love you Henry: dude this stuff is like crusty. can I get a new one? Mykie: it’s crusty?! Henry: maybe I just need a they’re the same color? Mykie: do you hear that he didn’t reciprocate… shit Henry: I love you Mykie: thank you Henry: welcome Mykie: I lied Henry:I didn’t. I
meant it for real. Mykie: Aww. Henry: uh-huh so who’s the monster now? Mykie: I think you just love Stephanie more than me Henry: oh yeah, Miss her. have you talked to her? Mykie: Stephanie?
Henry: yeah Mykie: not a while Henry: Not in a while. She in town. I don’t… just because I’m wandering it’s not for me or anything Mykie: of course not, I don’t know Henry: you don’t know? Mykie: I’ll text her.
Henry: ah clumpy my left hand is not so bueno. Mykie: yeah I know yeah
Henry: so good luck Mykie: ok great Henry: pretty good. the pink was a bad choice for sure. Mykie: I meanit kinda matcges my shirt. Henry:yeah brings out the blue too. Mykie: you wink towards the
camera, okay good job. okay what’s next? Henry: lipstick! Mykie: noo Henry: eyelashes!! Mykie: these are your
choices Henry: these will look nice Mykie: okay Henry: what does your SmartWatch say? Mykie: how many steps I
took today Henry: Wow!! 103 heart rate are you nervous?? Mykie: it says 83!
Henr: yeah whatever Mykie: by the way do you want an important babe t-shirt? Henry: yeah Mykie: Have you met any important babes since meeting me? Henry: of course. every woman out there is an important baby Mykie: oh yeah? Henry:yeah Mykie: cuz I didn’t get that that sense the first time we ever talked. *Henry got called out* Henry: I’m gonna punch you. that was a deep swallow you a little bit worried this glue will get in your mouth or something Mykie: in my mouth?! Henry: open it Mykie: A+ technique Mykie: beautiful Henry: yeah Mykie: look at that I almost
look normal from far away. good job! Henry: yeah it really made the uh pink go away. Mykie: somewhat, yeah…. what’s next?
Henry: lipstick!! Mykie & Henry: yayy! Henry: I went blue in the tiner video right?
Mykie: you picked blue lipstick in the Tinder video that’s your Henry: let’s do blue again! Mykie terrified: you want to do blue again?!?! Henry: yeah Mykie: okay ….gonna look like America. that noise thank you, thank you for that
Henry: you’re welcome now we’ll just go we’ll just paint it on
this is easier very nice rub it around way better wow that came out amazing!!! Mykie sarcastically: I’m
so glad I’m wearing blue lipstick again Henry: I think it looks great Mykie: I look great.
would you date me looking like this like if you swiped on this on tinder would
you swipe right? Henry: uh honestly you dont really care. personality is what keeps
it going.Mykie: Oh okay look at you. Henry: I mean you got it have you got it yet, yeah you gotta be woke. As long as your attracted to someone like who cares if you you I do your makeup and they look like
shit, you know>when you do your makeup you look great! Mykie: thank you
Henry: also when you don’t do your makeup you look great Mykie: thank you Henry: do you always do your makeup? Mykie: no Henry: you go out? Mykie: yeah I mean I try to always have on eyebrows Henry: but sometimes you can’t have them on Mykie: sometimes I don’t have them on Henry: they faded in nice. way better than I thought. I was worried for a second. Mykie: me too. this wasn’t as scary as you thought? Henry: no, no I did quite good. the eyelashes are a little high so you can see between them. giving myself a B for that Mykie: B for the eyelashes but 10 out 10 for everything else? Henry: no I’m going be eyelashes, eyeliner is a C, eyebrows I’m giving myself like a D and then lipstick is pretty good so I’m gonna give myself
a B and then foundation that’s not even like pretty amazing foundation Mykie: so A?? Henry: so I blended that yeah I’m giving myself an A for
foundation and A for whatever these things are called cheeks Mykie: all right it’s overall that’s like a C average I think B C average Henry: I definitely graduated that’s for sure. Mykie throws shade: Unlike Temple. Henry: Sorry Mom. *video in background* Come on Dwight! Come on!! You were the love of my life!! See? It wasn’t even you. *asked urgently* -Who was that?! (looks like someone’s jealous ;)) Mykie: Why do all the good ones leave? Henry: Good question. See ya later! *contine watchint Tinder Pt 1* later Henry has messaged me “Stephanie” you’re adorable Henry: I took that picture Henry: oh my god. *dance to music in Tinder Pt 1 freakout* Henry’s message: “I’ll let you get back to your trolling
I’ve got important babes to find” Henry: No you can took totally wrong. Aww! Mykie: That’s all. Henry: Oh no did you
make shirts because Mykie: oh wait you don’t know. *pulls up tinder PT 2* Henry: oh we could get better shirts than that Mykie: yeah I mean I made it with a marker
Henry: important babe 1 & important babe 2 Mykie: Who’s number 2? Henry: I”ll.. I’ll be 2 Mykie: okay, you wanna make shirts? Henry: yeah let’s make shirts Mykie: You wanna split it 50-50? profit? Wanna go in to business together? how do you feel now now that I made you watch the
thing you’ve been avoiding watching Henry: feel like I’m a little bit redder than I normally am. I felt weird watching that knowing that I was on the other side of
that phone hoping for love and then there it’s what swam into my tinder pond
you know regular old catfish at acting like she was Stephanie. Mykie: It was me! Henry: Haven’t seen Stephanie since if she’s out there I’d like to send a message. Can I send a message to
Stephanie? Mykie:To Stephanie? Henry: Stephanie please if you’re out there I know your lost you
probably don’t realize that you’ve unmatched me on tinder please get back
to me we shared a moment that’ll last till the end.
all right moving on. Mykie: well thank you for doing my makeup Henry: you’re welcome all right
glam and glore glags. can we go back one? Mykie: yeah Henry: what’s up glam and gore gabs. what are they called? Mykie: Zombaes Hey Zombaes, thanks for tuning into this video and if
you want to subscribe and click the notification button below Mykie: even though it doesn’t work Confused Henry: it doesn’t work? Mykie: Noo Henry: like subscribe, comment, and buy important
babe t-shirt now on sale at the local where where can they buy? you can’t buy them and we’ll see you in the next one Mykie: we will?! Henry: oh yeah, I just got fired huh? Mykie: oh well this is awkward.Henry: all right well see you later!

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