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Napolitano Makes CRAZY Impeachment Prediction

Napolitano Makes CRAZY Impeachment Prediction

>>We’re mostly done with a whole hearings
thing on impeachment. Nancy Pelosi says that the charges are coming. We do have to wait a little bit. But in the meantime, there was some interesting
speculation on Fox News about how this whole thing might develop and one really dramatic
possibility was suggested by Judge Napolitano. We’re gonna have that for you in just a second. But before we get to that, first of all, the
judge who has been critical of Donald Trump on this issue, does he believe that there
is enough evidence for the charges that are coming soon.>>If you ask me if there is enough evidence
on which to base articles of impeachment? The answer is yes because impeachment is essentially
political. If you ask me, will they get more evidence
if they wait to hear from Secretary Pompeo, Director Mulvaney, Former Ambassador Bolton,
the answers is yes.>>You’d have to go to court to get that.>>Yes.>>And apparently in the caucus yesterday,
she said we can do that, but it’s gonna take a lot of time.>>Right.>>So, but Napolitano, they’re saying that
hypothetically some of the witnesses who have refused to come forward some of which have
been blocked by Donald Trump himself. While at the same time complaining that the
people who have direct information are there, he’s the one blocking them. Should they theoretically wait to get more
evidence? I think that’s an interesting question. I think that they’re sort of damned if they
do, damned if they don’t. The fact that they’re rushing ahead with impeachment
is being attacked by the Republicans, but if they were to drag it out closer to the
election, they’d be be attacked for that as well.>>And they’d be attacked actually more for
that. Now so if they said, hey, listen what we’re
gonna do, we gotta wait for the courts to decide whether Bolton and Mulvaney, etc, have
testified, the Republicans would cry and cry and say, my god, you’re dragging this out
through the entire election process and now that will be the middle of the conventions. When we’re in the trial for this Senate, it’ll
be an unbelievable mess. And now so they go, okay, fine, we’ll hurry
up. They hurry up. And then the Republicans bring on their only
lawyer they could find in the country that would halfway support them in impeachment. And Jonathan Turley says, well, my main problem
isn’t that he shouldn’t be impeached, it’s that you guys are doing it too quickly.>>And it’s messing with my dog.>>It’s a Goldilocks situation, right, it’s
too hot or too cold.>>Yeah, and that is, this is exactly why
the Republicans don’t wanna talk about substance. That’s why they’re distracting you with too
quick, too slow, too quick, too slow. Well, did he actually do it? I don’t wanna talk about that. Kevin McCarthy assiduously avoided that question
recently. He’s the leader of the Democrats in the House. If the leaders of the Democrats in the House
is avoiding that question, it’s a pretty bad question for the Republicans.>>Yeah. And so we talked about a couple of people
that hypothetically could have testified already, but what about new witnesses that could testify
and some potentially on behalf of Donald Trump who will defend him.>>If you go to a Senate trial, who testifies
on behalf of the President?>>Himself.>>You believe that could happen.>>I do, I think it’ll be the most dramatic,
legal political event in the history of our era. With a President of the United States testifying
under oath in front of the Chief Justice and a full Senate, and 200 million people watching
on television.>>So what do you think any chance?>>So,
>>No, I think there is a chance>>You do?>>Yeah, I do.>>Want to watch the Supreme Court.>>So first of all, brilliant gambit by Napolitano.>>So yeah, the most dramatic television event
maybe in history. That’s true, 250 million people watching. That’s true. It would be like the Super Bowl. And what is Donald Trump, and be bigger than
Super Bowl. And what is Donald Trump most obsessed with? Ratings. He’s constantly talking about, no, the mother
testimony was a disaster. Low ratings.>>Well Donny, this would be your golden opportunity
to get the greatest rating of all time. Even if you ran out of office, you get to
say, I had the best ratings of anyone that has ever lived. Whoa, that’s compelling, okay?>>And for the rest of us, we think, no, that’s
mental. That doesn’t make any sense, who cares about
the ratings. But there’s one person who cares a lot. It’s Donald Trump! And look David, I think you could goad him
into it, I think you could.>>I think you could goad him into it, but
when’s the last time Donald Trump showed up on turf that wasn’t his own, right? He goes to red states, he goes to these very
sanctioned meetings, these rallies, he goes to Twitter. When he’s in public, he whims out. And when he’s standing next to Macron, he
whims out. When he’s standing next to Trudeau, he whims
out. He’s not gonna do this.>>So David, that’s a great point. In fact, I’ll back up your point by mentioning
how Donald Trump ran from the debate when Megyn Kelly might be one of the moderators,
you remember that?>>Exactly.>>And he was like, no job gonna do a thing
to raise money for veterans. Later, by the way, he try to keep the money. But anyway, if he’s here to Megyn Kelly, he
ain’t gonna go testify in front of all these folks. But, but, look, we can start hashtag chicken
Donny now.>>Absolutely.>>We’ve actually got something for you so
really fast. I got interested in the possibility of him
testifying before the Napolitano thing. And so I asked people to just retweet if you
want him to testify and it was it was pretty popular. But I think that we need it to be a little
bit more direct in that. Napolitano goading him is one thing, but he
spends all of his time on Twitter so now it’s on you. So I want you to tweet very simple tweet,
just hey @realDonaldTrump do you have the #TESTESTOTESTIFY? Will you actually go into the lion’s den,
what a strong, bold move. Can you imagine him answering questions like
any of them, but now how excited will Kamala Harris be.>>No, he wouldn’t answer questions from the
Senate. Senate, they’re the jury, right? He would have to answer questions from the
House managers, he would have to answer questions from Schiff. He would answer questions from Nabla.>>I wonder what would have to answer questions
>>That’s who he is.>>I wonder if it’d be in April. Okay, so look guys. Another angle to pursue here is telling Donald
Trump, your advisors don’t want you to do it. Cuz every one of his advisors is like, no,
my god no! Whatever you do, don’t testify.>>My god.>>Do not go under oath and testify-
>>Right.>>On national TV about what you did or didn’t
do. But the other thing I we’re to talk him about
is, do your advisors think you’re stupid? Do they think you can handle it? I guess they think you’re weak. And they think that maybe you’re lying.>>So you think that’s what Napolitano was
doing? Do you think he was playing a mind game here?>>I think so.>>Maybe.>>I think so.>>He’s been messing with him on this issue.>>Rght.>>No, no.>>He was in his mental tool in the whole
Tucker Carlson shopsmith thing, remember. He had basically one of the weapons wielded
in that war.>>No, I hear you and it’s obvious that Napolitano
is not on friendly terms with Trump at this point. But I have been watching what he’s saying
very closely. I do believe that he genuinely thinks these
are impeachable offenses and being a true conservative actually does care about the
Constitution. These are his, if you sent to me Sean Hannity,
I would say, he’s driven by loyalties and whatever power play he’s doing, etc. And you can go down the line, but, with Napolitano,
right or wrong, I’ve gotten the sense that he’s earnest about this and that he thinks,
no, guys, this is legally obvious. That’s what he’s been saying all along. So I’m not gonna agree to whatever force you’re
playing here. But he will turn around and be very conservative
on other issues. So he’s not remotely left wing, or not even
remotely moderate. So I think he genuinely does mean it although
at this point since he genuinely said I think this is problematic, then Trump attacked him
and then there was bad blood, right? So it’s a little bit of both but mainly I
think he’s being honest. So on the other hand, I do think that he is
at this point since there is a little bit of bad blood, I think that is him goading
him, right? And it’s a really smart way of goading him.>>And just for context back I guess it would
be more than a year ago. I saw a video of Napolitano on Fox News. They were talking about him potentially going
and testifying to Muller before Muller he told me not to talk to Muller. To do it in written if at all.>>Right yeah so.>>Look didn’t he say that he was thinking,
he was strongly considering testifying when Pelosi sort of goaded him into this. He was asked in the Nadler hearing, do you
wanna send somebody, they didn’t do it. So the history here is that he chickens out.>>Yes.>>Yeah 100%, but so the last thing out of
this, if and when he chickens out, if that’s what happens, but I still think there’s some
chance that we could goad him into it. But if he does chicken out, the Democrats
have to be really on their toes and frame it as, we gave him all of the opportunity
to show up. He chose to run, he did, he can’t make defense
in this process has not been fair anymore. Look, this is not a criminal trial. So you’re not endangering yourself in that
sense in any way, shape or form. So just show up, make your case, if you don’t
make your case, we gave you all the opportunity in the world and you ran because you’re guilty
and everybody knows it. In fact Donald Trump himself has said in criminal
trials which is a different matter and more serious. He said that if you use the Fifth Amendment
that means you’re guilty. So if you don’t show up to your own trial,
by Donald Trump’s definition, it means he is definitely guilty.

40 Replies to “Napolitano Makes CRAZY Impeachment Prediction”

  • Ruth Aspen says:

    I am wondering if the Supreme Court put a delay on tax decision because they know how it’s going to turn everything upside down when the Truth comes out and they want to wait until after the Holidays. There’s more to come and Don knows it. He’s already planning his escape.

  • Glynn Johns says:

    The Young Turks were named after the terrorists that committed the Armenian Genocide.

  • Smoking Joe says:

    He was in Minneapolis.

  • Bravo Luca says:

    The first word out of his mouth would be a lie.

  • The Philosopher of Culture says:

    Donald Trump can be put in the testifying chair but he will never testify. His narcissism, Nr. One in the Room obsession, his hiding and his Dunning-Kruger Effect suffering, his drug abuse, all make it impossible for him to testify. He will use it to promote himself and to attack the people who interrogate him and the Democrats – the latter because he always attacks Democrats if he does not know what to say.

  • Allie Purple says:

    Trump thinks the senate is a safe place because republican majority. I think there is def a shot that he will testify, thinking they will defend him

  • M. How says:

    Napolitano is a flip-flopper. His answers fly with the wind especially when he knows he's getting paid for it.

  • Michael Patterson says:

    What watching a crazy man !

  • Jim Crittenden says:

    When you listen to the Republican blather, replace the word "impeachment" with "kids in cages", and the Republican hypocrisy is glaringly clear.

  • Bonnie Urso says:

    I think so also trump is I love with himself just enough to believe that he and he alone can prove that he is perfect ,his calls were perfect,his rally's are perfect,his administration is perfect,he can't resist himself !!
    It will be the highest rated episode of law and order we will ever see.Bring him to the hot seat and give him a camera close up and a loud microphone and set him free!!Cant Wait..

  • elmer cook says:

    Trump2020 2024🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Michaela Blank says:

    His pants are too full of shit to testify … but then again saying this over and over again might dare him to do so 🤪

  • ShadowFoxSF says:

    If he testified, it would be televised. He should love another chance to get in front of a camera.
    The House should be ready with transcripts and backups of clips of just about everything he has said though… and I mean everything…
    Because it's bad enough he is on about oranges and toilet flushing… the guy would probably start talking about China, the border, and salt shakers while he is there.

  • Jeff Zabelski says:

    Our Lord LittleHands is a perfect pathological asshole.
    Deplorable In Chief

  • nunya biz says:

    It would be so incredibly easy to make him perjure himself

  • Thomas Baumgartner says:

    Kevin McCarthy is a republican

  • Delta D says:

    We should start with Schiff testifying. This is going to be hilarious. If this is in a trial and runs through the election, Trump will win again just using twitter and destroy the Dems from text. That's going to be embarrassing. But yea, Trump will probably make a fool of himself when questioned. A smart attorney would say not to testify especially against these crooked people because they will be trying to get him for lying under oath because of something simple. They will twist and turn anything. I didn't vote for Trump but if he was smart he wouldn't testify. I defiantly will not be voting for any democrat for a very long time. Libertarians, I'd rather be there.

  • Joseph Van says:

    Nappie wants to stay on the Fox new left payroll so he will say anything that is sensational.

  • Muw Weti says:

    Who was Donald Trump?

  • comesky says:

    i see a replay of a few good men the jack Nicholson speech

  • Francis Sanchez says:

    Am with David, the moron will NEVER NEVER testify cause it’s going to land him in jail…

  • Tom Chapman says:

    Trump is a yellow coward and a whiney little bitch so he will never testify !

  • Alex Hoo says:

    REPUBLICANS being loyal to your party is one thing, but being loyal to your country should trump (small t) that.

  • Consuelo Monroy says:


  • Antonio Messina says:

    Kevin McCarthy is NOT the leader of the DEMOCRATS in the House, he's the star of the original INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS.

  • It’s Abednego says:

    Proverbs 1:7 The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction.

  • Tabitha Hall says:

    I do not agree nor like trump, however, to be fair he did come to granite city IL in 2018 I do may have been 17. Blue turf instead if red turf. We did mock him with a giant blow up chicken that was made to look like him, but he came 🤣.

  • Dag Koj says:

    Those other witnesses are not complying with the subpoena because they know that if they don't tell the truth they will be in trouble for lying to Congress and if they tell the truth they will get in trouble with Trump and his crazy supporters. So all they can do is just press for time and hope that this thing will be done and they don't have to comply.

  • Rick Roth says:

    Is lying to the Senate a crime? Or will that be OK?

  • Dean Nilvalli says:

    I have long wondered why they even allow this Napalitano character on Fox News. Every time I have seen him, he has not even tried to spin the story. He just gave straight up facts and his honest opinion, often one that was very unpopular in pro-Trump circles. How odd he hasn't been fired yet.

  • Génesi 1177 says:

    Haha, Putin will not allow him to testify

  • Bobbie Minami says:

    Sad time. It should not be a partisan crisis. It’s our country and our Constitution! Yes, it will go down in history of those elected officials did not have any back bone integrity. Their kids and future will learn the truth.

  • will schultz says:

    Trump is sick!! Needs to be put away for the rest of his life!!!

  • L BROWN says:


  • L BROWN says:


  • chris bleau says:

    Yes, it's so inconvenient to do things the right way. Just takes sooooo long.

  • chris bleau says:

    Can anyone who's read the constitution let me know how a President can be impeached if he hasn't committed a crime? I read it and it says a President can be impeached for Treason, Bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors, but the Democrats are saying it doesn't say that and they don't need a crime to impeach. Help me out, Chunk.

  • ozzkar71 says:

    100,000 to 1 odds Trump will not be impeached and also win the 2020 election with a republican house and senate……..


    0:49 🔥❣🔥
    december 19?

  • jay cruz says:

    Nopalitano has turned into a moron ..

  • Shane Puckette says:

    TYT can't wait until 2020 when Trump wins again and you guys once again cry me a river.

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