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Happy Friday this is ZEN.TAROT and I am
back with your Tarot report this is your forecast for the weekend
Happy New Moon guys I am here to share some news and shed some light on some
elemental readings for all zodiac signs so if you enjoy make sure to comment and
like and share my post and hello we are fully emerged into Virgo season so get
it together be organized make things steady and
really create a plan because Virgo energy loves plans. Earth signs Capricorn
Taurus and Virgo hey so today I pulled the hermit and the Sun so the Hermit
card is the Virgo card it can not get any more practical than that. Now, what this
says to me here is you guys have done the work you have done the observation
you have been overly analytical now using the Sun energy is get out there
find your passion be creative and use your talents and your planning to really
get ahead you guys are on the right track. — Fire signs! Aries, Leo, and
Sagittarius, today I pulled the four of swords and the Ace of Wands you guys
this is telling me there is a lot of defensive barriers build up around you
let it go wipe it out this new moon is asking you to do a clearing and the time
is now more than ever because the harvest is coming!! Everything that you
wanted, everything that you needed is really going to be really flourishing
during this new moon influence so use this Ace of Wands energy and light the
way! — Water signs!! Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio, today I pulled the nine of
swords and the eight of Wands. Now what this is telling me is this new moon
energy is really going to create some rapid movements change that stagnation
and really make you shift your energy and your focus and perspective on what
direction you want to go in this new moon in Virgo is asking you to be
self-sufficient get rid of the uncertainty and stop listening to
external forces that are working against you you have the power within you to
thrive. —-Air signs! Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius, today I pulled the wheel of
fortune and the youth of cups. Oh my gosh guys this new moon energy might
bring in some new relationships some new feelings, some new commitments,
commitments in every aspect the will of Fortune is here and now and it is vibing
like you guys are ready to accept the universe’s blessings! Be open, get rid of
that narrow perspective and thinking and just be out and go and explore!

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