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NFL week 4 ATS picks score predictions Vegas lines upsets NFL football season 2019-2020

NFL WEEK 4 against the spreads nfl Vegas lines NFL odds NFL score predictions NFL upset picks also NFL over and under final score predictions NFL FOOTBALL SEASON
NFL week 4 picks
Sunday NFL games kickoff for week 4 games
analyzed each NFL game match up
predictions for week 4 NFL games what’s up buddy are you ready woo
what’s up everybody someone is so beast all right starting up right now I want
to give my comment of the week we’re gonna start doing this right all right
comment of the way I ain’t funny right here
I ain’t funny what’s up all you oh oh you NFL fans it’s the Beauty and the
Beast that’s your head the Beast and the beauty yes I had to do this little skit
special for all you but don’t forget look at my picks but this is all for all
those beautiful comments oh and all those great likes oh I just cannot
believe all the attention oh I mean such great compliments and comments sometimes
like oh nobody wants to watch you no more no they don’t
no they don’t they don’t want to watch me that’s right they think I ain’t funny
funny no beast you are not funny no Beast you
ain’t funny you ain’t funny that’s right I ain’t
funny so make sure you know and I think it’s
funny though everybody that makes videos they always say give me a like I want to
see a thousand lacks you want to know what I want to see I want to see a
hundred dislikes dislike this video but if you dislike it make sure you share it
just in case you want it now also before I get YouTube my speed reel grab a pen
grab a tablet of notebook some toilet paper a marker some
to write down all my score predictions my against the spread picks might against the
odds and my biggest predictions I sat down did all the math for you did all
the calculations I’m busy you can see I got my tool two I got a tool I’m
busy it’s nice out here in Minnesota today which is Tuesday when I’m
recording this I gotta get outside and do some sheeting on the house and
exterior sheathing so yeah so wrap this all up I just did all my numbers I threw
it on an old speed reel of a video that I made a couple videos back last year so
anyhow crazy stuff crazy footage thank you everybody that’s been subscribing to
my channel and giving me likes and dislikes and comments I appreciate that
for some stupid reason I screwed up and deleted all my freaking comments a while
back then I was commenting back to people and I deleted other comments I
didn’t mean to do that that was my complete mistake so I’m
sorry about that and oh yeah we’re busy you’re busy I’m busy let’s get on with
the freaking NFL picks for week 4 four all those videos I made the other day if you
catch them watch them whatever they’re just for fun and just a joke around woo
yeah good luck this week in your NFL picks and predictions and week four and
we are gonna make a climb all the way up because finally now I can actually have
some fun because I got myself all the way to the bottom of my pick’m pools now
I can enjoy the climb back up I like to I like a challenge
if you don’t like a challenge well but I like a challenge
boom we got some baseball woo all right I gotta go I gotta go
enjoy be yeah what’s up everybody Sunday we got some NFL that’s
right yeah some NFL it’s winner winner chicken dinner and a fail picks from the
crazy upset beast woo that’s right I’m back
words because you know why I take some backwards nfl picks but I feel like a winner
today I feel like a winner
NFL Schedule – 2019
NFL Games I will be talking about today
Who I think will win each NFL football game for NFL Week 4
Let me know in my comments Below thanks
2019-2020 NFL Schedule
Philadelphia Eagles
Green Bay Packers woo I feel like a winner woo let’s get
it let’s get it our it’s like Christmas it’s Christmas at my house and I feel
like a winner I feel like a crazy drag queen screw that
hey how what’s up what’s up it’s Sunday 7:20 PM FOX/NF Lambeau Field, Green Bay
Tennessee Titans
Atlanta Falcons
12:00 PM CBS Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta
New England Patriots
Buffalo Bills
12:00 PM CBS New Era Field, Buffalo
Kansas City Chiefs
Detroit Lions it’s NFL week 4 picks isn’t week 4 yet Hale
no bees today week 16 we haven’t even finished week 15 picks and you are being
stupid let me get this stupid thing out of my way now I look like I got some
unreformed all right we got the LA Chargers Kansas city chiefs woo the
Beast took the LA Chargers and I won that pick we had the Cleveland Browns of
Denver Broncos the Beast took the Cleveland Browns and I won that game we
had the Houston Texans against the New York Jets I took two Houston Texans well
hell I won that game too lucky to lug it chicken dinner
woo and your winter chicken that 12:00 PM FOX Ford Field, Detroit
Oakland Raiders
Indianapolis Colts
12:00 PM CBS Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis
Los Angeles Chargers
Miami Dolphins
12:00 PM CBS Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Gardens
Washington Redskins
New York Giants winner chicken dinner I bet you you’re
gonna have winner winner chicken dinner in your head now winner winner chicken
dinner we have the Arizona Cardinals coming on
here a little while playing a lot I’m taking a Atlanta falcons we have the few
Detroit lions playing the Buffalo Bills I’m taking the Detroit Lions why are you
giving us our picks again why are you 12:00 PM FOX Met Life Stadium, East Rutherford
Cleveland Browns
Baltimore Ravens
12:00 PM CBS M&T Bank Stadium, Baltimore
Carolina Panthers
Houston Texans
12:00 PM FOX NRG Stadium, Houston
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Los Angeles Rams giving you our picks because not
everybody watch them look at that some people got 10,000 views 5,000 views this
crazy beast you know get that no more why is that it’s because I’m not a
winner winner chicken dinner all right I’m just gonna give it to you
straight winner winner chicken dinner I’ll answer wins Detroit Lions win
Chicago Bears win that’s right Oakland Raiders win woo
Indianapolis Colts win I feel bad I feel bad
not really Minnesota Vikings win blew the New York Giants win woo
the Jackson LN jabberers yeah because they got huh but woo Jacksonville
Jaguars win both were Ravens win that’s right that’s right and you want to know
the crazy crazy upset the San Francisco 49ers are gonna pull them crazy crazy
upset Pittsburgh Steelers win the Los Angeles Rams win and hey don’t forget
about those who dat sights because if I was the New Orleans right now this would
probably fly this would probably fly woo how you such a great day
the breeze has to finish his 3:05 PM FOX Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, Los Angeles
Seattle Seahawks
Arizona Cardinals
3:05 PM FOX State Farm Stadium, Glendale
Minnesota Vikings
Chicago Bears
3:25 PM CBS Soldier Field, Chicago
Jacksonville Jaguars
Denver Broncos but I did work on it I did work on it
but I was up too late I was up and I was crazy 3:25 PM CBS Broncos Stadium at Mile High, Denver
Dallas Cowboys
New Orleans Saints
7:20 PM NBC Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans
Monday, September 30
Cincinnati Bengals
Pittsburgh Steelers woo winner winner chicken dinner winner
winner chicken dinner The NFL 2019-2020
wildcard playoffs
Divisional playoffs
Superbowl 2019-2020
NFL weekly picks straight up wins
NFL Vegas lines
NFL against the spreads
NFL upset picks
NFL over and under point spreads don’t take my picks
don’t take my picks because they say I don’t know crap about NFL or there’s
that I’m just a lucky ass song right now what’s up everybody
that’s how excited I am for Thursday a football now those are ribs would you
like dog treats instead I got all kinds of dog treats woo thanks right the
Beast likes them too crazy right crazy besides it’s all subscribe hit the like
share this to your friends and if you’re subscribed and you already hit the like
button thank you so much for watching and stand with me so hang on yourself
I’m crazy quad so crazy long you guys subscribe
of you whatever you how crazy The NFL 2019-2020
wildcard playoffs
Divisional playoffs
Superbowl 2019-2020
NFL weekly picks straight up wins
NFL Vegas lines
NFL against the spreads
NFL upset picks
NFL over and under point spreads Thank you good luck week 4 NFL picks and football picks for all your pick’em pools and fantasy football games

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