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Oriental destiny philosophy vs. Western astrology and tarot – 1, 537lecture,

Oriental destiny philosophy vs. Western astrology and tarot – 1, 537lecture,
I ask you, please subscribe, In Eastern philosophy, human destiny research is called the destiny philosophy. . Destiny philosophy is in several Asian countries, including Korea, China, Japan and Vietnam, and Thailand to explore the human destiny, , and reasoning, and from the previous five thousand years to interpret the study so far widely known, is a famous study that is actually utilized at now. Explores human fate studies currently in use in the East is the most elaborate and meticulous study best in the world, you can explore the entire course of life from birth to the moment dies a man of destiny every 2 hours. Currently Astrology, now widely known and used in the West, is a study that interprets the fate of a human through the constellation of the month of birth. Through the constellations and the zodiac are divided into 12 months interpret the destiny of the people born in each month and it is determined. The origin of astrology is said to originate with astronomy in ancient Mesopotamia in the Middle East. It is important that the concept of time that astrology judges human destiny is based on one month, which is different from the human destiny research in the East. Tarot cards occupied in the West consists of 78 tarot cards, which were originally made for games and are known to have been used since the 18th century for divination. The number of tarot cards is also used in various ways, either 22, 56 or 78. Tarot points differ from astrology in that they focus on the interpretation of the current situation represented by the selected tarot card, not on the interpretation or exploration of human destiny. We live in various countries, cultures, and social backgrounds around the world. But one meaning beyond all these differences is that we are all human beings with fateful limits. Human beings are those who recognize레and live their own life from the moment of birth to the moment of death. But all human beings always have questions about the future they have to live in, and everyone imagines and questions their future. Such questions, worries, and worries lead humans to find astrology and tarot points, and to find a philosophy of destiny in the East. Destiny philosophy, a branch of Eastern philosophy, is, objectively speaking, a great pure the study of wisdom with a long history of five thousand years that cannot be compared with Western astrology or tarot. When we explore the destiny of a human in the East, we basically dissect the whole destiny based on two hours. The difference between 2 hours and 1 month is 360 times the difference. In other words, Western meshes are about 1 month apart, while Oriental meshes are about 2 hours apart. It means that the search for human destiny in the East is more thorough, detailed, holistic and total than the West.

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