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Palmistry मगंल पर्वत पर ऐसे निशान यानि करोड़पति ! Palmistry guide ! Hastrekha gyan in hindi

Hello friends I’m your friend alok
Today we will talk about mars mount present in our hands there are two Mars mount in our hands Let me tell you where are both mount of Mars situated on our palm, so that I can easily understand what I tell will you in this video The first Mars mount in our hands is just below the jupiter mount of our hand. The second Mars Mount in our hands is just below the mercury mount in our palm If you look at your hands carefully, you will see small lines and marks on mars mount The development of the Mars mount and presence of certain traces and lines on it tells you about becoming a millionaire and rich So, today I will tell you about some such marks and lines on Mars mount If you have them in your hands, you too will become millionaire the trail of a triangle is being made from small lines on both the mars mount, it is considered very auspicious. Such people become very successful and rich in army, police Or in deeds which require more courage and bravery Such people also get many rewards and medals for their bravery The vertical lines on the Mars Mount which is below the Jupiter Mount are considered very auspicious Such people use their power at the right time and succeed in many national and international competitions in their life. If their is a single vertical line is on the Mars mount which is below Mercury Mount, then it is also considered very good Such people are courageous and fearless But the more vertical lines on this mount are not considered auspicious Having more lines on this mount, such person become unsuccessful in his life, and more lines on this mount make that person of resentful nature It is also very good to have a sign of planet mars on both the mount of Mars Sign of planet Mars on These mars mount is a symbol of good luck and success. Such people become very rich and successful in their life Having a sign of planet Mars on mount of mars in your plam is a indication of success in your life If you have such marks on Mars mount, you too will become millionaire for our more videos like this subscribe to our channel like and share our videos

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