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Palmistry | Signs for FOREIGN SETTLEMENT | 3 Lines for Foreign Job, Travel, Stay & Study Abroad

Hello, I’m Dr. Sagar. In this video, we shall discuss the combination of
palm signs that indicate settling permanently abroad. Let us first see the important combinations
that should be present in the hand. The mount of Mercury and the mount of Moon,
both these mounts should be well-developed; A line from the mount of Mercury to the
mount of Moon should be present; a subsidiary line starting from this line
and going to the Fate line should be present; A line between the mount of Moon
and the mount of Venus; and finally from the Fate line, there should be
a Chance line or a branch of the (Fate) line, which goes from the Fate line to the area
between the mount of Mercury and mount of Mars and between the Head line and the Heart line. SO these are the combinations that should be
present in the hand for settling abroad. It is interesting to first understand
why we wish to go abroad. If a particular mount is present on the hand, and is well-developed, it will indicate the reason for going. If we see that the mounts of Jupiter and Sun
are both protruded and well-developed,
along with other combinations, the person may go on government assignments, for business, for his children, or for higher education. If the mount of Mars(1) and Mars(2) are
both protruded and well developed,
along with other combinations, the person may travel abroad on military assignments, sports, or medical conferences, and if the mounts of Venus and Moon are protruded, the person may go for entertainment, leisure, and joy. These are the reasons why a person goes abroad. I have explained a number of combinations. In this palm print, there are two combinations present: You can see a line starting from the mount of Moon and reaching the mount of Venus. This is the line… The second combination – the Fate line has a subsidiary that goes to the area
between the mounts of Mercury and Mars These two combinations are present in this hand, due to which this person has
permanently settled abroad for his profession. I hope you like the information
that I have shared in this video, and I’ll be making a number of videos,
so if you have any suggestions or questions, you may connect with me through my website.
Thank you.

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