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Pisces November 2019 ♓ Tarot Reading

Pisces November 2019 ♓ Tarot Reading

hello dear Pisces welcome I’m Tarot
moon light then this is your tarot reading for november 2019 and as you can
see i have new deck and it’s Tarot angel hearts and the Tea leaf so the cards that we
have laid out here are five of Pentacles queen of Pentacles this star strength
and six of wands I have the caterpillar the bird perched Apple and Tiger so what
I’m feeling here with the five of Pentacles some of you may be going into
isolation is something just happened recently maybe a breakup in a
relationship and this breakup could have been in with the Taurus Virgo Capricorn
and you are so comfortable with this person that is kind of a shock if you
broken up with them or they broke up with you so you just not happy with
yourself and you just feel like you’re going to hide your worries also about
the future you’re worried about work you’re worried about you name it
anything that you worry about there’s no need to worry because with the cards
that we have here we have the star that’s guiding you and you are gonna
have courage you are gonna have strength right and in the end is gonna lead to
some victory you just need to get out of that isolation mode right and do not
fear because with the queen of Pentacles here you’re going to be comfortable once
again and you’re gonna be on a higher level especially with finances you’re
gonna be hard work working and you are a hard worker and this could be also a
person that you’ll be meeting who just like that and the person who you will be
meeting you is a Taurus Virgo Capricorn or if you’re in a relationship with
somebody like that then I wouldn’t be worrying about the
relations because some of you the relationship is
gonna get better and because this star is guiding you and all you have to do is
just have hope and do not fear and have strength and courage I’ll work as best
as you can to fix this relationship and then with the six of Wands victory it
will all work out for you guys so and with the five of Pentacles if you’re
worried about your finances yeah I just find it that you’re still good where
you’re right but I know you want to work harder but for now I would just not
worry about your finances for the month of November and you have the star and
that’s going to be guiding you on a new direction and so basically you’re going
to be very determined you’re going to be working hard to get to where you want to
go if there is a position at work that you’re applying for you are being guided
and you are being protected and you’re being moved towards to what you need but
you just need to have a little bit of strength and do not fear about what if
it doesn’t work out it will work out because in the end you’re gonna get the
recognition of a hard worker you are and they’re gonna promote you with something
and just going to be proud of you they’re going to be happy to have you
that’s part of that team and so don’t worry there is a new opportunity around
the corner and you’re just gonna feel relaxed there’s no need to worry it’s
gonna be a comfort comforting loving it’s gonna be a very calming November
for you so at the beginning of November don’t worry take this five out say
buh-bye I’m only gonna have this this star is watching over me I’m gonna have
strength and courage if I just got out of a relationship and I’m gonna move forward and I’m gonna meet this person who’s a Taurus
Virgo Capricorn Sun moon rising and I’m gonna win the man or woman of my dreams
with the six of ones right here and yeah it’s just nothing but victory from your
courage and with the caterpillar things will not always be this way a change is
coming and the bird perched you’re waiting for some news and package or a
letter it’s gonna be coming because um it’s victory anything that you’ve been
wanting is coming and just hold it a little bit longer it’s coming it’s
coming but you’ll see but I think it’s gonna be
at the end of November so do not fear and just enjoy November as it comes
right with the Apple there’s some temptation will test you so if you are
in a relationship where you’re at the rocky roads where you’re gonna be
wondering okay are we gonna break up or not you’re being tested right now so how
are you gonna deal with it and so just don’t give up right victories coming and
then with the tiger doing something risky and taking a chance so if you
apply for that position or if you’re doing something that you’ve never done
before you’re taking a risk you have the strength you have the courage the star
is guiding you to go get it you have hope you have faith and wonderful people
here queen of Pentacles you’re you’re very determined you’re hardworking and
you are gonna get that victory so yeah take a risk if you need to take a risk
in that relationship this is something that you got a change in that
relationship that you never thought I’m doing but you need to do it alright take
a risk of meeting somebody new completely different than what you ever
chose before alright my dear I’m Pisces so this is about taking risks and new
changes also victory on its way I want to thank
you for visiting and please do leave a comment and be sure to hit like
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can make for you in return so please leave a comment and always remember to
live love believe

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