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#piscessign #meenrashi #pisces #vedicastrology | Everything you need to know about Pisces

#piscessign #meenrashi #pisces #vedicastrology | Everything you need to know about Pisces

Om Namah Shivay Today we will talk about Pisces Ascendant (Lagna) If in any Horoscope Number 12 is Rising
such people are called as Pisces Lagna (Meen Lagna) this is a Water sign
and this sign is governed by planet Jupiter they can be classified as Dreamers
as people who dream a lot they are usually very kind, warm and Loving
by nature their imagination is very high
they are very creative and highly emotional they get easily hurt they have a sympathetic attitude in life with others, they are very romantic they also are very passionate
they have a religious mind and because of the water sign
their sentiments are very high their personality fluctuates between high and low generally, they are prone to be alcoholic
they must avoid alcohol as they might encounter Gasterioitis and enlarged Liver
they also experience body cramps frequently if they want to relax, then Singing, Drawing
and Aroma Therapy will be a good option Piscean sign is the last zodiac
the last part of the body is our foot and Piscean sign is also denoted by this
for such people, foot massage is really useful if they soak their feet,
they will feel relaxed the best partner for them is Cancer, Virgo,
and Scorpio Professionally they can be good Bankers,
something related to Accounts or Education Occult, Medical, Cinema, Drinks and water-related so this was some information on Piscean Lagna let’s meet with some new information
Om Namah Shivay

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