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Program Your Mind While You Sleep | Dr. Bruce Lipton

[Music] so if you put a pair of earphones on at night with a program of what you would like to be true in your life that program is playing it’s not playing into your conscious mind that’s shut off it’s now going straight into the subconscious mind you will be successful because 95% of day your program automatically will be seeking your wishes talk to me about your book the honeymoon effect yeah what that was all about playing it okay the honeymoon effect is this this is the whole story of the matrix matrix you’ve been programmed are we going to take a red pill and get out of the program okay falling in love is the equivalent of taking the red pill biologically scientists have studied what is called mind wandering I said what is mind wandering I said well your conscious mind could be focused on the task or your conscious mind could go off into it you know think about things okay and the relevance about that is when the conscious mind is staying in the front you’re an absolute control wishes desires what you want conscious mind creative you’re in control but the moment your conscious mind takes off into a thought or starts thinking or whatever going on it lets go the wheel the autopilot takes over okay so the idea is this if your mind is wandering then you’re being run by the subconscious and it turns out this is very negative when your mind is straightforward in consciousness you’re you’re controlling the vehicle so I say falling in love has been demonstrated biologically to be equivalent to the red pill because what it does is it keeps you what do they call mindful keeps you conscious look you’ve been looking for this partner your whole life there are now in front of your face this is not the time to go thinking about things it’s time to be look what I got right here in front of me and I say well think about it this way your life could suck every day every day every day every day and then you meet this person and 24 hours later it’s heaven on earth 24 hours they’re all like I’m so in love no even the jobs not so bad anymore in the food tastes great the music is so much better and love it oh my god what the heck happened you had all of this negative negative and then in 24 hours you have this heaven on earth and the answer was it was taking the red pill that’s what falling in love is at that moment you stop playing the program now you’re operating from conscious mind which is creative which by definition is wishes and desires Brian well what the heck do you want from your life if you answer that question it’s a creative answer and by definition its conscious so your wishes and desires are in your conscious mind and a normal person’s life 5% of the day you’re moving toward that 95 percent you’re playing the program you fall in love 100 it’s actually 90% I think it’s the number 90% from conscious mind 90% of the day you are now operating from creative wishes and desires like oh look I said your life sucked all the way up and then 24 hours of operating on wishes and desires and not playing the program turned earth into heaven for you at that moment and then you go well how come the honeymoon doesn’t last I go because inevitably you still have to think about things your job your chores your requirements what you have to do at some point once you start thinking then the conscious mind is shut off and guess what shows up all those behaviors in the subconscious mind that were negative 70% and your partner remember your partner and you fall in love same time both of you operating from conscious mind with wishes and desires and all of a sudden you start thinking and then this behavior shows up that was your mother your father whatever thing you learned and your partner’s like where the hell did that come from who are you is a response is like where ya come from I you know we’ve been in his honeymoon I’ve never seen that behavior if you were to play that behavior in the first date maybe we wouldn’t have a second date but now it shows up and I say why did it show up because I stopped being mindful so how do you teach people to keep the honeymoon alive is to change the the subconscious program and and it’s simple for recent reasoning is simple conscious mind wishes and desires subconscious mind program well what if you took the wishes and desires and made those programs then guess what you don’t even have to think about it you will automatically 95% of the day be playing behaviors to manifest those wishes and desires so reprogramming the subconscious with wishes and desires means you didn’t have to think about it you will be successful because 95% of the day your program automatically will be seeking your wishes every night when you go to bed just when you’re just falling off into sleep consciousness is disconnecting the next period of your brain operation while your consciousness is disconnected is theta which is the same brain function as in the first seven years so if you put a pair of earphones on at night with a program of what you would like to be true in your life as soon as your conscious mind disconnects that program is playing it’s not playing into your conscious mind that’s shut off it’s now going straight into the subconscious mind so it’s called Auto hypnosis you don’t need to go see a hypnotherapist you you just have to pick out what program would you like to have that you don’t have and they sell these programs [Music] you

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