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Q and A on Enlightenment, Spiritual Awakening, Astrology and More (ft Koi Fresco)

Q and A on Enlightenment, Spiritual Awakening, Astrology and More (ft Koi Fresco)

welcome back to another video my name is
Aaron and I help people expand their consciousness today I’m here with my
good friend coy fresco hello everybody and what we decided we would do is film
a Q&A video for you guys of some questions that we actually just asked
you about so on social media on both snapchat and Instagram we just asked our
audience some questions that you guys might have so what we’re gonna do now is
go ahead and answer some of those questions and we’re doing a second video
on my channel with me in there and talk about the law of attraction and whether
or not it’s actually real yeah go ahead and check I’m gonna link that up in the
video below so go ahead and check out that video by just clicking that link
and you’ll see some of the content over there as well so the first question we
have is does astrology impact one’s life in any way what are your guys has
thoughts on astrology ooh what do you want to gonna start this one off yeah I
actually uh it’s a video on astrology once that was kind of divided my kind of
bosses astrology I try to really mix a lot of spiritual practice and scientific
you know understanding and on the fundamental level there’s a lot of lack
when it comes to astrology I mean the scientific standpoint yeah so for me
I’ve always said that astrology has as much impact as you allow it to have I
totally agree it’s kind of just like crystals just like you know tarot card
readings all these you know a lot of these New Age practices are they can
help us and they can assist us and they can give us insight but that all depends
and is determined by how much you know you put your heart into it you take
those words eggs as facts versus fiction right that to me is the biggest
indicator on how much astrology is going to impact your daily life yeah you know
I’ve never heard of ecology around the world and you know they live perfectly
functional lives exactly I totally agree as I say a lot in the channel I believe
that everything in life is fundamentally neutral but that we tag the meaning as
to what things mean so if we use astrology as a symbol then we can derive
certain meaning from that and mean maybe even from like a consciousness point of
view we’ve all teamed up together even like hey Mercury retrograde means this
and we may collectively agree that this is what some of the things mean but at
the fundamental base level I think we have the power over what we believe to
be true and that it’s dependent upon the meaning we give it yes so it can be a
powerful tool but it’s not the end-all be-all yeah it’s not a necessity it’s
exactly and any kind of life spiritual I have regular material why yeah it’s not
you know like I said there are tons of people who throw it strongly out the
window and I’m completely healthy happy enjoyable lives and there’s others who
you know read about it and practice it every single day who have the same
results it’s just exactly where your mind is in what you’re utilizing that
astrology for totally agree yeah it just really depends on the person it depends
on you depends on what the person believes and there’s nothing wrong with
it but it’s just a powerful tool if we see the power in that so I’d say that’s
the main one so alright do I can ask a question though yeah that was a good one
I like that one I like that question alright here’s another question that so
here’s a good question I got it so when I get kind of often how do we remain
positive and spiritual or positive or spiritual either/or when you’re stuck in
a household of people that are stuck in society system I get that question all
the time say well it’s the same thing you owe me go first on this yeah for
sure okay so the first thing I’d say that’s the most important with this is
what we define the situation to be many times when we get into a house we’re
automatically subconsciously labeling people as negative and even if sometimes
they don’t do something negative we might think and interpret things they’re
doing as negative when they’re actually not and maybe they really are but the
point is to know that we need to kind of like let go of the labels I know there’s
been people that I’ve been around that did have more of what we could call a
negative attitude but what I did is I noticed that the moment I stopped
focusing on that so much it was like it’s kind of started to go away because
I wasn’t looking for it as much so it kind of became like a self-fulfilling
prophecy so I I’d say the most important thing to know is the most power like the
most powerful ability that you have is the ability to choose how you respond to
situations and if our definition say that this has power over me then it will
have power over me but it’s kind of get in tune with what the definitions are
because if we believe it has power over us than it does but that’s our choice so
yeah I think it’s all about that awareness of what
we define to be positive or negative and dropping the labels as to what that is
and what I love to go off of is you know Alan Watts has had a great way of
speaking and Alan Watts would always talk about you know seeing life as a
game you know think I like doesn’t have to inherently be good or bad it’s just a
game so yeah because of that if we are players in this game if we are humans
human as you like to say in this experience we have to see things as we
would see in the game which is a challenge right and all right well
something to overcome so if I’m in a situation where I’m at home or I’m at
school or in somewhere where I perceive it to be a negative area negative place
of being negative my negative energy I need to stop seeing it as inherently
negative or inherently you know against me and start seeing it as a challenge
for me overcome that negative car yeah the negative no I can’t believe that
just happened but so if I’m going home to like say I considered a negative
household or I’m going to negative school I need as I start looking at it
as I would in a game which is a challenging household or at our high
school and if I can see it as a challenge I can sit down and think about
wastes overcome it how can I grow through this how can I use this as an
opportunity to learn right I can learn to combat my thoughts in the sense of
wanting this to be something against me and me just be the pity party and I can
learn overcome and instead it only be you of the victor in this challenge I
stop seeing my family as negative he’s actually instead so you might say oh
yeah powerful individual about the ability to overcome my issues and my
problems right which is what we see in successful people around the world it’s
never a problem of them it’s just okay this is a roadblock how do I get around
it exactly it’s never something that’s stalking that is so true yeah and that’s
that goes for all of us and that just that takes that little flip of the
switch and he said you know I agree if you see it as a game it’s less serious I
totally I love that analogy because it’s so true we we have the ability to decide
what power it has over us and if we decide we’re going to be at the cause
and not the effect then we will be so connected if it’s a challenge then it’s
a challenge because we define it as a challenge but a challenge is better than
a problem yeah and we have the power to get through that challenge so I think
it’s about also knowing that I like the way you said that yeah
yeah that’s so true that’s such a good point limping game yeah exactly and I
think it’s actually kind of fun too I remember I used to have it makes it all
playful it does it really brings a new energy to the table I remember I used to
a sales commission job and used to tell people kind of treat it as a game like
you know we help people we get commission but if you treat it as a game
it’s so much lighter and I find that vintage like things smooth so it’s just
smooth process so what a wider it is the less be overthinking and the more we can
focus on how to deal with it right and I like that metaphor too because a game is
fun yeah right a game is fun whereas
challenges are supposed to be fun they’re exactly workouts for the brain
to the body so yeah I think it as a challenge makes it something we look
forward to eventually versus you see as a problem which is something that we
just dread exactly yeah I so agree all right next question okay this is a good
question I get this every now and then can we manifest in a way keening and
someone else should we try it or should we not try to do so ooh that’s a good
question right question I get asked this a lot so from my you might have a
different view on this actually the meat from my perspective in a lot of what I
follow is is a lot of philosophy through Buddhist Buddhism and Hindi for you it’s
called invite to Madonna it’s kind of non-dual philosophy and the way I like
to express it has to do with Karma Karma’s kind of the causality of what’s
going on in life everything happening every moment is our Karma in the case of
awakening and Awakening is a product of our Karma it is our Karma the steps we
take lead to awakening but the thing with that is and the thing with trying
to awaken other people is that it’s one of those things where you aren’t
supposed to force your will upon others yeah so it’s kind of like if you’re a
teacher in this aspect you shouldn’t be going around preaching to everybody
randomly all over the place what you’re going to do is upset them annoy them
maybe drive them farther away from the truth instead what we’re supposed to do
is assist those who need the assistance personally help those who are asking for
help yeah so if we are thinking about or wanting to initiate an awakening if
somebody else whether it be a family member a friend it should only be those
who are looking for that awakening or early on for advice or help for us to
try to push an awakening on somebody it’s a paradox you can never have it
mm-hmm so I try to push the earth down it’s just yeah it’s physically
impossible it’s you trying to create a non reality
right and it’s it’s just regressive to your own progress because you’re trying
to again lead a horse to water that doesn’t want to drink it’s exactly going
to force the situation instead of focusing the energy you do have to help
someone else awaken who’s already open to it yeah and that’s honestly that’s
something I kind of went through when I first went through by the way can you
back in 2012 I was so excited and so passionate about all of these things I
was learning and I went out and I shared it with my family I shared it with my
friends and a lot of the people thought that like it was they just could
resonate with it and then I looked like the weirdo but this is what I realized
is the best thing you can do is lead by example be a shining light that just is
so bright that other people want to be similar and you don’t have to sell
yourself these videos that like we create on YouTube we’re not trying to
get you to believe what we’re saying we’re just sharing our perspective and
if you resonate it then that’s great but we were actually talking about this
before we do this Q&A because when it comes to what we’re sharing we’re not
we’re really not selling anything so you know when someone comes up to you when
they’re telling you what to believe you naturally kind of have a rebel instinct
like I know that that’s how I am is that someone’s like do this do this you want
to step back I’m like I’m like no I’m you kind of feel that you know feel that
I see that a lot with activism it’s why a lot of militant activism doesn’t work
is for sure and we’re both vegans so being vegan the best thing you can do is
lead by example people say health you are how up B you are how in shape you
are and that makes them curious yeah when you go to you know restaurants and
shower people it just makes them dislike you even more exactly because then they
associate that negative emotion with the identity of being vegan so the best way
to change or to is to change the world is to first change yourself and to just
be that example and it creates a ripple it’s like doing your stone on the pond
you know think that eventually reach the shores yeah it’s
just a trust the process trust that that ripple will reach the shore because
eventually it will exactly so no never try to force an awakened on somebody
else it’s just not going to happen allow yourself to assist others who are
already seeking in awakening yeah to awaken first does she go I totally
agree yeah that’s not so hey okay your turn
Oh gotta get one yeah whoo all right this is a good one little personal what
do you think would have happened if you never turn your life around oh that’s a
good question you never had an awakening about a change would I go first you and
me before you go first okay well before I had my awakening I I was labeled that
I labeled myself I guess of having ADHD I was taking adderall before that were
you yeah damn some odd world dude right so yeah taking
adderall and then I was I was drinking although I was partying a lot more I
felt a lot of I always had a lot of energy like that’s one thing about me
I’ve always had a lot of energy I think that I would have channeled that into
doing more activities that were further away from my path the moment I started
meditating the first or second day of meditating my life changed because I
started to feel more different than I’ve ever felt before and I became very
present to the moment and it changed everything about me I remember I went to
work people were like you’re so different than you were before not a bad
way but just like something happened and if that didn’t happen my guess is I
would have gone down more of the path of partying a lot more I wouldn’t be as
focused with my youtube you know what I do on YouTube I would definitely be
doing things that weren’t as you know constructive and I would be I don’t even
know where I would be to be honest with you but I do know that because I started
meditating and because I had you know what it’s called an awakening that has
led to such a different path like I’m so much more disciplined now I have such I
meditate every day right when I wake up for 20 minutes right before I go to bed
for 20 minutes that’s changed my life more than anything and I don’t even know
where I would be you know if I was still doing that so what about you totally
agree well if anybody goes my channel you’ll see this but up I should spend a
year in jail I saw that I saw that because I got
why when I was 18 and that was the same kind of situation just partying 24/7 one
year whole year day I’m completely lost in my ego gone you know my only focus
was the material world and I didn’t really even have that much information
or so that was Fondy awakening exactly yeah that’s upon the awakening so for me
I think I would have just continued to do what my plan was before I knew this
happened which was to you know go to college get a regular business degree or
something go work for my father you know classic story that a lot of us follow
right maybe a lot of viewers understand because we usually just do what our
parents insist I was doing you know Dioner Navarro the substance
brainwashing were raised with this conditioning yeah the conversion rate
we’re expected to impress our parents by doing what they ask so I would have
continued to play do the same thing you know work a regular day job do lots of
drugs probably getting more trouble then I discover what it feels like to dive
inside to admit my emotions to transcend my ego on some levels to understand my
faults those things would have all just continued to sit under the surface and
we would continue to repress them as we see many many people especially what
writers do 24/7 for sure so I’m blessed to have the situation
that didn’t have to mean you know it was a interesting and harrowing experience
but it led me to the space where I could dive within himself discover and that is
a path that goes on forever you know it’s awesome it’s a never ending journey
of Education and potential enlightenment so it is a car and I find this it’s hard
to what I think about how I used to be it is hard to relate to it that’s the
reason it feels like a difference again yeah it feels like it’s only like you’re
passing car nation in the sense it does it do you my totally resonate you and I
even see older pictures of me I don’t like even think it looks like me or is
me it’s just that alien to my me out at this point and it’s because you know
that isn’t your true so I think that’s why I think so yeah where once you do
sort of have been that awakening process when you do start to truly wake up to to
what empowers you and what really helps you help the world right and you’re more
progressive person you know that what you were was nothing but a facade it’s a
complete facade and that’s why it was like a mess
that way it’s just Halloween’s coming up it’s like a mask people
Halloween’s I know so once you realize that it’s you it’s one of those things
you can never go back yeah that’s so true what you can’t ever go back
everything looks different even if you want to you can’t the gates have been
opened yeah I have a question that I think both of us get sometimes yeah and
I kind of want to answer because I think it’s the funniest question ever
sometimes people ask if I’m enlightened oh yeah I think that’s the funniest
thing ever and I don’t mean that in the mean way you’d ask that question but are
we enlightened what do you think we’re not alike yeah not even anytime I see
that I’m like no that’s the paradox two people understand chugging trungpa we
were talking about earlier we always say ego our enlightenment is the egos
biggest disappointment yeah see people think of enlightenment as some kind of
some kind of trophy some kind of achievement yeah enlighten was just a
return to our natural state which is a play on perception and beyond
identification that’s all it is it’s it’s as simple as sitting you know what
I mean right a stone isn’t light because it stone
just it is being now that’s where life is it’s not some feeling it’s not some
euphoria people think that you know they have a meditative state and crazy you
know that kind of Kundalini feeling and they think Don’s an enlightened moment
signal is just a really big body hi yeah as nice as it sounds and as much as you
know Michael white might want to be enlightened exactly ego and low to be
enlightened but that part of spiritual practice did you transcend even that and
it is you know joke I’ve listened to so many people talk about enlightenment
whether it be like Eckhart Tolle or Osho Osho they all said kind of the same
thing when you when they did become enlightened they laughed laughed
hysterically because it is such a funny concept to try to attain something that
you already had from a certain perspective that’s why Osho I believe
says that you cannot attain enlightenment
you can only realize and like it like me that’s the thing is you have the aligned
experience and then you come back into your ego into yeah your perspective and
you go oh my gosh yeah there was no me there you know exactly the only
experience you have on life it is a reflection of it that’s all this and
yeah like a dream you know I mean unless
you’re lucid but if you’re just having a dream which the most people have you’re
just lost in the dream yeah and once you wake up you go oh that’s kind of maybe
that’s what lightens light but we don’t know because we’re not enlightened yeah
and that’s the paradox too is an enlightened being can’t say that they’re
enlighten in that moment exactly because who is the enlightened person who is
enlightened because you don’t have a needle you know I just wanted to answer
that because I think if that doesn’t sing again Alan wants to say who’s the
knower who knows that he is known exactly how far back is our
identification go yeah how many layers of sub that onion can you peel back yeah
oh there it is you know what I mean so I’m just kind of funny I just wanted to
clarify that cuz I get that question a lot and I do not believe that I’m
enlightened I don’t claim to be an item in enlightened I just think it’s that’s
kind of the way of it we wanted to answer that I said there’s a very slight
handful of people on earth who sit in that state of this pheromone and they
probably wouldn’t tell you that there are light and they’re probably not
teaching on YouTube or writing books or lecturing they’re probably past that
yeah I’d say a lot of them probably just do their own thing I mean if I had to
take a guess but yeah give any other questions I think I might have another
one I would get a lot 20 minutes da you know you both talk a lot we do talk a
lot so the final question is can you because we were talking about it can you
become attached to meditation to your practices can’t even I think I think you
can become attached to anything I think you could become even even
meditation at a certain level I look at it sometimes because I get up every day
I meditate the first 20 minutes and then 20s where I go to bed and sometimes I
think it’s a limitation because why can’t this be a meditation why can’t I
meditate what I eat what am i defined as meditation so I think I think certain
practices can definitely become attachments and I think it’s I think the
powers of just knowing oh that is an attachment and then switching it up yeah
and if you want to honor that you can you can honor that belief you’re like I
need to meditate every day but I realize for myself sometimes I’ll push myself
not to meditate right in the morning yeah just to shake it up because I’m
like am i that fragile that if I don’t meditate I’m just done that day you know
I don’t want to leech onto it as the exact fireman’s yeah what do you say
it’s tool same thing I agree in ramadasu often talked about this and he
would say you know even with things such as meditation if the method of
meditation you’re using starts to become withdrawn you’re sitting there in
meditation you know yeah well switch it up try a new method try a new technique
right go to a new space sit for longer sit for less in a different position
probably things out so you have to make you see that remember how to return
yourself to that space of just being yeah because sometimes we do get
familiar and that was everything you know if we’re learning about certain
philosophy we might get comfortable with it and think we know everything you know
we get confident in our practice and in our our manifestation technique and
exactly even us yes so it goes with everything you know that’s what it’s
always important to you know question yourself with everything you’re doing
yeah am I really getting what I need out of
this am i drinking this am i ignoring what I should be focusing on because
it’s becoming familiar right and that’s one that’s all mine that’s my
mindfulness is so important in everyday life
it continuously keeps you on your toes which in turn allows you to perfect your
methods and actually realize when you are or aren’t fully diving into them or
whether or not you’re becoming it because you bring that awareness in
exactly yeah always aware yeah you we always known a subconscious level
whether or not we’re attached to something we always know yeah whether it
be drugs or our favorite food or our favorite shoes you know we know what we
are attached to that is what the power is for that we do live in material
society there aren’t things we need to do but we are aware of why we want what
we want or why we do what we want in which aspects of what we do and what we
want are things that we really are just our emotions are tied to rights that
attachment arise exactly yeah the attachment arises with fueling as well I
think anytime we become too certain of anything it’s sometimes good to bring
that uncertainty in and that uncertainty there’s a space for new experiences and
I think that’s always important to remember so and the paradox of too much
certainty is that it starts to get dull exactly it was you know that the feeling
that understanding yeah I become something we sort of gloss over if I try
new things exactly you know try new meditation practices try different types
of meditation yeah you know weird if you have a you know a philosophy you follow
and read a book that’s debating it you know right
really I do that sometimes yeah I’ll intentionally have something that I
believe in if it’s an article that completely negates what I kind of read
the whole thing I’ll read it and a lot of times you read
it and then you’re like well like that’s real interesting all right guys so that
yeah camera dive camera die but we’re back now so that’s it for today’s Q&A I
want to encourage all you guys me and koi have a couple more videos coming out
click the link in the bio the description box the bio like it’s
Instagram in the description box and check out boys video we’re doing an
awesome video on the law of attraction go over there check that out subscribe
to his channel he’s got amazing content over there as well and then other than
that as always we will see you guys on the next video
peace much love and namaste ROM ROM right perfect
mmm that was good I’m gonna go we did it Brad

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    I really like your work and think you are helping people, but you are misleading others and making yourself look bad with these strange and uninformed astrology opinions. It is actually the oldest (and first) science – along with astronomy.

    I have been a full time Vedic astrologer for more than 12 years – and have a few successful books published. Before that I was a Yoga teacher for 7 years.

    If you ever wanted a professional Vedic (Indian) astrologer on your channel, I would love to come on and answer all of your "skeptics" questions – give them all to me. Work me over!,..

    It is not what you think. It is not just a weird belief system or like anything you describe. "Placebo effect" and whatnot. One could say the same thing about meditation or yoga or anything else. But of course only a person who has never done those things would make such statements. Same with astrology.

    My latest book called "Yoga and Vedic Astrology" is designed for people like you and your audience – who understand dharma and karma and Yoga and are looking for the deeper road to exactly how the Cosmos is ordered and karma descends into form, etc. That is the crux of Vedic astrology.

    So, let me know if you ever wanted to have a mind-blowing discussion about Vedic astrology on your channel.

    Either way, i like the work you guys are doing, but you need to up your game about astrology.

    Sam Geppi
    Founder of the American Academy of Vedic Art and Science
    Author of "Yoga and Vedic Astrology" and "The Ascendant – 108 Planets of Vedic Astrology"

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