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Many believers have been fooled and severely
disappointed by rapture predictions that did not materialize. Jesus never promised to broadcast
His intended date of return, He said that He would be coming like a thief in the night
and we must be ready, all the time, waiting for Him. Ever since those rapture predictions
that failed, many people have died without knowing Jesus. Even today many people will
die unprepared. Eternal life is KNOWING JESUS for real and HIM KNOWING us FOR REAL.
You cannot work a relationship in 5 minutes in a quick preparation, like so many have
done and then when the rapture prediction did not materialize they fell back into the
world. They never knew Jesus anyway! They never had a real relationship with Him anyway.
Dear friend, if you want to have eternal life and spend eternity with Jesus, you have to
be real with Him. You have to follow Him every day of your life, for real. You cannot fool
Him. He knows your heart. If you want to spend eternity with Jesus then you had better love
Him, you had better start that relationship NOW! Set yourself aside for Him and LIVE FOR
HIM. You cannot prepare in five minutes, friend. Do you have a real relationship with Jesus?
Do you know Him? He will say to many people in that day:”Go away I never knew you.”
Friend, what will Jesus say to you if you would die right now? Are you ready? You can
be ready, if you make up your mind to be serious and get down on your knees and cry out to
Jesus with true repentance. You turn away from sin, you confess every sin you have ever
done in your life, with remorse! Cry out for mercy and you ask Him to accept you as a child
of God , and then you keep on seeking Him, keep on serving Him, for real! Making a quick
“rapture preparation” cannot save anybody, friend. Get real with Jesus, while you still
have the opportunity. May Jesus bless you.


  • keribethlilly says:

    Amen!!! Jesus bless u

  • Brother Kel says:

    Good message. Emperor Constantine kept a priest close by so that he could be baptized when death became imminent. He figured he could pull a fast one on God & usurp rights to eternal life at his own convenience. Rapture predictions really about the same kind of motive. If we are truly serving Jesus, we don't need to know when. Jesus' teachings about his coming show us that last minute preparations will be futile. No last minute lamp trimming. Besides, Jesus doesn't even know when.

  • Jesus Messenger says:

    Amen brother this is true
    very good message
    Jesus bless you and your wife

  • typaffmarketing says:

    I know Him very well…

  • skeeterificable says:


  • mrsavoy66 says:

    true words.

  • GizmoImages Dakota says:

    There is a rapture but few will be part of it because most will be slaughtered in great numbers during the 70th week of Daniel. Study the pre-wrath view as a possible scenario.

  • Edmond Kwan says:

    Amen…as Paul said, it is we who are left alive who will be raptured at the appearance of the Lord, not before…..those who preach a pre- arrival rapture just want to shirk their duty and get out before the real work begins…but we cannot blame them , for they have not prepared themselves to have the power to overcome the days of distress and to live through them until Jesus arrives.
    Wow…keep it up keep it up.

  • Edmond Kwan says:

    His arrival is broadcast out loud..yes, but as for the date…no, it is not broadcasted. Simple rule..those who know do not tell..those who tell do not know, such are the secrets of the kingdom of God

  • Sandye Singh says:

    Amen. We will be here & go thru the tribulation. People will not be rescued.
    We, HIS People are the rescuer' s.
    Eternal life is foreverrrrr.

  • Marvin Ward says:

    You didn't hear? He is coming in 2028, but I agree that no one really knows.

  • Marvin Ward says:

    Why are the title of your videos misleading?

  • Marlene Baptiste says:


  • Kimberly Berger says:

    AMEIN…. Praise His Holy name…. Thank you for this video. Yes, loving God is not a decision a person makes in 5 minutes… As a means to an end. It happens in the heart and the soul…

  • Mark Araujo says:

    tv tbn preachers are always failed predictions.

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