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Read It! The Diviners by Libba Bray

The Diviners by Libba Bray takes place
during the 1920’s New York in the age of jazz, speakeasies and
flappers. In the opening pages we are introduced
to wild child Eveline Mary O’Neill- better known as Evie. Evie has some strange powers allowing her to see other’s secrets just by holding onto one of their belongings. After drunkenly showing off her powers,
Evie’s parents ship her off to New York to spend some time with her uncle, the curator of the Museum of Creepy Crawlies
-or- more formally: The Museum of American Folklore, Superstition and the Occult. We quickly get swept up in a supernatural murder investigation against the wishes of her
uncle. Her friends: Jericho, Mabel, and Sam help her investigate, while the
parallel stories of Theta and Memphis fill out the narrative. What I really
liked about this book is that even though we’re introduced to the big
bad in the first chapter, we’re kept guessing. How was the murderer
doing the killings? Why is he doing the killing? And what about all these hints of superpowers that other people have? What’s that mean? The story ends with the
demise of the killer but leaves us guessing for all the other
questions left unanswered. It’s a good setup for the unannounced
sequel coming out… sometime. If you love historical dramas
with a supernatural twist you’ll love The Diviners. Think The Infernal
Devices by Cassandra Clare or His Dark Materials
by Philip Pullman.

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