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REMusical Predictions

REMusical Predictions

Resident Evil has been around for over 20 years. With seven main titles and tons of spinoffs, this franchise understandably has some of the most bizarre characters, stories, and… coincidences. Welcome to the REMusical Predictions, where truth is stranger than fiction. Resident Evil Survivor’s first episode was originally uploaded on March 1st, 2007. The idea of the web series was to parody the hit TV show Survivor, simply using the cast of Resident Evil as its contestants instead. To add on to the joke, it was hosted by Ark Thompson – The leading character of the critically panned video game: Resident Evil Gun Survivor. Now there exists an officially licensed Biohazard manga called Heavenly Island, first published on March 6th, 2015. And believe it or not, but this series begins with the filming of a show called… Idol Survival! Where various famous women compete against one another in a Survivor-esque scenario. However, the survival becomes all too real when a zombie outbreak occurs… “Because of course it does.” Resident Evil Movie (in a nutshell) was originally uploaded on March 27th, 2007 at the request of a fan who wished to see more movie-based animations. In one scene, Alice has a flashback to making a deal with Matt’s sister. Due to the video being made from memory, the roles are accidentally switched. But the sister states to Alice: “I can get you the codes, links, and a free meal at TGI Fridays.” There was no specific reason to name that restaurant in particular. It was simply the first that came to mind, and sounded funny when spoken aloud. Crazily enough, from January 23rd through February 12th of 2017, Resident Evil and TGI Fridays teamed up to sell special drinks with RE7 themed names… in Japan. It may not be a free meal, and it may not involve the cinematic release, but such a seemingly random coincidence is pretty amusing to say the least! The third installment of Resident Evil Survivor was uploaded on June 18th, 2007. In it, there’s a little joke that plays on the word “hunk”. Claire states that despite their stupidity, it’s nice to have two hunky-looking guys on their team. Leon and Steve misinterpret this as Hunk the character… They both put on gasmasks, and act like idiots about the whole thing in general. You could argue that more so-called “Hunks” later appeared in Operation: Raccoon City, as that game has Hunk fanfiction characters galore. But the biggest and most obvious offender would be none other than “Lady Hunk”. Released as a DLC Raid character in June of 2013, Lady Hunk is… just that. Hunk, reimagined as a pantsless lady. So there’s your two Hunks. Wonderful. Richard’s Story (Snakes are a Pain) was first uploaded on September 23rd, 2007. It would later be reuploaded in 2009 due to copyright claims. The idea behind this animation was simple enough. Tell the story of Richard Aiken and how exactly he got into the Spencer Mansion. More specifically, how did he get tangled up in dealing with that giant snake known as “The Yawn”? In a rather well-timed coincidence, Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles was actually being developed over the same time as the animation. Most, if not all early information about the game was kept exclusively on Japanese websites. It wasn’t until closer to the release date of November 13th, 2007 that English teasers began to pop up on YouTube. And even those were few and far between. As it turns out, in the final release of the game, there’s a scenario specifically about Richard and Rebecca navigating the mansion, and ultimately facing off with The Yawn. Resident Evil Degeneration was released December 30th, 2008 as the first official full-length CGI movie for the franchise. Taking place between Resident Evil 4 and 5, it tells the story of Leon and Claire once again facing against a zombie outbreak. There’s a small detail that a few niche fans happened to notice, however… ♫ X-Files Theme ♫ While this most certainly is nothing more than a funny coincidence, it had a few fans excited and even inspired some awesome fanart! Should this one really count? In any case, Welcome to Africa was originally uploaded on August 31st, 2008. Like with Richard’s Story, it also had to be reuploaded in 2009 due to copyright. The entire point of this animation was to try and guess what kind of game Resident Evil 5 would officially turn out to be. It was the first numbered game in the franchise to reap the full benefits of sharing teasers and trailers on YouTube, so it was something fans were hugely excited for. Once the animation was released, it actually received recognition from an official known as Kramez on the Capcom Unity Forums. Kramez said that Welcome to Africa was roughly 15% correct in its predictions. Not too bad for a silly little parody! Some time after Resident Evil 5 was released itself, the public was also shown some scrapped concept art and ideas. Funny enough, Welcome to Africa seems to share even more in common with these rejected concepts than the final product. Did it predict so much to the point of the game needing to be changed?! “Nah, we all know it was ‘cuz of that stupid “racism” stuff.” The Halloween Special was originally uploaded on October 31st, 2008. This animation focused on Ashley Graham hosting a Halloween Party. It was intended to be a private affair between her and Leon, but it gets crashed and ruined by the rest of the cast. Ashley’s plan was to confuse and seduce Leon by dressing up as the object of his affection, Ada Wong. However, when the double agent herself shows up to the party, Ashley brushes her off as a liar, insisting that SHE is the real Ada Wong. Much to Leon’s confusion… Fast forward to October 2nd, 2012. Resident Evil 6 is released and let me tell you… Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. Nearly the entire plot of the game centers around the deeds of one Carla Radames, a scientist who was forcefully transformed into… A clone of Ada Wong! And now she’s obsessed in assuming her identity. She even manages to confuse Leon! What else is there to say except… “I’m the REAL Ada Wong! I don’t need help from anyone!” This was later parodied in 2017 with The Halloween After-Party. Because how could it not be?! “Capcom, if you’re ACTUALLY listening, please take the SERIOUS ideas, and not the JOKES… OKAY?!” “Oh?!” “Oh?” “Oh.” “We can address THAT… later.” Ada Wong: The Worst Spy Ever was originally uploaded on March 16th, 2009. This animation poked fun at Ada Wong’s apparent need to use her real name in any situation. Though there is fan debate about whether or not it is her true name, she uses it to a point where it might as well be. Anyone can identify who she is by the mere mention of it. As such, in this video, Annette Birkin uses a simple Google search to find out that not only is Ada a spy… but she’s also trying to steal a sample of the G-Virus. Apparently this must be a running gag at Capcom as well… Because in the 2012 release of Resident Evil Damnation, she straight-up introduces herself as “Ada Wong” in front of an entire room of government officials. And as no surprise to anyone, they immediately discover who she really is, and quickly detain her. I’m gonna assume they just found her through a Google search but… that’s just me. I Think I Love You! was originally uploaded on July 9th, 2009. The theme of the animation itself simply focused on some of the likely couples across the Resident Evil franchise. That aside, there’s a very brief scene of Billy Coen and Rebecca Chambers handcuffed together. Embarrassed, Rebecca attempts to escape, but… accidentally detaches her hand in doing so. Billy quickly remedies this with a First Aid Spray, making her hand reappear as if nothing happened! And, well, apparently… First Aid Sprays really ARE that potent. After its release on January 24th, 2017, Resident Evil 7 fans were disgusted and amused to see Ethan Winters have HIS hand amputated via chainsaw… “Because of course there’s a chainsaw…” Only to be reattached later with staples, thanks to some help from Zoe Baker. But wait, that didn’t seem to use a First Aid Spray at all so… what’s the connection here? There’s a special cutscene that can happen when you first face off against Jack Baker. He cuts your leg clean off with a shovel, then taunts you to try and save yourself by… what else? Reattaching your severed leg with the help of a handy First Aid Spray! Or goo or… whatever it is. Bad Babysitter was released on December 23rd, 2014. Being one of the animations made with modern equipment and higher effort, production for it had actually begun on April 8th of 2014. The focus was on Claire Redfield, who by this point had become notorious for trying to take care of little girls during zombie outbreaks… But often getting them into even more danger. This video may have been a bit exaggerated though, considering she’d only actually dealt with two children by that point. The addition of Lily and Lucia were only added to be funny. Because there’s no way Claire would actually get stuck with any more kids… right? As it turns out, while this animation was still in development, Resident Evil Revelations 2 was announced on September 6th, 2014. Not only was Claire one of the main characters, but also ends up caring for not one… but TWO younger girls at one point! And on top of that, she behaves in what is arguably at her most reckless yet, with a generally bad attitude over all. She harshly interrogates the little girl Natalia, and even leaves her young friend Moira Burton to presumably die in a collapsing facility. Due to the announcement happening mid-production, Moira was included in Bad Babysitter’s Easter Egg. Though Resident Evil Montage Rumble 4 was release on February 7th, 2018, there is actually quite a bit of a coincidental history behind it. The idea of a Resident Evil and Left 4 Dead REMusical was first thought up some time in late 2009 and later had a piece of concept art teased on November 23rd, 2010. The picture in question depicted William Birkin and Ellis sharing some G-Virus and Adrenaline with one another. The description alluded to using Amy Winehouse’s “Rehab” as the song of choice. This idea actually ended up spawning a stand-alone animation that preceded the Montage Rumble, which was Research Feat. William Birkin. The coincidence here is that in mid-2013, Capcom and Valve decided to have a collaboration between their games. The cast for Left 4 Dead 2 were added into The Mercenaries as playable characters, and even included a Tank and Witch as enemies. Likewise, official Resident Evil 6 enemy skins were added as mods into Left 4 Dead 2. Promoters also encouraged fans to create and port character skins from Resident Evil 6 onto the Steam Workshop. “Sooo, I guess there were more crossovers after all.” Also from the 2018 upload of Montage Rumble 4, is a skit where the STARS Alpha Team and Ellis come to the realization that… The RPD doesn’t have a bathroom. It was actually surprising to see that some of the commenters had never noticed this fact before. Though it is a pretty simple thing to overlook. After all… the original developers forgot as well! And now with the announcement of the Resident Evil 2 Remake, there’s one last-minute coincidence we can add to the list. An actual bathroom! It seems the developers realized how inconvenient this would actually be, and placed the much-needed addition accordingly. Though at this rate… Seems like you might need an obnoxious indicator to make sure ya aim right. So good luck with THAT, Leon… “In the end…” “I don’t actually think Capcom is going around lifting ideas from a small YouTube channel.” “Rather, that these are all just funny coincidences.” “There’s bound to be a few after a decade of making parodies, after all.” “And it was certainly fun to go through and find all the different scenarios that actually happened in the games.” “In… one way or another.” If these are the last of the REMusical Predictions, we’ll just have to wait and see! Capcom is likely to always have some sort of Resident Evil title in store for us. And likewise, I don’t plan to stop animating any time soon. So who knows what the future holds?

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  • ShadowLeggy says:

    Whoa okay, since many people are already getting upset about my opinion of RE2make's over-the-shoulder camera: It's simply that – my opinion. I don't intend to force anyone to agree with me, and certainly do not aim to insult anyone who doesn't mind the change. I just wanted to express myself in an angry / comedic manner as seen in previous animations such as "Resident Evil 5" and "No Hope Left". If you're new around here, this type of reaction is par for the course when it comes to this channel.

    So that being said, yes I am personally disappointed the RE2make did not follow suit as with the original REmake. That doesn't mean I'm not going to give the game a chance, but I'm not going to sit here and pretend I'm 100% satisfied either. If you're excited for RE2make, then I'm honestly happy for you. So c'mon guys, the community here is better than this.

  • MiuNya says:

    I think they secretly got their ideas from your channel

  • Aphex says:

    Wow to think I was watching your videos when I was like 12? And now I just turned 21 the other day. Amazing how time flies. Glad to see you still uploading leggy cheers

  • Andrei says:

    "I DONT PLAN TO STOP ANIMATING ANYTIME SOON" I CAN BREATHE IN PEACE NOW. Leggs, thank you so much. I've been watching and loving u since always. It is like you're part of me, the reason that made me want to draw too and drawing helped me to win the depression and stop taking those horrible medications. Thank you im crying

  • Solid _fire93 says:

    you're Awesome =)

  • C Ram says:

    I always had this question in the back of my head but I was kinda embarrassed to ask, I don't know why thinking back on it but if it isn't too much trouble, I've looked back at your animations and noticed small nods to RE Outbreak in musicals but do you think you could create a stand alone song for the Outbreak crew, also if you played it (probably have), what character or costume did you mostly use?

  • Joy says:

    so many coincidences… that suspicious.

  • Agos says:

    You're still amazing and you'll always be

  • Emocion Cosmica says:

    Debes hacer RE8 para ver como será 😀

  • Fitnessforyoudk says:

    This is really good stuff leggy, i have been watching you for over 10 years now, or it feels that way, i always share you're resident evil cristmas video on 24th of december on my fb page, its kind of a ritual i need to do 😀
    Well anyways keep up the good work hope to see more videos soon 🙂

  • José V Gibson says:

    Love your work,its amazing

  • Alex Torres says:

    Holy shit. Your videos are some of the first ones i watches when I discovered YouTube when I was a kid. This video was a good flash back!

  • Komm Stein says:

    Wow, it looks like Resident Evil/Biohazard is watching your videos

    And I have forgotten that Resident Evil is actually from Japan originally titled Biohazard. Still, Resident Evil is part of my childhood, somehow (probably because of my bigger brother introducing me to stuff, which also led me to watch your very, very old animation of Resident Evil Numa Numa).

    Nice video by the way, wish to animate stuff like you since I've learned how animations work. And I hope this channel gets enough attention.

  • Cwasount says:

    this is my favorite channel bc content is really a thing on here and i have also been around since 2008 keep up the good work!

  • ɱiɳt-Cɦɑɳ BR says:

    Oh my, it was uploaded in my b-day!!!

  • I Didn'tPretendToFightIn'Nam says:

    Another great video. Love the concept of a retrospective video, and I'd even go as far as saying you should do more behind the scenes type videos, maybe even commentary on your older animations, or something like that. Either way, love the video, please keep making such quality content

  • Jefferson Jota says:

    Leggy i´m from Brazil ,i'm your fã since the beginning of your Channel , i love RE Musicals ( especially '' i think i love '' ), love your sence of humor , please continue your wonderfull work =)

  • Caleb Turner says:

    Hey shadowleggy today is my 20th birthday.
    I just wanted to know how you’re doing.
    Message me back when you get this.

  • Eduardo Lopez says:

    I remember a full 6 months before RE5 came out, my friend said he wouldn't play it because "Wesker's gonna die. They're gonna throw him in a fucking volcano." I laughed it off because it was ridiculous. Then… the game came out. I asked him about it later and he said he never remembered making that comment. Which is freaking weird.

  • Fluttershylover4 says:

    I’m genuinly glad to see that you don’t plan on stopping the animations. You were one of the first youtubers I saw who did resident evil stuff like this (aside from Yeti). You kinda reignited my love for resident evil, with the “I think I love you” and “welcome to Africa” that stuffs good. Either I digress, just wanted to say I will gladly wait for the next animation

  • kayreen says:


  • Vincent Mollino says:

    I been watching your videos for years now I love your videos there funny and well made keep up the good work

  • Airchubbs says:

    This channel was were i first discovered numa numa, been a fan ever since!! Keep it up leggy!!!

  • Thanapol Wattanakul says:

    10/10 MVP
    By Small Animator to get Big joke on actual games.

  • Blind Bosnian says:

    There's this YouTube channel called GCN,who are criticizing video games CinemaSins-style,and in their video on Resident Evil 6,there was one scene when the camera was ridiculously close to Leon,to which the narrator said:"Damn,if you're gonna have the camera this close,you might as well make it a FPS"

    4 years later,Resident Evil 7 was released,and guess what,it was an FPS

  • Chris says:

    I can't even begin to define the nostalgia trip I went through when I realized this was one of your videos.

    Yeah, I think there's good and bad with the Remake, I was never able to play the games growing up so I don't have the same nostalgic attachment as others. I think that the new camera perspective is going to appeal a lot to new players and people new to the series, ultimately drawing in more people into the franchise and giving them a better experience than games like RE6, eugh, but I appreciate that losing the old fixed camera will lose some of the magic.
    Even if it's janky, it's what made the old games stand out and have character, there's almost an art to designing those fixed angled rooms that I'm actually a little sad to see go away.

    Ultimately I'm sure it'll be a fantastic game, but I understand that to long time fans, it just won't be the same.

  • SaintDmac says:

    Man watching this gave me waves of good memories. From grade school to high school my friends and I would watch RE Musicals. Honestly the “Welcome to Africa” video got us hyped for RE5 so much we each bought the game. Oh god now I’m remembering shortly after asking you for permission to mimic your style to make some Silent Hill Origins fan art on DA. I should dig it up and show ya on twitter sometime.

  • fahad asiri says:

    i love you shadowleggy

  • nameless dork says:

    I'm just surprised you didn't take a pot shot at Alex. Still, it's surprising how many coincidences have popped up over time. How many have you been surprised by? Hope to see more the future! Keep up with the good work!

  • Franklinzooz Production says:

    K dis is out of nowhere but I'm an big fan!!! Your meh fav RE parody artist out there!!!

  • Slavic Snek says:

    Great videos, some of the earliest stuff I remember watching

  • Zer0 Class says:

    Leggy u r my favorite animation channel. watching ur videos make me feel like a kid in a candy. Resident Evil was my childhood and u make it a lot better. Thank you and keep up the work. U r the best at what u do 🙂

    Also ur opinion to RE2make 2 is fair and makes since. IDK y everyone is butt hurt about ur opinion.

  • Rin Loquendero says:

    Me gusta mucho tu canal

  • Foxy Lady says:

    Shadowleggy I like u awesome 😍💚👍

  • Sans64 YT says:

    Shadow Leggy i love ashley's song

  • NeonBlackHeartAttack says:

    Omg I used to love your stuff and then forgot about you for like 10 years lol just to now see you're still active, this makes me so happy!!! <3 <3 <3

  • Champlain Valley Rail Snapshots says:

    Shadowleggy thank you for so many years and so many awesome videos. I have been a fan of your work for a decade now. Seems crazy!
    Glad to see you still active and making good content.

  • Prim Matiasf YT says:


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    I fell in love will them💞💕💕

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    I can't believe I've known this channel since I was 8 years old or 6 years ago, thanks for your hard work and keeping up with the good ol' resident evil vids.

  • logo927 says:

    I used to watch you when I was younger I thought you just stopped uploading for years

  • Nanako says:

    Lady Hunk is Ada in disguise

  • tzade gaming says:

    Man i was watching you since i was about 8 or 10 glad to see you improve your work and hope to watch you in the future

  • kocashima says:

    it has been years since I have swong by your channel. I'm glad to see that you are still posting content. now to re watch all the musicals again XD

  • CrimsonSlayer7 says:

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  • Jordy Batista says:


  • KnoxCarbon says:

    Always wondered what Leggy sounded like. For some reason, I thought it'd be deeper. No reason, just headcannon, I guess.

  • SailormoonInusgirl says:

    I used to love the fuck out of these videos 😂 this was the first YouTube channel I subscribed to. I can't believe you still make videos, you took a hiatus for a while. I will always love and support you, leggy ❤️

  • Haruko San [The Shota] says:

    I watched all of these videos as a child / w when i was 6 i would binge watch these videos all the time. Im 16 now and im crying bc i seriously am so glad you're still uploading!

  • Linkmaster115 K says:

    The first video I saw of yours was welcome to Africa in 2008 or 2009. Glad u haven't changed.

    P. S. I wish re5 was the story from welcome to Africa

  • Taktykal says:

    hey, the song used in the "restaurant evil" part, about it, is a remix of the original resident evil theme or what? cause i cannot seem to find it anywhere

  • Threzie says:


  • Lit Fuse says:

    Holy hell it's been a long time watching this channel. I got sucked in by Particle Man. It's nice to see you still making stuff. Keep up the good work!

  • Roberto Espinoza says:

    Recuerdo que descargaba tus vídeos a mi reproductor de MP4 cuando estaba en la secundaria para mostrárselo a mis amigos 😁 como ha pasado el tiempo, saludos desde Perú 🇵🇪

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    Still fighting strong I see my dear!

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  • oofynoobs13 says:

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  • oofynoobs13 says:


  • Mike Rodriguez says:

    Whether these are coincidence or not, i hope you know how much you influenced us Leggy. I remember soooo many other youtubers, motivated by you…. Yeti… Wugarmard (Makes me cry remembering his videos are deleted), and some other guy who also deleted his channel after making the exact same concept channel as yours, re musicals. These are just 3 examples, you really were one heck of a channel back in the day i loved you so much. Not just for your channel but for everything that happened as a result- the other channels that followed suit, and my added love for the characters i already liked but suddenly started to absolutely love. My whole point here is you are a massive icon to og resident evil fans like me haha… Im sure capcom noticed you xD

  • Mike Rodriguez says:

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  • A M says:

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  • Kristof Smeets says:

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  • The Gamer 7 says:


  • Komodo Drags says:

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  • Brushes Of Magic says:

    I can't believe that I've been watching you this long, granted I'm originally subbed under jimbolj, but 10 years anyway! Thought you should know, "I Think I Love You" helped me laugh when I was going through a divorce. Thank you!!! Keep it up, I really do enjoy your humor and content!!!

  • Raven5751 says:

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  • ryu hayabusa says:

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  • mardziah abubakar says:

    That's going to be history..
    So good.

  • ryu hayabusa says:

    I like to think of you as the Godmother of Resident Evil at all the character in the series is like a member of your family

  • ryu hayabusa says:

    I remember playing resident Evil 5 for the first time back in 2010 after that I looked up the res Evil series on YouTube and your videos not only got me into the series all the way but make me like all the characters even though they don't act like how they act in your videos your videos always puts a smile on my face and it always will I hope you stay on YouTube Forever I hope you become a big YouTube star one day you deserve it laggy

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  • Jeremy McKay says:

    Okay, clearly Capcom hacked your computer and is watching you to steal ideas from you :O!!!!!

  • Now Recking says:

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  • ryu hayabusa says:

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  • Happy Punky says:

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  • GokuKushMasterZ says:

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  • Humberto Gomez says:

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    The problem was that I just spoken spanis in that time so I learned how to speak English because of you (not the greatest English but it's enough to read and speak)
    With the time I lost the name of your channel but now I'm here.
    Good old times.

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    I came here to re-watch a video I seemed to have neglected for a while, until I noticed you changed your profile picture to you in a witches costume for Halloween.

    Nothing I wanted to add, I just wanted to say that. Damn I need a life lol.

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